Fallout 4: How to Install Mods Manually

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s happening everybody im john ryan and im going to be showing you you the basics of how to manually install mods into fallout. 4. On pc first though a big old disclaimer adding mods to any game means altering the game files.
And how it runs always make sure to backup your game files and that youre downloading mods from a trustworthy source now some of you may be old pros at this but for those of you just getting your feet under you or perhaps trying out modding for the first time. Were going to start off at the very beginning. The first thing that you want to do is make a backup copy of all of your game files.
This will ensure that if something goes horribly wrong or if you need to uninstall a bunch of mods that maybe you forgot the locations of you can start fresh without having to read download or reinstall. The entire game for those of you who might be new at this all you need to do is find the games main files in our case. Its located in c drive program files x86 steam steamapps comment and then fallout.
4 make a new file wherever you want to store your backup. Were just using the desktop for now then select the game folder right click and hit copy or use ctrl c. And then paste everything into that backup folder.
You also want to make copies of your games. Configuration files. Which by default can be found in your documents folder under my games and then fallout.
4. Once youve done that theres just two more steps to get through before youre ready to start installing your mods in order to allow you to install and use mods and fallout. 4.
Youll need to add a couple of lines to your configuration files. Which again by default are found in documents my games and fallout. 4.
First open fallout ini with a text editor you can just use notepad if you dont have anything fancier and scroll down to the archive. Section. And find a line.
That reads s. Resource. Data dir s.
Final. Equals. Strings.
And then copy and paste. The text from below to add textures music sound interface meshes and a bunch of other file types to this line use file save or ctrl s to save the file. Then open fallout.
Press. Dot ini. Scroll down to the very bottom or use ctrl f.
To find a section. Labeled. Launcher and add the line b.
Enable file. Selection equals. One directly below.
It if for some reason that line already exists make sure. Its set to 1 instead of 0. And sit now youre ready to start installing mods for fallout.

how to manually install fallout 4 mods-0
how to manually install fallout 4 mods-0

Which you may actually find to be easier than youd expect once youve found a mod that you want to install were going to add the full dialog interface by kerosene and shadow war as our example which updates the dialog selection menu to feel a little more like previous fallout games. Sounds like fun go ahead and download the mod to whatever folder. You want to keep your files.
In then use. A file extractor. Such as winrar or 7 zip to copy the files into fallout 4s data folder this can be found in the games directory folder.
Which by default is in program files steam steamapps common fallout. 4. And finally data.
This is essentially all it takes to install a mod manually the special installation requirements may apply for instance. The install instructions for this mod. Require us to change the s resource data line of the fallout.
Ini. But thankfully. We already took care of that before we started to add any other mods.
The only other thing to keep in mind is that since the official fallout. Modding tools have yet to be released. Youll need to manually make sure that any plug in based mods.
You install are activated. When you launch the game youll know your mod uses a plug in if you need to drop a dsp or dsm file into your data folder. Once its been copied into your data.
Folder. You can usually get the game to recognize it by opening the fallout. 4.
Launcher and then closing it and then relaunching the game to be sure it does load into your game. However youll need to check the games plug in file. Which you can find by going to your user folder.
And then opening the app data folder if you cant find the app data folder thats because by default. Its actually a hidden file to get it to show up. Simply.
Open. The tools menu from the drop down bar. And select folder options then go to the view tab and select show hidden files.
Folders and drives under the hidden files and folders section once youve taken care of. That open up your app data folder and go to local then fallout. 4 open up the plug in txt file.
And you should see the desired plug in listed below the main fallout. 4. Esm.
If you dont see it listed there simply disregard the please dont edit this message and add the file name underneath the main game file to force it to load. When you launch the game. And thats pretty much it hopefully now you feel comfortable enough to start modding your copy of fallout.
4. Be sure to check out the full catalogue of our favourite mods on our wiki and if theyre great plugins or add ons that were missing let us know there or in the comments below for everything else on fallout. 4.
Youre already in the right place here ign. .

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how to manually install fallout 4 mods-1

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