Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts – Car Lovers actually need/want

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Everyone welcome back to shop life this video. Im gonna give you guys a a few ideas as far as what you can give someone thats into cars any kind of car male female doesnt matter it can be somewhat universal and just as long as you know what kind of their tastes are you should be able to figure out what kind of gift you should get them so this video just gonna go over most of the common you know gift ideas that you can give them most of these things can be bought on amazon even at your local parts store. Ill have everything linked down below.
Well try to include pictures of the things that im talking about but well definitely have a link in the description as to make sure if youre trying to find one of these things just click on the link and it should take you right to it so to begin. Were gonna start talking about the most you know precious gift that everybody wants its a car so thats definitely if youre balling like that you can definitely give a gift of a car it doesnt have to be anything new. But theres so many cars out there if you try to give them a project car just make sure they like projects for me im not a big fan of getting newer cars.
But i always get projects and i never finish them or never start on them. But its still a good gift to give. But with that out of the way.
Lets get to some more practical gifts so one thing that almost every car person needs is dtime supplies so detailing supplies this thats one of the things that youre always running out of youll never have enough of it so. And theres always new things coming out so one of the main things that a lot of car people like to see especially if you watch any detailing videos is a foam cannon. So a foam cannon.
What it does is you fill it up with car wash soap. You do have to have a pressure washer and it literally sprays a thick layer of foam all over your car and just looks very satisfying and also helps get rid of a lot of that dirt so thats definitely a very good gift idea especially for like the east coast and stuff. Were starting to get a little bit colder.
Now now that the winter is here the phone canon makes it a lot quicker for you to wash your car you can literally foam it down every weekend if you like well ill have that link down below. Its not too expensive. Theres a bunch of them out there ill link the one that i use down below along with like the pressure washer.
The hoses everything that you need for that whole kit along with that you can also get other deplane supplies. Theres quite a few kits out there for you know just the average car wash. Theres something for buffing paul.
However crazy you want to go with it some of them also included microfiber rags drying towel. Theres so many options out there. But ill try to link the ones that you know would make good gifts right down below.
So continuing on with the whole detailing scheme. You can also get them air fresheners thats something thats you know quick and easy you can even get it from the mall at like bath body. Works you can get the ones that you put in the little sun visor yankee candle.
You see a lot of those around as well. But ill link some of the ones that i like to use my personal favorites. Ill link those down below.
Now for the people that really care for their cars. The ones that you would definitely get them detailing supplies. Without a question.
Another good gift idea would be a car cover. So theres all kinds of card covers out there. Theres a bunch of cheap ones.
Theres also ones that are custom tailored to the specific car. If you want to get one thats made for that specific car make sure you know their car information. Otherwise.
You can just get a universal one. Ill have one link down below. Thats pretty good.
Its got different layers and you can use the outside inside. However you want and they last they last a pretty long time. And this is a very good choice for someone that doesnt really drive their car that much or if its like a weekend car or show car or if this want to protect it from the elements.
So ill have that link down below now going on with the whole winter. Situation one thing that most cars dont come with its usually an added option is an all weather mat. So what this does is just pretty much a full rubber mat.
It protects the interior of your car from you know all the dirt. The salt the snow when it starts raining and stuff you dont want all that stuff coming inside your car. This one you might actually need to know what kind of car that youre you know whoever youre trying to gift to what kind of car.
They have it just makes it easier to get a custom tailored fit. But ill also go ahead and link down some universal all weather mats that you can cut to fit or just you know put them in and they usually go right with any car. So all other mats definitely a good a good option for a gift and it can work on any car now once again since theres a winter time with the snow the ice even like you know when it starts getting colder batteries start going out quite a bit as well so its also a good idea to you know try to gift like an emergency tool kit.
This can be like the ones that have a few little tools in it a flare high visit high visibility jacket jumper. Cables and stuff like that it comes in handy. More than you would think.
Its like one of those things like you know how everybody gives socks you can pretty much just gift this and i mean. Its you can give it to anybody it doesnt matter if theyre into cars or not this will actually work out moving on with the whole emergency situation. Another cool idea for a gift would be a jump starter.
These jump stars. The technology has been advancing quite a bit you can literally buy a jump started this big and it actually you know jump starts a car from being fully dead. I was recently sent a duracell jump starter that ive been testing for the past few weeks.
And its been doing phenomenal you can actually buy this at any of your local retailers walmart target. Any of your local auto parts stores even on amazon obviously. Ill have that link down below.
And i can personally vouch for this jump starter because ive been using it im actually jump started my truck. Which was completely dead especially even though im in southern california. Youll be surprised it still gets kind of cold like in the 50s.
But its not cold at all by most means but in the 50s the car batteries still start dying and its actually worked really well it can even charge your phone. If youre in an emergency. So ill have a link down below make sure you go check it out now lets get into some more of the handier car individuals youre trying to give to someone thats actually a little handy and they like to work on their car.
There. You can never have enough tools so mechanics tool sets theyre all over walmart everywhere. Amazon obviously.
And they have all kinds of variety of tools. They have varying pricing as well they have ones are like 100 bucks. 200.
Bucks. 300 bucks and i mean theres just mechanics tools so even if they have better preferred brand like snap on or whatever you can get them these tools. Because you never know when you might need them whenever something might break thats a very safe choice to get a whole tool set everybody is happy with tools going along with tools.
A toolbox now. This is a little bit more expensive. But toolboxes thats a lot of peoples pride and joy so depending on how fancy you want to go with it you can get one from harbor freight thats like 150 bucks or you can get like almost a 10000.
One. But theres all kinds of pricing in between theres all kinds of different sizes.

gifts for people who drive a lot-0
gifts for people who drive a lot-0

So it always makes it actually pairs really well with tools so if you bought tools buy them a tool box as well might as well just go all out. And now. If you really dont want to get them any tools.
But you know they want something its always a safe bet to buy a gift card. I know a lot of people dont like giving gift cards as a gift. But like you know if this a little bit more individualized like you know if they are into cars.
And you give them some kind of a car related gift card so depending on if they are into like you know european cars or whatnot you can give them a gift card for like ecs tuning fcp. Euro or even just your local auto parts store thats autozone advanced auto parts car quest whatever you name it so thats all of it obviously very very safe bet. You cant really go wrong with the gift card.
Its not personalized. But hey at least they can go and spend that money towards whatever they really need now going along with the theme of working on cars. You can also get like a bluetooth scanner.
So i just recently made a video on one of these every car person even if youre into cars or not anybody that owns the car should have this tool. So its pretty much like a bluetooth or wi fi scanner they plug into your car. And whenever.
Theres like a check engine light on or anything. Itll tell you whats going on itll give you a code and this just saves. You the hassle from you know going to auto zone to get a read for free or you know having to go to a shop just because that light came on so definitely check this out.
Ill have the one that i use link down below. Its very good and its not that expensive. It makes a good addition to any diagnostic or just to stay safe so along with the people.
I like to work on their cars. A good accessory that they can use would be like a jumpsuits. Theres all kind of mechanics jumpsuit.
Usually made by dickies you can find those online as well or you can just get them like a creeper thats something that they can just roll in underneath their car and out. And this just makes it easier for them to work. Especially.
If their have been using a creeper that theyve been using for such a long time. Thats you know as last on its last leg. You can buy them like a better quality creeper and theyll just have more fun working on their car.
Without breaking their back. Now with all the technology in these newer cars. These days.
And with the more people getting into the car scene. You know theres a lot of people that want to protect their investment. They want to know whats going on at all times.
Theres a lot of crazy people out there theres a lot of people that door ding your car. Theres a lot of people that try to do insurance fraud and stuff like that so its a good bet to have a dash cam installed in your car. This is something that you can buy online especially with black friday.
Approaching there should be a lot of you know good deals. Even on cyber monday for a technologist accessories such as a dash cam. Theres all kinds of dash cams out there ill link a few down below you can get a couple of them.
If you want so you put one in the front one in the back or just buy one. I mean. However youd like to do it.
These dash cams are very very good especially for you know people that are in highly dense areas such as la new york. Any like you know major city. Where theres a lot of traffic.
This is a very good accessory and it will protect you in the long run as well now for the younger audience or for someone thats been collecting like you know hot wheels or matchbox cars or something. Like that a very good gift would be like a diecast model. So theres all kinds of diecast molitors cheaper ones are the expensive ones obviously.
Theres hot wheels. Everybody knows. But if you look online then you can find a diecast model of either their dream car or the car that they already own thats something that everybody will cherish make even put on their desk.
They can put it on their you know nightstand in their room. Or even in like a showcase area. So diecast models are something thats a little bit more personalized because you will have to know you know what their favorite car is or id like to know some details of the car that they owned so make sure you know that before you go along and buy.
A diecast model of a car that they may not like all right so now lets get into like some kind of like you know like a concert like you know how you would give somebody a concert. Theres all kinds of car shows out there the season and the east coast might be dying down quite a bit because of the whole winter. But theres always gonna be tickets for car shows going on presale theres a lot of big car shows you can you know just look online for any local car shows that will be coming so that will start back up in the springtime so just look it up theres laws.
A car show that you actually have to purchase tickets for so that would be a good thing to get you know just get some tickets for them or even like you know theres the la auto show there detroit auto show stuff like that its always fun to go see all the new cars and even ski. Other peoples builds. So yeah that should be something that you might have to look up in your local region just so you know how far you want to travel and purchase those based on that and youre gonna be oh.
You can just print them out put them in an envelope quick and easy. And you dont have to really even leave your house for that alright. Now this final item is something that i personally want as well.
But it will be a very very good experience. Its actually on a lot of peoples bucket list while im talking about is like a dream car rental. So theres quite a few options in this category you can rent a dream car for a day they could just drive it around even for a couple days or you can find like a location.
Where they have like a track or some kind of an experience where they allow you to you know really push the limits of that dream car and you also have ride alongs with you know professional drivers theyll take you around the track theyll let you step on it theyll even guide you some of the most popular ones are called amtrak days so on the east coast. I know theres the the gray or south carolina. Theres like that vm value performance facility over here on the west coast.
Theres the one in thermal california. You know they have all kinds of different ones. Even at you know your local speed ways race waves.
Theres so many different options out there so thats something that i would definitely look into theyre actually not that expensive as most people think. Its like the em track day. Where its like a full track day with you know you get to drive all kinds of bmw m models.
Its usually around 750 to 800 bucks and they you know give you breakfast lunch all kinds of stuff. And its a very fun experience so thats something that you know people who remember for the rest of their lives. And something that i highly recommend it doesnt have to be like a bmw theres so many different ones out there even like if you you know going on vacation to vegas.
Theres like places called speed vegas. They have all kinds of experience as well so be sure to look into that i know i went all over the place as far as pricing goes. But you know ill try to have all the links down below with somewhat of a price right next to it so at least you know what to what to expect and i hope this helped.
I hope this video helped you out you know if you guys liked it make sure you subscribe make sure you like the video try to share it with all of your friends and family especially if youre into cars. You know something that you might want to share just share like the number or whatever of the item that i suggested that you really want i know a lot of people are gonna say that last one so you know hopefully you get what you want and happy holidays to everybody and thank you guys for watching. .

gifts for people who drive a lot-1
gifts for people who drive a lot-1

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