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becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you FIRST LOOK: ENTIRE Becca X Jaclyn Hill CHAMPAGNE COLLECTION | Review + Swatches | JamiePaigeBeauty. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Guys welcome back to my channel. Todays video is going to be all about about the brand new champagne collection with becca and jacqueline hill. Now basically all these have not yet been released.
I believe they are releasing on may 26. So i have the full champagne collection here to talk about with you guys. Im going to be eating guys a first look swatches my thoughts and all that stuff and wait for it at the end of the video.
I do actually have a giveaway for you guys i actually bought an extra champagne collection face palette. And im going to be giving away a champagne pop as well. If youd like to know how to enter the giveaway.
Im going to be talking more about it more at the end of the video. But first lets get into the actual collection review. So if youre not aware jacqueline released champagne pop probably about a year ago and this was her original product that she released with becca.
So basically. Becca and jacqueline have sort of just expanded. The champagne collection and have come up with a liquid version of the champagne pop cream version as well as an eyeshadow palette and a face palette.
So lets first start talking about what i think is probably the most exciting product in this collection. And that is the champagne glow face palette. But i really like about these types of face palettes that sort of contain both highlighters and blushes is that youre able to mix the colors together to almost create your perfect shades.
And you can really get a lot of different looks with just this one palette. So for example you can mix highlighters together to create a whole new shade. You could also mix the highlighters with the blushes you can mix the blushes together.
So its just really nice to sort of have everything all in one place. A palette is also designed really really beautifully. Its about the size of the palm of my hand and considering how much product you get in here.
I would say that its a really really nice size this palette is also really really nice for travel. Because you have your highlighters and your blushes in here. And its a very like well designed a palette thats not going to like open up and sort of break and go all over your suitcase.
So instead of this hallett you have of course. The two highlighters and then three different blushes with three different formulas. So lets talk about each specific shade.
So of course you have champagne pop. Which is right over here if youre not familiar.

becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-0
becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-0

Champagne pop is a really beautiful very soft peachy. Shade. That has a little bit of a gold to it what i really like about champagne pop is i do find that it really does complement a very wide variety of skin tones.
The only thing i would say is that if youre very very fair and you tend to sort of go towards lighters that are a little bit more white based because these types of highlighters. Just sort of look like a colored stripe on the tops of your cheekbones. Then these two highlighters probably would not be the best for you if you are extremely fair.
However. I do think that these highlighters are beautiful to use almost as like cheek stoppers. So just to add a little bit of color to your cheeks.
And also a little bit of glow and then a right next to champagne pop is prosecco pop. This is a brand new highlighter that has not been yet release. And i really really really hope that theyre going to take this out of the palette and make it permanent because its probably one of my favorite new highlighters that ive found it is just the perfect gold highlighter.
Ive been looking for the perfect gold highlighter for a really long time being more on the fairer side. Its difficult to find a gold highlighter. Thats not going to look like again.
I have like a gold stripe red tops my cheekbones. But this highlighter is just perfect because its not too yellow. Its not too brassy.
Just the perfect shade that really just gives you that beautiful golden glow. Without it looking like you have a gold stripe. So.
If youve never tried a becca highlighter. Let me just like paint you a picture. They are very very buttery.
Very creamy like when you touch them they feel extremely extremely smooth and very finely milled. Their powder highlighters are really not what you would call settle they really do give you a very intense glow. But because of their texture.
They do not look shimmery or chunky. They really just sit on the skin so perfectly only negative thing that i have to say is that when you touch your brush to the powders. There is a little bit of powder like fallout like when you touch it powder sort of comes off a little bit not the biggest deal in the world.
I just sort of want to mention that in case. That is like your biggest pet peeve ever so like i said there are three blushes in here and each of them have a different texture.

becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-1
becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-1

So this one over here called pomplamoose really really beautiful. Bright coral. Shade.
And this is in a satin texture. So this has a little bit of a sheen to it its not completely matte. Whereas this one in the center.
Called amaretto. Which is more of a neutral blush is completely matte and then at the end you have rose a spritz. Which is more of a shimmery blush hopper.
So you could either apply this lets say on top of pomplamoose. If you want a little bit of a sheen or you could apply it by itself. I would say that my favorite blush in this palette is definitely rose a spritz it almost reminds me of azen from nars.
But a much better orgasm from nars because i find orgasm is a little bit chunky. But it still has that really beautiful like peachy pink shade with that gold sheen. But this one is just completely smooth and honestly the texture is way better in my opinion amaretto.
Which is the matte shade in the collection is what im wearing on my cheeks today. I do really really love that one as well i think its really pretty to use when you are wearing a lot of color on your eyes or on your lips. That you dont want your blush to sort of compete.
This is a really really beautiful shade to use now the thing about becca blushes is that they are really really pigmented and really really intense like im saying a little bit goes a long way when you take your brush. You do not want to like go like this into the powder. You really just want to tap it tap off the excess and then apply it because these types of blushes are the types of lashes that will give you clown cheeks.
If you apply too much i also think for the. Price its 59 canadian probably around 49 us. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck especially considering you paying.
10 less for one single highlighter from becca. And you get. Two highlighters and three blushes in here is a really really fantastic deal that is it for the palette.
So now come on to the eyeshadow palette. So here. We have the champagne collection eyeshadow palette this palette contains five different shades.
You have three mattes and then two shimmery shades over here. I really enjoy becca eyeshadows.

becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-2
becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-2

Theyre very similar to their other powders and that theyre very smooth pigmented easy to blend. Theyre just really great all around eyeshadows their mats are very buttery their shimmers are very intense and thats all i could really ask for an eyeshadow palette. So i do really like these this shade right over.
Here called chardonnay is such a beautiful white gold shade. Ive been using this non stop since i got this palette in my inner corner of my eye and it just creates that really really intense glow. So honestly i would just buy this palette just for the shay.
Because it is just so good. I honestly would consider it to be very very close to my lan format. Which im honestly not so surprised about because if you watch atkins videos.
She always talked about nylund for mac and how thats her favorite. Highlighting shade. Then you have this shade right next to it.
Which is called champagne toast this is a really really pretty very soft bronzy gold shade. Then we have cordial. Which is a really pretty soft mavi kame shade probably another one my favorites in this palette is cog neck.
I never know how to say this word. I really hope im saying that right. But its a really nice warm.
But not too warm medium brown shade and then at the end over here. Theres a really pretty very soft purpley grey shade. Whats really nice about this palette is that its pretty versatile you can really get really beautiful everyday looks with it.
And you can also sort of deepen up your look and get more of like a nighttime smokey look with it with these two shades over here so i think that if youre looking for a really nice type of everyday palette that sort of has everything all in one place youve got your lid shade highlight shade. You got some crease shades. Then this is a really really great option now this is something that honestly i was personally very excited about and this is the champagne pop liquid highlighter since jacqueline released the champagne pop press.
I always said oh my god i really really really hope that one day theyre going to release the color in a liquid. So the shade of this liquid highlighter is basically champagne pop liquefied. It is a soft peachy shade with a little bit of gold in it i love liquid highlighters.
Because you could really go for more of a natural look by just sort of applying it by itself. And it just creates a really really pretty subtle glow or you could really intensify your highlighter and layer. It.
With the liquid first and then the powder second and you will get a super crazy intense glow. Its also really nice about liquids is that youre able to mix it in with your foundation.

becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-3
becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-3

If you want an all over glow to your face last. But not least youve got the cream version of champagne pop. Now i would say that the cream version is almost like a very very subdued more downplayed version of champagne pop.
I would say that its definitely not quite as intense as a powder or even a liquid. This is the type of highlighter that again i was just to use if you want something thats not so in your face. I do really like cream highlighters.
Because are very very easy especially for everyday. You basically just put your finger in the product and then tap it on the tops your cheekbones or wherever you want the product and so i do really like this more for everyday use or when i want more of a subtle glow. But when you want something thats really really intense then i would have to go for the powder version instead alright guys so that is basically it for my first look and review of the champagne glow collection.
So now lets talk about that giveaway that i mentioned earlier in the video. Though like i said. I actually picked up a champagne collection face palette.
And i have a champagne pop of course. I had to get that away as well now ive used this method in all my other giveaways and its been very very successful. So im going to be using it again basically.
Im going to be using a website called gleam it really keeps track of everybody whos entered and it also sort of gives you the option to do extra entries by completing different tasks so youre going to click the link in the description box and its going to bring you to a separate page. If youre already subscribed to my channel great. All you got to do is sort of just fill out your info and it will see that youre subscribed and then it will enter you into the giveaway.
If youre not subscribed to my channel. Then of course you need to be subscribed or to enter the giveaway. There will also be different tasks that you can complete in order to give yourself extra entries into the giveaway.
So for example following me on instagram will give you an extra entry so when i ask for the basic rules. This is going to be an international giveaway so everybody from all over the place can enter also if youre under 18. Please get a parent or guardians permission this giveaway will last a week.
So it will end next monday and also i do want to mention and stress that this winner is going to be picked completely completely randomly. I will also contact the winner by email and i will announce the name of the winner in the description box of this video next week. So thats basically it so good luck.
If youre going to be entering the giveaway and i hope you guys enjoyed this video. Dont forget to give it a big thumbs up if you did and of course. Let me know what you thought in the comments and subscribe.
If youre not subscribed already and i will see you guys next time bye. I love you hey guys welcome back todays video is going to be all about my dry skin girls. Know i think i get asked honestly in almost every single video and on .

becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-4
becca x jaclyn hill champagne collection-4

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