Giantex Costway Portable Automatic Washing Machine Review

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Everyone well something a little bit different today. An unboxing and first look at a a washing machine. This is a portable washing machine.
But unlike the other two twin machines. Ive shown on my channel. This one is fully automatic its by a company called cost way and at the time of making this video.
This is quite new in the uk. Its only been on amazon a few weeks. So as soon as i saw it i thought i would give it a try so lets open up the box.
And see if theres any sort of assembly. We need to do at the time of making this video. This washing machine costs about a hundred and eighty pounds.
It is possible to buy a full sized automatic for that in the uk. But this machine is designed for people that dont have plumbing. We dont have a hookup for a washing machine whether theyre in rented accommodation or perhaps in student accommodation and its also suitable for people living in rvs and maybe large caravans etc.
Because it uses far less energy than a full size machine right so. This is one looks a bit possibly the base of the machine. Which will have to attach and basically we have the machine itself now although its branded cost way.
This is actually gm ticked so that half thats correctly pronounced. But its much the same theres a lot of these similar machines with different brand names. But basically the machines are the same dont be concerned if you see a little bit of water around or inside the machine.
Because it would have been tested at the factory at the end of the production line just to make sure it works and its watertight. So its definitely not a used machines. Its a factory sealed so inside.
We have a couple of screws well several schools actually and the instruction book which i will peruse before doing a full demo of this im going to use a few times before giving you an actual demonstration. Little bit more packaging to protect the wash tub and inside the washing tub. We have the fill hose much better quality fill hose than the twin tub machines.
Ive looked at they are very flimsy. But this fill hose does seem a lot lot lot better fairly short. Its less than a meter.
Id say one end of these this hose attaches to the machine. The other this is supposed to attach to the tap. But that is not going to attach to my tap.
So ive bought something that hopefully will enable me to attach it but looking at that now im not sure if its going to work and inside. We have a single tub. Ill show that in more detail so instead of having twin tubs.
Youve got one tub. That does the washing and rinsing and spinning so it makes the footprint of these machines less than the twin tub. It is slightly higher.
Though okay ill just remove it from the packaging and well have a closer look at this washing machine music. Ive started looking at the instruction book. And it seems to be written in pidgin english or certainly.
This part so to install the bottom cover. And ill read this word forward as the right photo put down the machine from side put down the machine on some soft thing. Please let the remarkable face outside the allo direction is machine front side align.
The screw hole between bottom and bottom cover use the appendix screw to fasten the bottom cover well. Ive got some soft thing. This doormat.
So im going to lay the machine down on its remarkable face. So the only way of laying the machine down on its side is the side without the drain hose. So im going to gently lower the washer dont be surprised.
If any water drips out before i screw the base on i thought id show some of you washing machine enthusiasts. A little bit of the internal workings of this washer. So obviously youve got a motor here and a belt.
I assume drives the agitator at the bottom. And it will also drive the tub for spinning. Weve got the pump down here by the looks of it and the pipe.
Obviously the drain pipe. Yeah. So obviously.
Its a lot of plastic here. The whole unit itself is plastic. So its fairly liked to pick up and move around there are a couple of carry handles.
But there you go thats the first and last look youll get at some of the internal workings of this machine. Heres the bottom plate of the machine with eight self tapping screws and on the back. Weve got further instructions or basically.
Its just the instructions repeated from the instruction book.

giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-0
giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-0

But there is an extra instruction at the bottom. Which i feel obliged to read in order to anti rat and avoid unexpected some thing happen please install the bottom cover it is useful to decrease the noise when the bottom cover is installed so to avoid anti rat and something unexpected something well we best put this on youd think. These chinese manufacturers would employ an english speaking person whos also fluent in chinese to write these instruction books.
But they are quite funny so basically weve got to im assuming we say assume it goes this way. Ive got to somehow figure out i think that looks like its gonna be rather tricky. Well just put the screws in by hand once we get a couple in the other screws should hopefully line up okay.
So after a little bit of fiddling about ive discovered that the base needs to go this way up with the instruction facing outwards youll also see at the bottom. There a little arrow facing front that needs to face the front of the washing machine. Because you need to line up all these holes.
And it all in a specific place. So once youve lined up a couple of them all the others should follow just tighten them by hand first once we get the first screw in its slightly tighten that dont over tighten. The screws there only go into plastic.
So all eight schools need to be inserted because we dont want any unexpected. Something happen do we i dont know what unexpected something will happen if we dont put this on. But its in the box.
They say put it on so thats what im doing so all the schools are going in by hand initially its the last one there and then just tighten them all with a phillips screwdriver well. Ive got the machine on its side. Ill just show you this single adjustable foot to all the other feet on the machine are fixed you just have one adjustable foot to cope with any uneven surface.
But my floor is pretty smooth. So im just going to leave it fully tightened. So now that the base is installed.
I can carefully lift the washer into its operating position this washer weighs. Approximately. 17 kilograms.
Which is around 37 pounds. So its a fairly heavy machine. But most people should be able to lift it it does have two recesses either side which make it a little bit easier.
But its might be a little bit heavy for some people so bear that in mind before you purchase. It. Because obviously this machine is designed to be put away when not in use most people wont have this permanently plumbed in thats the whole point of this type of machine.
You dont have the permanent plumbing or a hookup for a fully automatic washer. So this sort of thing is ideal okay. So its assembled lets have a look at the machine in a little bit more detail as this washing machine was made for the uk market.
Its fitted with a three pin 13 amp. Fused plug. Obviously if youre watching this in countries outside the uk.
It will be fitted with the plug suitable for your socket outlets. Its a fairly short mains need measuring approximately 54 inches or a hundred and thirty seven centimeters. This is the top of the washing machine heres the water inlet where you connect the pipe.
Which connects to your tap. This is the lid you lift up to give you access to the wash. Tub the wash taps capacity is approximately 35.
Kilograms or 8 pounds of dry laundry. But well see in practice. How much that actually is when i do the demonstration.
The bottom of the tub houses the agitator or pulsator that rotates in the water to wash the clothes. The side of the wash tub is made of stainless steel and its perforated to allow the water to be extracted when its spinning this has a rated 750 rpm spin. Also youll notice on the side here weve got this little blue filter.
Which is a lint trap. So that traps any particles of lint and fluff that might stay on the clothes. So basically you need to empty that after each wash any links will collect inside here you just remove it and then obviously you can take the whole thing out if you want to and you can also rinse that under water for a thorough clean when its clean pop it back always make sure you pop the lint filter back in the machine.
Before use heres the control panel of the machine that allows you to select the various programs and water levels. So to start the machine you depress the power button and then you can select. Which program.
You want so you can have a soak wash rinse spin program or wash. Rinse and spin or just rinse and spin or spin. Only this button here selects.
The water level from high medium to low. So. If youre doing a small load you only want to select the low water level.
But obviously for a full load. Youll need to select the high button. If during the washing process you need to add more water you can by selecting a higher water level.
So for example if youve selected a medium water level and the clothes look like theyre struggling you can actually increase the water level and the machine will add extra water for you to also show you the remaining time on this display on my cameras viewfinder. It appears that the display and the lights are flashing. But in reality they remain static.
Ive moved the washer just under the sink and im going to attempt to connect it now unfortunately.

giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-1
giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-1

According to the instructions this mixer tap is not suitable for this washing machine. I wish id known that before i did buy an adapter but i dont think my adapter is suitable either now the elbowed end of the hose is what you screw to the machine and this end is what youre supposed to scoot your tapped. Obviously with this mixer tap not sure lets remove the end of it thats a daisy.
There is a thread on there. But i dont think even with the end removed. Its not going to fit.
So ill see what i can do about connecting this up to the cold water supply. But first of all ill connect it to the machine itself on the water inlet. Youll notice that theres a little seal here so ensure that that is in place.
Theres also a fine mesh filter inside make sure thats in position before you attach the supply. So basically locate it on the top find the thread and screw it into position. This is the adapter.
I ordered at the same time as the washing machine to enable me to connect it to a mixer tap. But unfortunately. This will allow me to connect a garden hose to the mixer tap.
But it still has the wrong connection here now the connection that has actually supplied is a standard fitting. If your plumbing in a washing machine. It will recognize this fitting so if you have the plumbing.
Theres no problem you can just screw. It to an existing supply either hot or cold. But its not going to fit in this configuration to a standard mixer tap or really any kitchen tap now heres another reason to check before you buy i thought this mixer tap adaptor would be suitable for my kitchen mixer tap.
But clearly its not it is it wont even fit into there to be fair. It does give the dimensions of the tap. This is suitable for on the packaging.
And it does tell you in the amazon listing. So its my fault for not really checking closer so. Im gonna have to find another way of connecting this to my tap okay.
So now ive sorted out the water supply. Although not ideal for my situation. Ill show you in the next video.
How ive managed to get around this im sure ill be able to find a suitable tap connector for my mixer tap. But in the meantime just to show you it working briefly. Ive connected it directly to the plumbing under the sink.
Now the only other thing you need to do is hook. The drain hose and its quite a nice long hose and its a good quality hose unlike some of the plastic eat winter washers. The hoses on those are pretty poor.
But this is more like the sort of drain hose youd get with a full sized washing machine on the end of it youve got this little that you bend so youre able to hook. It over the sink now in my situation. I cant really hook.
It over the sink. Because theres too much of a gap between the sink and the edge of the worktop. But i can hook it between my small sink my large sink like this but in order to stop it from popping out.
Im going to put something over it so ill put my drainer over it and on top of that a little bit of a weight. Ill put this on so that will prevent this from popping out because this is a semi automatic well its fully automatic really if you want to leave it unattended. You dont want this popping out and flooding your kitchen or bathroom.
Whether youve got it so im making sure that it is wedged under something heavier so when its draining that should stay in the sink to end the video. Im just going to show you this machine briefly working. I will do a separate full demonstration shortly on my channel.
So subscribe for that so opening the lid. Now what im going to wash is a new set of bedding theyre not dirty. But i will put a little bit of detergent in so im going to wash a full set of double bedding or at least.
The duvet cover and two pillowcases. So. This is just a poly cotton blend.
So ive got one pillowcase. There and then weve got the double doing very cover. Its still plenty of room and finally the second pillowcase now.
I might be able to get the double fitted sheeting that does seem to be room but ill just wash this for now if youre washing a single set of bedding im pretty sure youd be able to get a full single set of bedding in this washer. So there we go ive loosely packed the drum and i think initially ill set selected the medium water level. If the machine detects that its not got enough water in it to wash the load.
It will top it up for you automatically so we need to switch the power on first everythings connected up and im just going to do a standard wash. Rinse and spin. So that is the default program on this machine.
When you press power it comes up with wash rinse and spin for heavily soiled items you can select a soak option. Which will soak the laundry for a while before it starts washing of course. You can have set for intz and spin off spin.
Only the water level by default is also selected to medium.

giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-2
giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-2

Although this is a brand new set of bedding. I just want to freshen it up im going to add a little bit of washing detergent now seen quite a few videos on this type of machine and ive seen the users pouring the detergent neat directly onto the dry clothes. I wouldnt advise you do that in the instruction book it suggests that you dilute the detergent before adding the wash load.
But im going to do it slightly different im going to let it fill and also let the water completely cover and saturate this duvet set and then im going to add the powder. So all we have to do now is press the start button you can operate it with the lid open. But when it starts spinning it will not operate so you need to have the lid closed for spinning.
But just to show you what its doing im going to leave the lid open so there we go. Its selected wash rinse and spin medium water level. So all i have to do now is press the start button so as you can see vegetation has started now thats on medium water level.
So now because its fully saturated. Im just going to add a small spoon of detergent into the wash load that should soon dissolve. Weve now got 25 minutes remaining.
Its still in the wash process mess up in here. It is very very quiet even with a lid up its pretty quiet machine um heard its spinning yet of course. But the beauty of this machine.
Unlike the portable twin tubs. Its really fully automatic you can just set it and walk away providing. Youve ensured that its connected up to the water and the drain.
Its pretty much foolproof. We can just leave it it will wash it can give you two rinses and will spin dry and give you an audible signal. When its finished so this addresses the concerns a lot of people have commented on the videos.
Ive done of the twin tub machine saying. Thats too much like hard work because you have a lot of involvement with the washing you have to transfer it into the spinner section you have to rinse it manually and its it is a lot of effort but certainly less effort than having to wash by hand or going out to the laundromat this really solves that problem because it gives you everything in a compact single tub washing machine it doesnt have a heater in it so you will have to put in hot water connect it its going to be best. If you can connect it to a mixer tab where you can put in warm water.
But of course if you leave it on the warm water setting. Its going to rinse in the warm water unless you attend to the tap and actually flick to cold water. But that the game defeats the object of having an automatic machine so its still in the wash phase.
Its doing a slightly different wash action now and im sure in a few minutes. It will start to drain. This ah.
I think it could possibly be now on the drain setting its flipped to rinse so we should see this start to drain. It should do a spin before it does the first wind so that will help to extract some of the water so im going to have to close the lid otherwise it wont spin music. So as you can see its done its first spin.
Which helps to eliminate a lot of the soapy water. So now its letting in the first rinse water. If you want to add fabric conditioner.
You need to do that in the second rinse not this loose. Ill show you that in a minute. Ill add a little bit of conditioner to list the first of all its going to fill up to agitate some more and itll drain and spin.
And then it will do another rinse followed by the final spin music music music music. So its just finishing the final rinse. Now.
I added a bit of fabric conditioner to the rinse water. Its about to drain. And its going to do its final spin.
So i need to close the lid. Well come back to this and see how dry the washing is when its finished spinning music. Okay.
There you have it the machines finished its bleeped to tell us. Its finished. And its turned itself off.
Now obviously. Its best to disconnect the water supply and unhook the hose if youre going to put this away. But i get to do another load of this after this video.
So the clothes are damp ready to be hung out on the washing line or would in a tumble dryer to be honest it doesnt get it as dry as my full sized automatic washing machine but that does spin at 1600 rpm the maximum spin speed of this is approximately 750 rpm. But its not bad at all obviously the larger and heavier the items so more water may be left in them if youve got lighter synthetic items you might find them drier not a great deal of creasing either not too bad. Theres one of the pillar cases and the other pillar cases.
So theyre ready to go out on the washing line well. Thats about the end of my first video on this portable washing machine its certainly an improvement on the two portable twin tub washers i featured on my channel if you want to see those videos ill put a link below this video. If theres anything in particular youd like to see demonstrated with this washing machine.
Please comment below. If theres anything i havent covered. Ill try and cover it in a future video.
If youve enjoyed this video. Please. Subscribe and give me a thumbs up and youll.
See the updates of this particular machine when i do them and you also find hundreds of videos on vacuum cleaners carpet washers and a few other washing machine videos as well thanks for watching. And ill see you all next time bye for now .

giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-3
giantex portable compact full-automatic laundry-3

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