FALLOUT 4: How To Make A TON OF CAPS in Fallout 4! (3000+ Caps Per Hour Using Purifiers)

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s up guys gv 2017 here bring you a new fallout. 4. Tips tricks video video this time i have a super effective get rich quick kind of scheme for of you running low on caps or you just want a ton of caps.
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4. Tips and tricks videos another heads up i will be uploading another video later tonight because i was sick yesterday and unable to upload my daily fallout. 4.
Video so im making up for that by uploading two videos today so dont miss my next. One later tonight onto the topic of this video today. Im going to show you how to make an absurd amount of caps.
Im talking like more than three thousand caps per hour. This is an insane method first what you want to do is find a settlement and any settlement that has water will work but try to find one with plenty of water sanctuary is the one that i recommend you find it very early in the game. And it has plenty of water room to you know take advantage of this method.
Once youve found a suitable location youre going to want to build industrial water purifiers. Which is the last kind of water based item that produces water and this actually requires science rank. 1.
Which is that intelligence. 6. So youre going to want to think about that you can obviously build the lower ones.

how to make money in fallout 4-0
how to make money in fallout 4-0

But you know this is going to be the most efficient most effective thing to build so i just built three with my test. But you can build more than three. I went after i did my test in the gameplay of this video and built like seven or eight.
And it was fine. So you can build a lot more than just three and then you need to connect them to medium generators. Because each one requires five power and medium generators create five power each.
So each ones going to need their own dedicated medium generator and in terms of crafting the purifiers require four oil two ceramic. Ten rubber for copper twenty steel for cloth and six screws each. So its a little you know material intensive.
But these individual materials are not too hard to find the generators cost three screws three gears. Seven steel. Three rubber.
Three copper and once or ramming. So really what were doing here is were building these to generate. Purified water and that purified water will show up at our workbench once it generates that purified water.
So obviously this doesnt happen immediately. We have to pass the time in order for these purifiers to generate that purified water. So what i recommend is just explore the commonwealth.
You know do a quest that you havent done yet just get out of your you know settlement workshop. Area and go do something and also i tried waiting it does not work. Neither does fast traveling so i went and did a quick quest maybe it took me about 30 minutes to an hour and then came back.

how to make money in fallout 4-1
how to make money in fallout 4-1

But i also tried waiting for a full 24 hours in my settlement. It did not work there was no production. I also tried fast traveling to diamond city and back from sanctuary.
There was no production either so you cant just you know pass the time really quickly you have to go out and do something in the game. That actually advances the game time. While youre doing something once youve passed that time return to your settlement.
And then go to the workshop and collect that purified water. Its going to be under the aid category in the workbench. So you click x to transfer and then go to aid.
And there. It will be you should see a pretty good amount depending on how many you know purifiers you built and of course next. Were going to sell it thats how you get all the caps.
Now here are some important notes here obviously the higher the charisma. You have the more caps. You will get per bottle and also the cap collector perk helps big time.
I made a save game. And then i put two points into a cap collector for the maximum amount and basically. Max charisma.
I already had it will give you ten caps per bottle and max charisma with cap collector. Rank two will give you 13 caps per bottle. It doesnt sound like a huge difference.

how to make money in fallout 4-2
how to make money in fallout 4-2

But thats 30 more caps that is huge when you are selling a bunch of these caps and you will be selling a ton of you know purified water bottles by the time. This is said and done there will be so many in your workbench that youll just be selling them. And itll be hard to find people to sell to because a lot of people dont have a bunch of caps.
So i would recommend going to diamond city you can sell to your own you know store vendors like i did but kind of go around you know the commonwealth to sell off your purified water and you may be wondering jv. I just increased my water resource a ton by making these and there is a defense problem when you do create these giant purifiers. It will increase the water that is produced by that settlement.
It will skyrocket it and also as a result that will increase. The defense requirement as we know and i was incorrect in my last video. I corrected it in the comments below basically your defense requirement is calculated by your food plus your water generated and because you put so many purifiers that increases your water resource and thus increases.
Your defense requirement a ton which should mean that you will be attacked by raiders and i dont know if your you know defense requirement is huge if that increases the difficulty of these attacks. I dont have extensive research or testing on this. But i havent seen people complain and say theyve had huge issues by you know making all these purifiers and having that defense.
You know requirement and who knows maybe you could make a bunch of missile turrets they provide 15 defense each. But they have a to power requirement. So thats going to require a lot of pretty good materials to make but if you only make three you know industrial water purifiers you can easily cover that defense requirement with those missile turrets.
But if you go beyond three. It just kind of gets ridiculous and your defense requirement will be huge. But let me know when you guys try this method.
If youre running into any raider troubles. Im going to keep these water obviously industrial purifiers on my settlement and see how they work out and see if i get attacked and i will report back to you guys if im having any issues one final note. Generally.

how to make money in fallout 4-3
how to make money in fallout 4-3

I dont like to show exploits or hacks on my channel. I would characterize this method as cheesy because we know bethesda didnt intend for this to be in the game. But its totally within the confines of the rules and were not exploiting any faulty code or anything.
But thats the wanted us to collect this purified water. But they probably just didnt want us to turn around and sell all of it this is something they probably just missed in development. What i want to know is will you use this method.
After watching this video to get a bunch of caps. Theres a lot of things that cost a lot of caps. A lot of unique weapons like the big boy theres another one i cant think of right now.
But theres a lot of uses for having a lot of caps. And this is very useful you know we dont know if it as is going to patch this or not. But does this bother you is this kind of an exploit issue for you and your game.
Let. Me know what you guys think in the comments section below alright guys today we looked at how to make a ton of caps in fallout. 4.
And next time well cover more fallout. 4 on my channel so stay tuned for daily fallout. 4.
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Ive got another one coming tonight and then we are going to continue on our normal schedule of daily fallout. 4. Talk to you guys next time peace.

how to make money in fallout 4-4
how to make money in fallout 4-4

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