Ghosting – Why Men Pursue If They’ll Just Disappear

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Hello and welcome to understand men. Now. Im jonathan as lee of jonathan alikom.
Alikom. And im so excited to be shooting. This short video for you today topic.
Why would a man pursue me. If hes going to ghost real quickly before we get started. If this video resonates with you please hit the like button or write.
A comment love to hear your thoughts on it okay. And please hit the subscribe button and the bell as well so you can get new content okay why would a guy pursue me if hes just gonna ghost okay now for those that arent familiar with ghosting really quickly ghosting basically means someone disappearing the way a ghost would disappear in other words. A ghost is there and then its gone so a ghost represents disappearing act.
So why would a man pursue a woman. If hes basically going to disappear well. I want to go into the psychological reasons.
As well as the biological reason. So why do men pursue.

who is homer barron when does he disappear-0
who is homer barron when does he disappear-0

Anything obviously they want something and so. If youre meeting. A total stranger.
Which is oftentimes the case in the dating process today. And what i mean to say is rarely are we actually going out on first or second or third dates with someone who we know whos familiar. While it does happen you meet someone in the workplace.
You meet someone at maybe a social events. Maybe you were introduced by friends. Most of the time.
Were meeting total strangers because were meeting through an internet connection in fact roughly about 50 percent of all new relationships for those folks who are over 45 years old are actually meeting through an online connection and while thats antidotal that seems to be relatively accurate from the perspective of ive been doing surveys for years okay so biologically men pursue women because were biologically driven by sex. So that chase or pursue is oftentimes coming from a biological place. But thats not always the case for all men.
But in many cases. If it especially if the pursuit is intense with somebody whos a total stranger. What i mean is they dont really actually know the person.
So if the pursuit is very intense its oftentimes biological. But there also a behavioral reason.

who is homer barron when does he disappear-1
who is homer barron when does he disappear-1

Why people man chase and why women want to be a relationship is because we want connection. We want to feel connected to another human being we want companionship and that sort of thing so from a biologic or from a from a emotional perspective. Our desire to connect with another human being is very strong in the dating and mating process is one of those portals to connect with other human beings.
So heres what happens someones chasing either from a biological perspective or an emotional perspective needing connection. But what happens is once theyve interacted with you and theyve done kind of a little bit of due diligence just like youre doing your own due diligence of deciding you want to be in a relationship with this person they recognize that its not a fit in other words. Its not a its not a fit.
Its not a fit and in many cases their pursuit was driven by this either behavioral or physical and not because you were really the person that they want in your life. But this can be so confusing. Because i know how often you hear oh my especially when there is that chemical bond.
Where men will say. Oh my god youre like nobody else ive ever seen before youre so amazing. I could see us getting married.
We could travel together because theyre driven by that testosterone or theyre driven by that behavioral need to connect and not because they actually know you now if youre not familiar with the book attached. I want you to check out the book attached because it talks about the three different types of attachment styles. Anxious avoidant and secure and in many cases avoidant men will pursue based on biological reasons or behavioral reasons.
But the minute it becomes too intimate they pull away because its too much for them from a an emotional perspective intimacy is very difficult for those avoidant personalities. Whereas.

who is homer barron when does he disappear-2
who is homer barron when does he disappear-2

Anxious personalities. Lean into it more because they feel like the only way they can feel good about themselves is if somebody else likes them and this is true whether its a man or a woman. The attachment is not just about men.
Its about men and women equally. Now the ghosting piece is basically. Im gonna say most men ghosts.
Because theres an old adage hell hath. No fury like a woman scorned hell hath. No fury like a woman scorned.
So in many cases men disappear. Because they dont want to experience any wrath and while its a way of approaching it it just happens to be many reasons. The reason why many men just dont even offer a reason.
Why theyre not going to continue to pursue you anymore and sometimes to be honest. They dont even know why they dont want to pursue you anymore. Because that biology and that emotional was driving the bus and once they recognize the the subconscious recognizes that this person isnt a right fit for them.
Theyre actually on an emotional level confused as to why they may not like you anymore. Let me repeat that on a subconscious level.

who is homer barron when does he disappear-3
who is homer barron when does he disappear-3

Theyre confused or excuse me on a conscious level. Theyre confused because their subconscious as this person isnt right for them. And this is very tricky.
Thats why i encourage you to study human behavior to read books like attach or read books like getting the love you want by harvelle hendrix or certainly reading my book. What the heck is self love anyway. Because that prepares you to be in a healthy happy relationship so check out my books and theres a link below.
If you want to check out my book alright. You get a little bit of a gist. Why a man might pursue and then ghost and while this isnt an absolute this is a bit of a generalization.
Its often the reason for this case. Okay. Id like to hear your thoughts on this.
Please post. A comment below if this resonated with you or if you thought if you have something youd like to contribute please post a comment like to hear about it hit like if you enjoyed it also if youd like to get some actual dating. Advice and speak to me directly.
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Oh thank you mmm wishing you a wonderful day thanks. So much bye bye now .

who is homer barron when does he disappear-4
who is homer barron when does he disappear-4

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