Getting HUGE Tones at Quiet Volumes with BIG AMPS! (with No Power Attenuation!)

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The guitar tracks youre about to hear were recorded at a very low volume volume just a little bit louder than my speaking voice through a 20 watt valve tube amp. Without any power attenuation. I did it thanks to bringing the actual volume controls down on these pedals well as a couple of others.
Lets get into it thats a bedroom levels welcome back to the channel. Folks. My names shane.
So one of the challenges. We face as guitar players is trying to get our big valve or tube amplifier to sound good at a low volume a lot of people ask me on live streams. What is the best small practice amp.
What records well that kind of thing. But theres one thing a lot of people have forgotten is that overdrive pedals and distortion pedals were basically invented to try to get you that huge sound at any volume. So without using anything like the two notes torpedo live the kemper.
You know the power attenuator on the box next tone or katana. If youve got one of those or even something like the tone master twin that has those xlr outs. Were gonna use just pedals to attenuate the volume of the amplifier while still getting a.
Really big full sound at a volume thats going to be under or around 85 decibels. Which is not loud at all thats not loud enough to annoy the neighbors now if you live in an apartment. You probably want to drop that down to about 80db and you shouldnt be annoying anybody.
Thats about the equivalent have a small practice amplifier or a modeling amp. You know those little ones. That you can buy like the katana mini and all that kind of thing.
Its not much louder than that but youre still getting a very full sound and im gonna show you how that sounds even with a 12 inch speaker so my recording setup right now is the artist tweedtone 20r. Its a 20 watt amplifier. Ive got the master volume all the way up so that is kind of like power attenuator in some ways.
But ive got a dime all the way up and ive got the clean volume at 9 00 oclock. So its plenty loud now without the pedal running into it it clips in about ninety eight decibels. So its much much louder.
If you dont know how the the actual decibel meter scale works. Its not like a percentage scale between 98. And so 84 is a huge difference so you look that up online.
If you want to find out more about that. But yeah you can still get really great tones at very quiet volumes. Which isnt that much louder than my speaking voice and i thought it sounded pretty good let me know what you think of that intro track so to show you a variation of pedals right now and ive just picked five random ones out of the cupboard to show you that you can do this with pretty much anything.
And if you already have pedals. I dont care. What it is you should be hoping to get some really great tones at a low volume by setting up your amp amplifier.
Fairly loud and then turning back down with the pedal and it still works sort of the power section of the amplifier nicely giving you a full and rich sound at a volume that which is kind of laughable sitting here in the room. Because you wouldnt expect it to sound that good on recording. But it absolutely does just quickly.
This boss next time. Back here also has a power. Attenuator which goes down to about 05.
Watts. And i was using that earlier on my live stream. This artist.
Tweet tone is actually quieter than that so thats a frame of reference about what kind of tones. You can still record at home. Without having to drive the neighbors nuts.
If this video is helpful please give it a thumbs up. I really appreciate it lets do it so the trick to doing. This is to simply use the level control on all the pedals now depending on what pedal.
You have youre gonna have to fiddle around with this. But anywhere from just off to about nine oclock is perfect for my situation anyway past there. And it starts getting really really loud over a hundred decibels so im gonna keep it down on the majority of the pedals that youre gonna see on this video now lets get into it im going to use the artist.
Tweet tone. 21. Amplifier.
Its kind of like a blues junior classic 30 kind of ambit rated. At 20 watts. And its got a celestion seventy 80.
In there now one of the cool things about this amplifier is it actually has this sort of like a master volume. But thats all the way wide open so for those with a hotrod deluxe or something like that were thinking whether or not this will work for that amp and absolutely will it might take a little bit more sort of fiddling around to get the volumes right being that the sometimes the volume control on some of the older hotrod deluxe amps gets really loud really quickly and its sometimes hard getting it in the right position. But this will definitely work on the majority of amps out there whether or not you have a power attenuator or actual master volume on the plane channel.
So here we go were gonna start with this guy this is the maxon tod. 9. Now after you hear these samples or comment on it ill let you know also how loud each of them are as well this is bridge pickup.
Here we go so thats coming in at about 88 decibels. It doesnt feel that much louder than my voice that should hopefully sound pretty good on the recording over to the next pedal up next is maybe the best marshall in a box. This is the pal.
800 gold overdrive from pedal pal fx. As to jcm800 in a box these kinds of pedals once you start getting a couple of extra tonal options like a bass control. A middle control or a treble control and even a presence control.
Gives you more flexibility and a much lower volume.

how to overdrive a tube amp at low volume-0
how to overdrive a tube amp at low volume-0

Allowing you to get the kind of sound that you want now anytime. You do this as well you want to listen back and make sure youre happy with the tones. But were going to give this a shot and ive just set this up its coming in at about 85 86 db.
Somewhere around there spread this is the bridge pickup sounds good in the room. Im tipping thats going to sound pretty great. If you like that kind of sort of marshall in a box sound in the room.
It feels really nice to play. And it still gives you that interaction if i was to just put the volume control down on the guitar take a listen now if youre on a budget and you want to record at home at lower volumes and get that classic rock sound. This is a really cool pedal.
This is the taichi from joyo. This was the first time. Ive used this pedal hand in the cupboard about a year.
I gave it a go and ill tell you what even if youre on a budget. Most overdrive circuits should still do this extremely well so lets give this a shot bridge pickup. Lets just mix this up a little bit turn.
The turn and going up a little more. So thats more of an overdrive tone. As opposed to that distortion tone.
That you just heard before even. Though. The pal 800.
Says. Overdrive is more of a distortion in my opinion. But even with this type of pedal.
Here this is not as anywhere near as expensive as the last couple of pedals. Itll still give you that great sound at a low volume and now were gonna kick it up a little bit in terms of the gain this is the klazo drive from green child pedals now one of the cool things about this. Its a full range of overdrive.
Which means you get a lot of bass and a lot of treble. If you so need it or you can back it off. Now.
Ive got the treble down. The bass at about 12 oclock to start with and the level is basically most of the way off. Theres a really rock and pedal and it works extremely well when you want to keep the volume down.
But still record a really fat tone. So here we go now youre just going to be careful of not having too much sort of sizzle on the tops or not enough. So the cool thing about a pedal with a two band eq you can fatten out the tone you can make it brighter.
If you need to or back it off its just really cool and thats still under the 90 decibel range. So its still not very loud over to the twa hot sake distortion overdrive pedal. This is one of those pedals that kind of borders in between them both much like an ocd in terms of its gain stage.
You can do that overdrive thing or you can just get kind of crazy. And ive got the gain up at 12 oclock and notice. We also have a toggle switch in the center.
This is a really another advantageous thing when you want to record at low volumes this low boost with it up gives you that big bottom end. Im gonna leave it off for a moment and show you how it sounds and well click it on helps if i have my guitar on low boost on and back down again. When youre recording at low volumes having that extra bit of kick and eq versatility is really cool you can also scoop the mids and shape the mids and also do the same with the tone control add more or less depending on your needs.
But definitely at a low volume this pedals one of the best and lastly over to something very different. Ive got the new accessory bus. Now if you know this pedal.
It actually has an out straight to the sound card so you can record silently without an amplifier but were doing this with the amp and now if you take a look at the little led screen. If you can see this i had it on or i had it on seven which is coming in well under 90 decibels in with my amp crank. So lets give this a shot this is bridge pickup still to keep it all consistent throughout.
The video here we go now lets add some delight just because its there and well see what kind of sound. We get thanks again for watching folks. My name is shane.
If you have any comments or questions. Please let me know and ill get back to you as soon as i can let me know what you think of the tones. I went for something a little bit different set of those classic blues tones.
Which you can still absolutely get i thought id rock it out with a couple of different pedals. Just to have a bit of fun so for my money. I think the pedals that offer either a two or three band eq of the most versatile at these lower volumes one of the things i wouldnt normally do if i was recording an amplifier is to have the sm57 or any microphone dead center unless.
Im running two mics but in a situation where the amp is at a lower volume. I think it sounds so much better making up the center of the comb which is something i never do normally. Im always off to the side just a little bit just so you dont get that shrill enos.
But when youre recording on a low volume. You want a little bit of extra top end to come through its not so its something you can also adjust if you dont like via the pedals or via the amplifier. But i always find that this sort of works.
The best for my situation where i used to live. I used to be very restricted on volume. And if i wasnt using the two notes torpedo or something like that i had to record it.
A volume that wasnt super crazy. So this is what i did for years. I hope this has been helpful if it was please give it a thumbs up thanks again for watching guys my names shane.
Ill catch you soon see you .

how to overdrive a tube amp at low volume-1
how to overdrive a tube amp at low volume-1

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