EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Getting Acrylic Nails!

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Hairs flat. Ive brought earrings on my copies way up on that ledge ledge that burrito. I cant move that so you guys are gonna have to with it today.
I also put my hair up because it was as flat as i was when i was like. 12. Oh oh hi guys.
So today. I am. Here to film.
A video. All about acrylic nails. So this is basically just like answering every single question you could have about acrylic nails.
This might be for some people. If youve never gotten them. Before just just dont really understand the process or the upkeep and all of that stuff and all of that stuff about one item.
But im gonna be covering like everything today. I know that i personally wondered about them a really long time before i got them and like i was googling all these questions i had about them and so i was like you know what ill just make a super informative video. Ive done a lot of research on this over over time and also ive done them myself.
Actually you know i have all the supplies. Ive done them on myself before so im just talking from my own research and personal experience. Today keep in mind.
Im not trying to act like i am a professional. Im not a nail technician. So if you have other questions.
Please you know consult your nail technician. And i will put time markers. In the description box.
You just want to see me answering one certain question. And you can click on that time in the description box. And ill take you right to that question alright.
So lets get into it okay. So im just going to start with the basics. And then kind of move forward into the process.
So the first thing. Im going to be answering is what are acrylic nails. So a crook nail are one type of nail enhancement that you can get a little gels and shellac and all that but acrylic nails.
Specifically are acrylic liquid and acrylic powder. That are mixed together to form silikal. And they harden.
So basically your nail tech will dip that brush in some acrylic liquid. And then dip. It in the powder and itll form a little bead and theyll spread it out onto your nail.
So it starts. Its kind of like a jelly type thing. And it hardens.

how long does it take to get nails done-0
how long does it take to get nails done-0

It doesnt take it very long to harden um. Our first application normally your nails are probably pretty short and it just depends on the shape. You want so a plastic tip is glued on to your natural nail and theyre like super long when they glue them on but they just cut them down to however long you want them.
But then after a while you start getting fills and stuff obviously theyll keep filing down that plastic tip and pretty soon. The whole thing will just be acrylic. So the first time you get them applied with a brand new set you will get a plastic tip on this so.
Ill be answering how are they applied first thing. That your nail tech. Will do is um prep.
Your nails. So includes buffing. Them to get rid of the shine and oils because it will help the acrylic adhere to your natural nail and theyll use primer and possibly dehydrate.
It just depends on the person theyre just trying to get your nails as ready as possible and yes keep in mind. Its not very healthy for your nails. So yeah first ill prep your nails and then if youre getting a new set they will do the plastic tips and then theyll do the acrylic.
Theyll kind of file it down with their electric file usually and theyll shape your nails. How you want them so mine right now i believe theyre called coffin shape. But im you can get you know stiletto nails oval swivel square rounds after they file them down tell you to wash your hand and then after theyve finished buffing them and filing them and so that theyre like a smooth nice nail um.
They will paint them with whatever color that you request. So you might be wondering how long it takes the whole process. I think that if youre getting a new set.
I would say that it takes probably around 45 minutes from start to finish you might take into account. If you dont call ahead. There could be a wait time and just all that but id say the set themselves take 45 minutes to an hour and then acrylic fills which ill be talking about in a little bit those take probably around 30 minutes.
This is just an estimate for me. Some technicians go faster than others you know it just depends on what youre having done. So.
Theres really not one specific time that i could tell you but those are just kind of my estimates. So now i will be talking about the fills. And what they are so what is a fill and how is it done i have like all my notes right here written for this video.
So if i look down thats why. But um basically a fill is placing new acrylic. Where the new nail growth is um at the nail bed.
So you know obviously your nails are going to keep growing while you have acrylic nails. So theyll come up a little bit and then youll see where the acrylic nail ends. And then your new nail girls.
So basically theyre just going to file that down and then put new acrylic like where that new growth is so that looks like your nails are brand new. And when you do get a fill it does include like the pricing does include repolish and reshaping. If you desire so if you want a new color.
Like so theyll have to remove the polish before they do the whole fill the filling process. So you will automatically get a new color choice um and then also if you want to reshape your nails. Theyll do that for you so like if youre not doing in the square.
And you would rather go stiletto this time or whatever um. That is included as well. So you may be wondering um.

how long does it take to get nails done-1
how long does it take to get nails done-1

How much they cost. And this is such a varied range like i cannot tell you a specific price. But ill tell you from my own experience.
What prices have been for me. And then what ive heard of for other salons obviously. Im a college student.
You know i spend my own money so i dont have a lot of money on so i dont go to really high end salons however. I go to i always look up reviews and go to good ones and always make sure to tip. Because you know these workers are working really hard so thats another thing that you have to factor into the cost is the tip also it kind of depends on where you live you live in like a bigger city or bigger state.
Like for me in california. They run a little bit cheaper than they did in other states. Ive lived in but what ive usually paid is 25 to 30 for a new set and then 15 to 18 for a fill so keep in mind.
That is on the really thats on the pretty low end like low to average high end like it can be fifty dollars for a new set and thirty five dollars a fill um. So thats it just depends on what choice. You make in your salon.
Also as far as tip. Um. You know just do what youre feeling.
I really feel that you should always leave a tip thats just how i am with customer service. So i only make sure that you factor that into your cost per month for your nails. I know that you know all about the fills youre probably wondering how often they need to be filled ideally an average range would be two to three weeks.
I always do two because i personally have pretty fast growing nails my depends on your own nail growth and then just also what you prefer how they look you know. But you should not go more than three weeks. Because that is where the nail can start to lift and then it can trap moisture underneath and cause infection.
So you really dont want that to happen so i would say at two weeks or two and a half is really ideal okay and then another important thing to address is how long it does a set of acrylics last so like how many fills can you get before you need to completely remove the nails and get a whole new set. And i really think that this depends by person and you know how much theyre lifting. If your nails are lifting a lot obviously you need a new set.
Its time to get you know brand new acrylics. But i would say an average range is probably around four ish month. I know some people have gone up to six and then some people prefer only doing like three its personal preference.
And its just how the nails stay on and how could you you know maintain them yeah. I would say around four months would probably be ideal. Id be like seven or eight phils okay another thing thats pretty important to address is how damaging the nails are so how damaging are they i will be honest with you acrylic nails are pretty harsh on your natural nail.
So dont be like surprised or really scared or alarmed if you take off your acrylics and your nails are just weak. As and you feel like theyre really brittle and just dont look good and so acrylic itself. Its just a pretty harsh material on the natural nail.
So thats one thing to keep in mind. If you really really value your nails. And you dont plan to keep acrylics for a long time it may be something that you want to like reconsider.
Because you dont plan on having them for a long time. If you just plan on having them for like prom or something like that and then you just want to go back to your natural nails. And the restoration of your natural nails will take a bit and it takes longer the longer you keep your acrylics on i would say if youve had them on for months.
You know its gonna take probably a month to get your nails back to their full health. But if you just have one set and you take them off after a couple weeks. You know you should be back in a couple of weeks.

how long does it take to get nails done-2
how long does it take to get nails done-2

I think that just keep them polished you know right when you take them off that helps with their strength. A little bit and on the looks of them so that way you can just you know kind of cover them up until they are strong and nice looking again so addressing that damaging standpoint. And the nails coming off you are probably also are wondering how they come off like how to get them off and on the recommended.
Way is to go into the salon and have them taken off by a technician. Because they know what theyre doing they know how to do it safely. Im going to say that i follow all rules some call me a bad girl.
I usually do them myself. But there are safe ways to do this at home you guys just be really gentle on your nails. But if you do them at home.
Youll want to get acetone. So that is what eats at the acrylic actually so like when theyre changing your nail. Polish.
They use non acetone nail polish removers. So that it doesnt eat away at the acrylic. But acetone is what does so youll want to just get some pure acetone.
If possible or if you cant find any they sell it at beauty supplies. I got mine at sally beauty. If you dont if you cant find that dont have access to it just try to get some nail polish remover that does contain acetone and soak your nails.
In there until they are starting to come off easier um another tip. Ive seen a lot is actually taking dental floss and just wrapping it right below. Where the nail ends and then pulling the knee.
I did this one time with a set that i had put on myself. And id done myself and someone that i was hurt for sure my probably sure to soak them first. I didnt definitely be careful about how you take them off.
But that is just some ways that they come off so now ill just be talking a little bit about how to maintain your acrylic nails. So um. You just want to care for them.
It just like you do any other part of your body. You know just be careful dont be too rough on them and get a length that suits your lifestyle. So like if you dont have a really hands on job and if you find that a longer length suits you and that you can go about your daily activities with that certainly go for the longer legs.
However if you find that it interferes. With your typing. And you maybe a work at an office or if you work in food service or anything.
Like that you may want to consider getting a shorter length just so that you can still do everything efficiently. But yeah just i mean make sure to keep moisturizing your cuticles because the process of getting fills. And all that it can be harsh and so you know just moisturize your cuticles moisturize your hands be gentle on your acrylics dont try to you know pry anything open with them because you could break it and sometimes that really hurts my main maintenance point is just to be careful okay and finally are they worth it um for me they absolutely are is ive always hated my natural nails.
You know i just wasnt blessed with these strongest nails. They have some ridges in them. And i cant grow them out and i im such a girly girl so i love having all fleek nails.
But they arent going to be worth it for everybody and i get used to them so like i can work my way around them you know some people just find them really uncomfortable and really dont like them and get them taken off and never get them again. But it is worth a try i think its fun. Its fun to have them you know and they may interfere with some peoples careers or you know just daily lifestyle for me like i said i adjust to them really easily so and i just i boost my confidence a ton to have really manicured nice nails um.
So for me theyre definitely worth it um. I would say like i said before i really think theyre worth a try if you havent tried them before if you dont like them never have to get them again i love them. But just keep in mind all of those you know warnings and stuff that i did say and how to take care of them in the damage and all that okay so i think thats all im going to cover for this video.
But if you guys have any additional questions please leave them in the comment. I hope that you guys found this helpful. Thank you guys so much for watching today .

how long does it take to get nails done-3
how long does it take to get nails done-3

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