Gerber VS. Beech-Nut. What’s better?

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Guys so i wanted to show you really quick. I recently tried the beech nut nut oatmeal for my daughter before ive only been using gerber. But my mom me this because she wanted me to try something new so i gave it a try.
And i actually did experience something completely different with this oatmeal compared to the gerber one so stick around so i could tell you the difference in between music. So real quick. What i liked about the beechnut was that it comes with a cap a measuring tap.
Which is really nice so its just something that i just pour in pour into the bowl and kind of already have my measurements put in the water or the milk. I personally use milk in it and i put some extra food and give her a whole concoction at night before she goes to bed. As our little routine.
But this was really cool that it came with a cap because it made everything really simple less messy and quick especially if shes cranky and shes hungry and she wants to eat right now the gerber ones that i used i used everything from gerber and actually im not saying this to say that i like one or the other im just giving you the experience that i had while using this one over the gerber ones. So the gerber. Ive tried the banana strawberry.
Ive tried the multigrain the oatmeal. The rice so i and ive been using it from the moment. Shes been able to eat this one i just did it now about two weeks ago.
And shes 8 months so it is a difference. And it is a new taster so shes still getting adjusted to the to the beechnut one the difference. The main difference i experience its a consistency when you mix it so with any of the gerber ones that ive used for their list.
Is the oatmeal multigrain rice.

beech nut rice baby cereal-0
beech nut rice baby cereal-0

Different flavor oatmeal once you mix. It with the milk. Or the water.
It still has the oatmeal consistency. The oatmeal that you and i are used to as adults. These ones have it compared to the beach in that one its gonna be darker.
This ones a wheat base one this ones darker and it actually turns more into a pureed. Very smooth. You do not see the flakes once this ones completely mixed so if your child is more for texture.
If theyre starting to learn that texture feeling and youre trying to transition them this one might actually be a good starter one if youre looking to start or stop or try different ones. But you want to try this one first because it consists see will be smoother and they probably wont reject it compared to my daughter when i first gave her the gerber one it took me actually about a month and a half before she started to enjoy it on a regular basis. Because she didnt like how the oatmeal felt in her mouth.
So from the i think this ones a great starter one and its great to continue along the way. But if you want to try different ones especially if your little one is starting that journey to foods. This one would probably be a good one to start with im paired to this one like i said i did the multi grain.
I have the rice over there i have pretty much everything on here this one this strawberry. My daughter isnt too keen to it give it a try still there your little one i like it but when it comes to flavors and textures my little ones a little bit picky so this was been on my counter for quite some time. But it does come with a bunch of different ones of course gerber does have a larger variety.
So its fun to play around with especially when they start getting older hitting those milestones their taste buds start developing and then one experiment with different things.

beech nut rice baby cereal-1
beech nut rice baby cereal-1

These are the way to go. I also noticed that the ingredients are different. I did notice that the beechnut one their ingredients were completely different especially the vitamins and they did have more vitamins compared to some of the gerber ones.
So always take a look at that kind of see what is it in mind that youre looking for for your daughter. The daughter is thought to take for their nutritional value and see which one might work better for you but otherwise the biggest thing. I just wanted to share that the consistency is pretty big is different so that might be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing.
Which one do you want through with them so hope that helped with you guys. This is a quick review. I just wanted to show you because i just experienced this within the last two weeks.
And i didnt notice. My daughter is actually taking to this one like i said the flavor is new to her. But the fact that its smoother.
Shes not a texture fan. So shes actually to gravitate to this one a little bit more both great she likes them both. But if i pick and choose.
This was gonna be her her new favor. Im pretty sure hell give them a try let me know what your little ones like and see. If i can try it for my little one as well bye music.

beech nut rice baby cereal-2
beech nut rice baby cereal-2

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