Gnomeregan Goblin Transponder Guide | Classic WoW (Horde)

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Everyone melda ron here welcome to another classic well that live guide in this guy. Guy. Were gonna go over how you can get your goblin transponder as a character and run no more on a level 28 to 35 dungeon.
So if some of you have never heard of this. What is the goblin transponder. Its an item reward that you can obtain following a short question.
Which allows horde players to transport themselves from booty bay in stranglethorn vale to know maragon directly. Therefore bypassing. The needs run through alliance territory and to make things even better.
It transports. You very close to the instance portal itself. Normally nomura is not a very attractive dungeon to do for horde players.
Because of this distance away from port cities and capitals. And this is located in done row. Which is of course alliance territory.
But with a transponder. It makes getting to number gone. Very easy so is it worth going to number gun at all are there good loot drops are there good quest rewards these next few slides.
Well go over them all the items on this slide are blue items that are obtainable from killing bosses. As you can see a lot of these are very flavorful and interesting look at the hydro cane. Which allows underwater breathing the manual crowd polymer which has three charges that increase your taxable eight by 50 for 30 seconds.
Now if you know anything about feral druid dps. This item is pretty much required if you want to top the charts as a feral kitty cat dps. If you want to learn more about how to do that check out shadows guide the link will be in the description.
There are great pieces for melee for casters and then you have the interesting rare loot from the dark iron emissary. A lot of interesting loot to get here. I would spend some time looking at this slide to see if its worth it for you in your class.
There are also four different schematics that drop off of next gen. A turret plug himself that final boss of the dungeon. Some interesting ones here we have the craftsmens monocle.
Which is 15 intellect the flame deflector the discombobulated array and of course enormous cloaking device very interesting stuff to get if you have engineering on this slot of the quest rewards that are available to horde players. The first quest is rig wars.

how to get to gnomeregan as horde-0
how to get to gnomeregan as horde-0

Which has three pretty great pieces of gear. That are available. The dual reinforced leggings have high armor increased defense by five the cabin red robes are great for priests with high spirit and the trip runner dungarees are amazing for enhancement shaman.
Feral druids rogues. Hunters with 18 agility also should be said that these same rewards are available to alliance. But from a different quest called the grand betrayal.
The following three items are and theyre available to both hoardin alliance from two different quests theyre not bad rewards. But they dont really compare to the rewards from rate wars. And finally there are nine pretty interesting billy drops that drop off of trash mobs within no more gun.
Some of these have very great stats so in my opinion is definitely worth running just in case. These do drop all right so lets move on to how to actually get the transponder part. One is the head to orgrimmar and then head over to the valley of honor inside an ox machine shop inside youll find nog.
If youre the least level. 25. He will give you a quest called rig wars after picking up this quest directly behind nog.
Another quest will open up obtainable by the goblins. So vic. This is the actual quest that will get you the transponder.
But remember you cant get it unless you except for a course first so pick up the quest. Chief engineer scooty from sobic in orgrimmar. Whos also located inside the nagas machine shop in the valley of honor.
This quest will task you with seeking out chief engineer. Scooty. Who is located in booty bay in stranglethorn vale.
So head outside of orgrimmar hop on the brom goal zeppelin and fly or walk over to booty bay. And turn in the quest. Chief engineer scooty to scooty at twenty eight seventy eight in booty bay.
If you cant find him. Hes close to the inn and hes the only goblin standing next to a giant transporter should be easy to find scooty will then immediately give you another quest called no more gone. All this quests that will have you do is wait until scooty calibrates.
The machine to transport are located right next to him this only take a few moments. Once the yellow question mark appears over scoobys head.

how to get to gnomeregan as horde-1
how to get to gnomeregan as horde-1

You can turn in the quest. And youll receive your gobble and transponder congratulations. Using the transponder is very easy.
All you have to do is have the transponder in your inventory. And if you have it in your inventory. And you step onto the transporter pad itll immediately transport you to no more gun you can also step on the pad and no more on it ill transport you right back to beautybay you can do this over and over again theres no cooldown.
There was important things that you have to have the transponder with you now id be remiss. If i didnt mention the obvious star trek references involved in this quest chain and mechanic. So scooty.
The chief engineer is obviously an homage to scotty or montgomery scott from star trek. The original series whos played by james doohan. Now if youll notice when you transport into no mcgann.
Youll see another. Goblin means. Who is obviously a tip of the hat to spock from star trek.
The original series as well who is played by leonard nimoy. And then chief engineer and away team both of those things are very common star trek terms. Im a huge star trek fan.
So i definitely want to make this point. This is something that i really appreciate so as an aside you have to get this rig horsequest to get your transponder. Im assuming that you probably want to complete it because the rewards are pretty great.
After you kill. Mechs near thurman plug. He will drop thurman plugs safe combination.
You loot that from his corpse head to the northeast corner of the room behind the pillars and youll notice that theres a thermaplex safe. If you have a safe combination in your inventory. Youll be able to open up the safe.
And then youll be able to loot the rigged blueprints bring the blueprints back to noggin orgrimmar and retrieve your reward briefly before we end just two pointers that go over everyone in your party has to have the transponder in their inventories to use a transporter. Its not like a key. Where only one person has to open the door.
Everyone has to have this item that they want to transport to no more gone. So make sure everyone picks up question or remark heads.

how to get to gnomeregan as horde-2
how to get to gnomeregan as horde-2

The booty bay grabs. The transponder. So your whole party can transport over to no more gun also as an aside.
If you do lose your transponder. If you accidentally throw it away just talk to scootie. Hell give you a new one for free with that guys like to thank you for watching this guide.
I hope you really enjoyed it and hope you learned that running normal gun. Really isnt that hard as hard you just got to do a quick little quest and you can get over there. I think its totally worth.
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how to get to gnomeregan as horde-3
how to get to gnomeregan as horde-3

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