FEBOTE Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser | Full Review and Demo | 1.7 Liter

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So this is the two in one forebode. A electric kettle and i really want want to give you an up close view of this and also a demo so me go ahead and give you an up close look at this so this is a little bit different. Because it is a one point seven liter.
Thats about seven cups. And it also comes with a tea infuser. So you could put loose tea in there or teabags in there and let me just you know go around this and give you the quality feel of it so the glass is very thick.
Im gonna knock on it and you can you know get a sense of how thick it is so everything here is 304 stainless steel and what that means its its food grade. A lot of you know the food utensils and pots are made out of 304 a non corrosive or corrosive resistant stainless steel here so this has less carbon in it for example and you know doesnt rust as often as steel. That has a lot of carbon.
So let me just go ahead and give you an up close look so thats the infuser in the middle. And it does you know come up with this mechanism. Here now keep in mind with the infuser.
It is up where the 1 liter mark. Is so youre gonna have to boil. Probably.
4 or 5 cups of tea for this to actually touch the infuser so just keep that in mind. The point. 5.
Liters is down. Here the 1. Liter the one and a half liters and 17.

electric tea kettle with infuser-0
electric tea kettle with infuser-0

Liters. So one thing one other thing to notice is that the water does come through the stainless steel spout and the lid itself is a pull off lid. So you pull off the lid.
And the infuser is removed basically by just pulling it off and it is fastened in there by these notches here. And this is a fairly decent size. Its about 4 ounces.
Which is about an entire half a cup a little bit bigger than half a cup. I would say as you can see let me go around so you could get a good look at the infuser itself. And you could remove the infuser or get it out of the way by pulling up the lid.
And if you used a lot of electric kettles in the past. What you know is that the turn off is dependent on the lid being on so if the lid is off the automatic turn off does not actually initiate. These are a little bit different because these are temperature monitors.
So youll see theres a temperature gauge in the bottom there and you know the the this particular. One is digital temperature control and you could set the temperature. Also demo that the other thing.
I wanted to mention is at the bottom here. So the bottom here you do see and you could actually feel the silicone. So what the water touches is actually the glass the stainless steel and a little bit of silicone at the bottom.
But all of these electric kettles are made that way and the bottom will discolor and the discoloration wont be because of rust. It will be more because of the minerals that are deposited at the bottom and burned at the bottom. While it was boiling.

electric tea kettle with infuser-1
electric tea kettle with infuser-1

And what you have to do is usually use vinegar and let it sit overnight or for six hours to actually dissolve the discoloration from it so let me continue around and give you a better look. And i will have this link in the description area of the video. If you want to get this particular one here and this particular one is 1500 watts so just keep that.
In mind some of the. 15 liters are 1100. Watts.
So this does you know come to a quicker. Boil. Now let me just go ahead.
And you know just give you a better look so keep in mind youre gonna have to clean these hair. You know some some of these undersides and give you a better look here and the good thing about this is the water wont necessarily boil over easily because it does have this cap alright. Now let me give you a demo after i show you the base here.
So the base does have this connection. Here. So this is the entire electrical connection.
So when you rest it on here. And you push the on button. It will start boiling.
Now this thing does rotate 360 degrees. As long as the electrical contacts or at the bottom. You are fine.

electric tea kettle with infuser-2
electric tea kettle with infuser-2

So let me go ahead and give you a demo of the boiling water here. So you notice here. I filled this with water and the way this faux bois de works is when i put it on to the electrical contact this will turn on and if you dont do anything it will just shut off.
Now you notice here that this light is actually flashing a slow blue keep in mind. The blue means cool. And if i want to turn it on so you notice.
All the lights now have gone off if i want to turn it on and boil the water. I could push it once and push it again until its red now that its red. Its going to start boiling the water now if i want to set the temperature.
I can push the plus and the minus to set the temperature now boiling water is 212 degrees so what i can do is you know set it at basically 212 degrees here and you could hear it starting to boil now if i just want to keep it warm. I could set the temperature and also push this keep warm button now as its boiling. I do want to show you a little bit of basically the lid here so this here is the infuser and you could see the underside of the lid.
And this mechanism does pull you know in and out like this so just keep that in mind you could lift and reduce the level of the infuser. Now this infusion does not touch the bottom now the water does take about eight minutes to boil. I do have it up at the max here so just to give you a look now the water temperature at this point is 145.
And you may want to adjust this temperature. I have it set to 212. Now that is the boiling temperature of my altitude or most altitudes now.
If you are all the way up in denver for example in a high altitude area the water might take faster to boil. In which case. You might want to reduce the temperature default so just keep that in mind that this is the advantages of the digital scale that it allows you to adjust the temperature.

electric tea kettle with infuser-3
electric tea kettle with infuser-3

And the boiling water temperature. Now it is going slowly up in temperature and once it reaches 212. It will start boiling.
So im just going to pause. The video here and wait for it to come close to 212 here. So you notice the temperature.
Now is 203 degrees. And the water is already boiling so for me even though the nominal boiling temperature is 212. I could probably set it at 206 degrees here for my altitude.
And you dont want to touch the glass. As it is really very hot at this moment so once is once it reaches the 212 degrees. You notice.
There is the auto shut off now if i want to keep the water warm. I have to push the power button and to keep warm quickly and once i do that i could adjust the temperature that i want to keep it warm at and it will keep it warm at that particular temperature for 60 minutes or one hour and to turn it off. I can push the keep warm button off.
And youll notice now this thing will be flashing. The power button is flashing meaning that everything is off. So there you go that is the faux bois de.
Electric teakettle. 17. Liters.
And i hope this helps and please subscribe and thank you for watching. .

electric tea kettle with infuser-4
electric tea kettle with infuser-4

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