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Everyone this is alex in this video. Ill be showing you how to level level up your major skill skill tree quickly now im pretty sure most of pc players already know how to do this you basically need to collect lower books. A lot of players do quests and they think that that will level their mages guild.
But actually to the lower books that level it up. So you dont have to do a single quest. Once you join the mages guild shortly after you start the game in every big city.
There is a mage guild hall. Where you can go and join in the questor pretty cool some nice little quests in there for you to do so to level. It up basically you will have to collect lower books now on the pc.
You have add ons such as the lower books items by gar king and iron and tear ad now to branch. You sorry and you can install this add on and when you do install it you will have when you open your map you have the filters area. You have unknown and collected lore books.
Now. Ive collected most of lore books on my character my main ones. So ill check check that off.
But i will show you this one just to show you how it looks so basically each map has bunch of lore books. Every zone has a bunch of lore books and with this add on you can see approximately not exactly. But approximately.
Where they are im saying not exactly because many times you go there on the map. And the lore book will be a little bit away somewhere. And that might be problematic for some people they do they will be wondering where is it so.

how to level up mages guild eso-0
how to level up mages guild eso-0

What you dont need to do is look for clues is there any tents around or some logical place. Where the lore book might be and certain lower books are pretty hard to find regardless of that like you might go check. Some lore book out and theres nowhere to be found basically.
Its very well hidden. So what ill do in that case. The way that logbooks are structured on the maps you have clusters of the same lower book as you can see the name is the same for each therefore lower books of them are the same so if im not able to find one here.
I might go there and find it and when you collect one the item will clear out all four out of the map. So you know when you need to go next. So thats pretty cool now.
If youre playing on the consoles. This might be a bit problematic. So you might want to google a page or a video and use it as a reference.
When youre running around collecting them approximately. Where they are they should be showing up on them on your compass. I believe when youre near them.
So that that should be okay and if youre on the pc. My number one tip for leveling up the mage guild past is make sure you have a mount and you have access to retreating maneuver. Or even the unmarked skill is totally fine.
What this does basically buffs up your speed. As you can see now if i mount up a little bit delays here. I can be very fast.

how to level up mages guild eso-1
how to level up mages guild eso-1

Because my speed is up great fully. But even if its not i mean it really helps for you to run faster and go. And get all the lower books.
So start put lo level zones and go. In a logical. Way.
Like dont go. Here. And then there and just go in a nice rounded the path collect everything go everywhere whole nother zones.
And when you finish the zone. Its actually faster than you think it looks like there are tons of them here. But every one that you collect removes a couple from the map.
So youll be clearing out zones zones pretty quickly to get to level ten in the mages guild. You will have to clear out at least two factions owns of every zone. And lets say your belt meri dominion.
Like me you will have to clear out auradon green shade malleable reproofs draft wood and then you will have to clear another zone now the good thing right now with this latest patch is that once you hit level 50. Which is what i usually do i make a new character go close 50 and then collect the level up stuff mages guild. I leveled ups that up separately so when im level 50.
Now i have access to everything so i dont have to complete the main quest or anything im level 50. I can port here here. Whatever just have a friend help you discover why shine and just need one way shine per zone.

how to level up mages guild eso-2
how to level up mages guild eso-2

What i will do ill get someone to help you discover one question in each zone and just go there and then collect them after you finish at least one faction and then the second youll be at about rank 7 or 8. Something like that so you will need to what i used to do i would go to cyrodiil basically and collect them like this ideal. You want a map that has most most of the keeps owned by your faction.
So you can port here get this one get darwin can use this to port. There if you here and then get this ones quicker. But nowadays you dont have to go to 0 to collect them it takes a lot of writing on your mount to get all the lower book sincere though nowadays you can just clear out two zones and move to the third one and collect two from one to three areas max.
And you should be set your mages guild will be level. 10. You get access to all the cool passives.
Theyre all the skills anything you want and thats it basically thats how you level it up in a couple hours or even less depending on how fast you are and a couple of tips before i end this video. When youre collecting lore books. Obviously you want to go in a path that lets you travel as least as possible.
But get everything so dont go here. And then here and then here and then back here going in an efficient way collect everything use the markers on your map and youll be spending less time running riding around on your mount and more time leveling up so thats my number one tip number two tip do not collect lower books. That are located in public.
Dungeons or group dungeons those lower books. Sometimes might be towards the middle of the dungeon might take you a while im not sure exactly how often. But i think quite a few dungeons in eso have some lower books inside them.
At least one so avoid those avoid public dungeons avoid group dungeons avoid anything that requires you to spend more time. If you if you had a place where you totally cannot find a lower book which happened to me more than once maybe im just clumsy. But i really think that some of them are misplaced or maybe the add on is reporting something you shouldnt im not sure.

how to level up mages guild eso-3
how to level up mages guild eso-3

But if it takes me too much time to find here like more than half a minute. Ill just move somewhere else and try and get that same log book at another location. And if you cannot find it in any location.
Just move in collect some theres plenty of other lore books. So thats my number two tip. But avoid all dungeons avoid all group dungeons.
You do not need to collect those theres plenty lore plenty of lore books for you anywhere think. Theres any craglorn. But every song has a bunch of them and two zones.
Two factions and then a little bit in the third one and you should be set. So thats it for this little video guys i hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions. The add on is lower books by gherkin just type in google.
Or books. Eso and you find it you can also install minion blue utility program that the can install add ons for you and update. Them i personally do everything manually.
I just place them in the folder of eso add ons and if i need to update something if i see that something is not working anymore. I might download the new version and update it myself. But usually its not required so thanks a lot for tuning in guys.
I hope you enjoyed this video. There will be many more and ill see you guys in the next video bye bye. .

how to level up mages guild eso-4
how to level up mages guild eso-4

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