FL Studio 20: Sample Packs and Drum Kits installation – How to add Sound Packs

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Back guys in this video im going to show you how you can install install sound packs drum kits sample packs however you want to call them inside your studio 20 and whenever you open fl studio fl studio 20 were for studio 12. Im not sure for fl studio 12 bits. Fl studio 20.
And you have your browser open. Im going to reopen is that you can see so when you open it and you have different options here right so when you go to this one all and then you scroll all the way down. You should see packs so packs is one of these sections that you have access to and that is where you need to dump your folders for your drum kits sample packs or sound packs it can be voice just beads or simple loops whatever were talking about sound effects everything lets say you just downloaded a new sample pack and you wanted to add it to fo studio 20.
These steps are very straightforward. Im going to show you right now so here. I have a zip folder.
Which is um a starter pack for dubstep beats. So i have had a few voice samples. If you sound effects.
I believe if you loops etc. So what i want to do here. If i open this you will see that inside of of that cymatics pack that i just downloaded there is one main folder.
Which i am going to extract right here so what i can do actually is just extract this whole thing so im going to click on extract all so extract all and well show you the pathway you want to extract so in mine case i want to extract to my fl studio tutorial folder. Which is inside my downloads folder and its quite heavy a couple of hundreds of megabytes. I think so now i have it right in here and if i double click on that folder.
I have my drum loops here which are divided i have our build up full etc right so i can view more of them. I also have a sound effects synthesizers and some vocals etc. So now i want all of them to show in here.
What i have to do simply is sick that main folder here.

how to add packs to fl studio-0
how to add packs to fl studio-0

Which contains everything im going to take this you can press. Ctrl c. To copy the whole folder or you can right click and select copy you can also do cuts but i prefer copy i just find it safer then you go to this pc windows im writing on windows.
Im sure on mac users have similar steps so and now i just have to go to program. Files. X86 then i i find the image line folder.
Ive had different versions of fl studio installed on my pc. But i wants you let them reflect in fl studio 20. So i double click on f seo 20.
I go to the data folder. I go to the patches folder now i select the tax folder and the tax folder has all the legacy sample packs drum kits sun packs whatever i dont even know what word to use to describe them but it has everything so i can simply left click anywhere here on this window and select space so ive pissed at this time i have cymatics dubstep starter pack. Im going to go back to fs video and i didnt even have to i dont have to refresh anything it just reflects right here so lets see if whatever i downloaded is reflecting indeed.
I have drum loops one shots ethics and everything and is the same folders. I can double click. And its going to play is sounds well right now im recording this video.
So i block this sound from my system. But if i was to use it normally this sound will actually come out so thats pretty easy if ever you forget how you you can find these packs simply right click one of your existing packs like the legacy one for instance left click its click on windows shell menu if you are using a windows click open and check the path right here. And you should be able to copy it and from there you can quickly click on tax and see where you should paste your new your new sample packs.
So thats how you do it in the 14 to 20. I hope this video helps you if it did please subscribe click on the notification bell make sure you like this video and you share it and dump your comments. Ill catch you next time guys.
I hope this helped you see you .

how to add packs to fl studio-1
how to add packs to fl studio-1

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