Fallout 2 – Figure out who is rustling the Brahmin (Klamath) Part #20

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Im in klamath and im going to do the mission figure out who who is rustling. The brahmin and you can only get this mission. If you are the restoration project mod so first i am going to speak to maida buckner.
My name is mater buckner. I take care of trading and drinks here. I dont tolerate any tribals messing.
Our familys place up. So you just better watch your step here or youll end up like silica. What do you want i have some questions for you questions huh well get on with it then talking to you doesnt get my work any closer to being finished.
Tell me about whats going on here in klamath. Well tor has been complaining about bug men scurrying the brahmin not sure if i really believe all his stories but someone or something has been rustling cattle here in town cattle rustling. Any leads not really im not even sure if theres a connection between this and the brahma mutilations cattle rustling huh ill look into this let me ask you something else though more questions well go on then and be quick about it i think thats all i need to know for now goodbye.
So now youll see the mission show up in your quest list keep in mind you dont have to do this mission in the exact order that im doing it next youll want to talk to tor meet tour. Nice to meet you tor anything interesting happening here lately well then take muumuus at night tour. Scare helped or a short tour or i can help you guard the brahmin you helped or muumuus field points east of here now yes.
I can help you guard the brahmin out or okay. Im in the grazing area in klamath. Im with tour and you can get into this area by doing the mission guard.
The brahmin or rustle. The brahmin and youll want to get the radscorpion limbs that are here and youre going to make sure you get them. While youre in here.
Because you cant come back okay. So i got the limbs radscorpion limbs. These radscorpion pincers are hollowed out and have a strap with a broken buckle at the end the next thing you have to do is confront the dutton brothers and youll want a fairly good speech skill mines 55 at the moment.
But i have some skill points. So im just gonna bump it up a bit. I think the minimum speech skill you can have is 51.
What the heck are you doing here you here to help us or not we might have a job for you if youre interested.

fallout 2 figure out who is rustling the brahmin-0
fallout 2 figure out who is rustling the brahmin-0

I found a pile of bug parts in this house over there you know what they are bug parts uh. We dont know nothing about no bug parts. What are you talking about well.
I found a pile of bug parts that have straps and buckles so that they look as though they could be worn as a costume. I found them lying on the floor. Youre crazy those are just left over from some radscorpions.
We kill yeah. Thats it thats the ticket. We use their venom as one of the secret ingredients in our dry.
Meat recipe yeah. Sure ill believe that as soon as the sun rises in the west you just better keep your mouth shut. If you know whats good for you know ill tell you what you have these four you dress up as bug men and scare poor old tor out of his brahman.
Dont you dont you it all makes sense now youre just a couple of no good ruffians. The dutton brothers eyes get really wide and the two men begin to fidget uncomfortably yeah so whats it to you tribal everyone needs a little extra cash now and then whats it to you anyway. What are you gonna do about it huh.
Ill tell you what if you stop stealing brahman and bothering tor that i wont turn you in all i need is your word since if it happens again there wont be any of you to steal another brahmin got it all right tribal you win this time. Well stop now just leave us alone. You scare.
The downton brothers into never bothering tor. Again you gain 250 experience points. Now another way to confront them.
Is say you dont have a very high speech skill then you could just kill them it doesnt affect your karma. But you can continue on with the mission. You see a regular domesticated brahmin.
So you want to investigate thats strange. These brahmin dont have the same brands on them it looks like someone clumsily put their own brand over whatever. There was there before same message.

fallout 2 figure out who is rustling the brahmin-1
fallout 2 figure out who is rustling the brahmin-1

Im gonna go back and talk to ma. Buckner hey. Ma.
Have you found my smiley. Yet. Yeah.
Ill find him eventually say let me ask you something else about your missing. Brahman. Yes have you found something out i think the dunton brothers are rustling your brahman.
I just thought you should know me am what are you sure about this. What proof do you have i found some hollowed out radscorpion claws in a shack near your brahmins grazing area. I confronted the duttons about it and they admitted to using them to scare your boy tor.
I thought they were up to their usual tricks my poor little tour. What bullies these boys are well that explains whats been spooking tor. But id like to get more proof that the duttons are the ones that have been stealing our cattle.
Im afraid word of mouth just isnt good enough actually i checked the brands on the brahman over at the duttons if you look closely you can see they simply slap their brand over the top of a previous one which i assumed was yours that settles it then with the bug parts and the double branding. We got enough to turn those no good boys in ill take it from here. Those ruffians wont be causing trouble anymore.
Thanks for your help actually some monetary compensation would be nice in this situation. What oh of course youve helped us out greatly. So we do owe you at least.
Something. Heres a hundred and fifty dollars thanks for the money. See you around youve gained 10 karma.
And you solved. The mystery behind the missing brahman yay. Okay under the next quest.

fallout 2 figure out who is rustling the brahmin-2
fallout 2 figure out who is rustling the brahmin-2

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