First Impression – Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover LOTION?!

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Guys so the reason. Why youre really close to my face is because i im really trying out this eye makeup remover lotion by neutrogena i held this my last video which i filmed right before this video. Because i just thought i would try it for the first time on camera this was really appealing because its an eye makeup remover lotion its supposedly really hydrating and you want to be really careful with the skin around your eyes.
Because the most delicate skin on your body. And its just i dont know all this mascara and harsh eye makeup can just be really really not good. I just want to try this out because sometimes i have a hard time with like a regular eye makeup remover like the sonia kashuk one like the kind of like oily one i have a hard time taking off my mascara because its really crunchy and hard.
So i thought this was really appealing because it says that its absolves your hard to remove eye makeup. While conditioning your eye area so lets give this a shot okay. So me doing it according to the directions right on the bottle.
It says dispense on two fingertips or on two cotton ball. And gently massage over closed eyes can also be used on face for makeup removal tissue off product for maximum hydration alright. So i think im going to be using my fingertips because thats the most efficient massaging technique.

neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-0
neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-0

I guess okay so lets just try this out right now i have a shadow. Ive got everything on i shadow. One of those color tattoos lets see mascara eyeliner.
Thats it kind of smells like vegetables thats very pretty weird. Im just going to dispense some of it on my finger. It doesnt say how much some to be using.
Maybe a pea sized like that much and is its a very its a very slippery lotion like its dripping down my hand lets try it on i oh well oh. My god yes. It definitely dissolves all of your vika uh huh.
Oh. My goodness i need a mirror. Oh.

neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-1
neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-1

This is really messy actually maybe. Its better with a cotton ball. Oh oh it stings oh.
It stings oh gosh so messy lets tissue it off for maximum hydration. Oh. Lord my vision is a bit cloudy right now cuz a little bit seeped into my eye.
So it does kind of sting. A little bit nothing super unbearable. Though but it cant be good to get them your eye.
I dont think okay this time its for the other eye lets use a cotton pad. This is the other way that it suggests that you use this product so im gonna take down the cml like a pea sized. Okay this is a lot less messy okay if it seeps into your eyes it does kind of sting joke.

neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-2
neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-2

A surprise about because its lotion. So i thought its gonna be really gentle. This is a lot more efficient and not so messy mmm check that out as opposed to all right so overall thoughts about this product.
I think this would be really good if you had to really have the eye makeup on and theres just a lot to take off that way you could just kind of dissolve everything. And it does a really good job of dissolving your mascara like hard crunchy mascara on your eyelashes. So that is positive some negatives.
My eyes are still a little bit cloudy. Im also a contact lens wear so that could be a factor. But yeah it does make my vision a little bit cloudy.
Its how if im winking a lot. I think. This is an okay product.

neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-3
neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-3

Its a little bit messy. If you just use it with your fingertips. Because it just kind of gets everywhere.
And as you can see before i look like somebody beat me up. But it did do a really good job of taking off all of my makeup. All my eye makeup.
I dont suggest this for contact lens wearers though because its so cloudy and it does sting a little bit when you get into your eyes. Its pretty interesting it does leave my skin feeling a little more hydrated than a regular eye makeup remover because it is a lotion and its not it doesnt leave my face feeling greasy and its really light. But cloudiness is kind of going away over some time.
But i dont want to not be able to see alright. So thats it for my first first impressions. Demo and review.
Let me know what other products that you would like me to review. And i will definitely look into them i hope this was informative thanks for watching and ill see you guys soon bye. .

neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-4
neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion-4

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