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You im kelly macdonald. Senior vice president and team leader at a on risk risk solutions. My team.
And i are excited to bring you the next video in financial advisory risk management series you know insurance sometimes referred to as professional liability provides liability insurance to professionals who may be sued as a result of their professional activities in this video. We will provide you with an overview of how an no insurance policy works. Who is considered a professional and the standard of care of various professionals.
A professional is someone who possesses distinctive qualifications such as education or training who is perceived to be an expert in the field in many cases professionals such as architects or engineers lawyers doctors financial advisors are required to be registered or licensed in order to practice their profession and are required to conform to certain technical or ethical standards. Yet. This is not necessarily required in order for an individual or organization to be recognized as a professional and perceived to be providing a professional services as a result of professional superior expertise.
They are subject to higher expectations with respect to the work. Advice and counsel that they provide their clients professionals are expected to uphold the legal standard of care. Which requires them to perform their services in a manner consistent with that degree of care and skill.
Ordinarily exercised by members of the same professional currently practicing under similar circumstances in the event that a professional doesnt meet the standard of care then the professional ascent of committed professional negligent. What is the nature of an arizona missions policy professional liability insurance. Commonly refer to as arizonas insurance or you know insurance is regularly used by professionals as a risk transfer tool with respect to the liability that could arise from the provision of professional services.
You know insurance affords coverage to an insured for errors and missions or negligent actions that are committed when providing the professional service. The policy generally requires that the policyholder be a professional with proper licensing or qualifications as applicable. But the language can be adopted to ensure consistency with the nature of the work performed by the insured individual or their organization.
The policy can also extend to provide coverage to the professionals company or the employer in many cases limits to the entity or the employers by carries liability or to temporary staff and subcontractors. However every eo no policies difference and the extent of coverage will vary. The policy provides third party liability coverage as such it is triggered when a client alleges that theyve suffered a loss as a result that the insurance professionals for professional negligence in contrast to claims covered by a general liability policy claims alleging professional liability often involve loss that is not the result of an accident or occurrence that causes injury or physical damage professional liability policies are generally designed to provide coverage to the insured for both the cost of defending against a claim as well as any alleged damages.
Most you know insurance policies are written on a claims made and reported basis. Which means this the policy in place at the time. The claim is made against the insured is the policy that will respond.
So long as the claim arises from a wrongful act committed after the retroactive date on the policy and is reported during the same policy period. This is beneficial to the policyholder because so long as a no insurance is maintained and the retroactive date on the ians insurance policy. Does not change the insured will have coverage for a claim even if it arises.
Many years after the professional services was provided. So what are the key features of an eu. No policy.

who is protected with the
who is protected with the “other insurance with this insurer” provision?-0

Number one ensuring agreement. They described whats covered two definitions they define whos covered under the policy exclusions. They outline whats not covered by the policy terms and conditions.
These describe how the policy works endorsements. These are changes to the wording. Which are specific to the risk and they they expand or restrict coverage.
This section sets out the scope of coverage. Provided by annie. No policy professional services law.
That an insured of individual is legally obligated to pay on account of a claim as a result of any act. Error or omission in the performance of professional services. Vicarious liability.
This is loss that a policyholder becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of a claim alleging a policyholders vicarious liability incurred in the performance of professional services by an insured individual failure to supervise loss of the policyholder becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of a claim alleging a failure to supervise an insured individual in the performance of professional services regulatory investigations. These are defense cost that an insured individual organization incurs when they are required to appear before a governing regulatory body. Generally there are four types of exclusions events or categories.
That are not covered by a professional liability policy. One matters covered under other policies for example bodily injury resulting from an accident puddly injury to employees pollution pension liability for example bodily injury and property damage exclusions can be carved back or deleted such that coverage exists for third party bodily injury or property damage. That results from the provision of professional services to matters uninsurable.
Under the law for example fraud dishonest acts fines and penalties. 3. An insurable risk such as war nuclear liability.
And the consequences of deliberate and intentional wrongdoing and for matters too precarious to underwrite things such as insurance. As insured. Prior and pending litigation.
Coverage is excluded for loss arising from a legal action initiated by an associated company or individual claims that are ongoing at the time of insurance. Purchased or matters that the insured of the wear might give rise to a claim at the time. The insurance is purchased will not be covered the terms and conditions portion of the policy governs how a policy works.
It includes provisions addressing when and how to give notice of a claim circumstances that could give rise to a claim the territory in which the policy will respond what to do in the event of a dispute between the insurer and the insured how to address a claim. Which contains covered and uncovered matters or covered and uncovered insurance how to cancel the policy. Remember to always review your policy wording in detail and contact your a on account representative with any questions or for clarifications on how your specific policy works.

who is protected with the
who is protected with the “other insurance with this insurer” provision?-1

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