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Yall welcome to my channel. My name is cecilia monique thank you so much much for clicking on this video. So today.
Im gonna talk about god told who my husband was but he wasnt the one nowadays within just the christian society. We hear a lot of young women and even sometimes gentlemen just say this thing just kind of throw this thing off well god told me that chair my husband or god told me that you know youre my wife and its just like how do i really know what is what so im a little sorry for you also actually i truly believe that before i met my now husband that god told me who my husband was and i truly believed it wholeheartedly that it was the guy that i believed and i prayed and i prayed and i prayed but come to find out he wasnt the one that i married and they probably the hardest thing ever. I didnt really quite understand why didnt happen but as i could teach a surrender my desire says sometimes you have to realize that we hear two things like theres theres multiple voices and not to sound crazy or whatever.
But we have our own desires. We have what god is actually saying and then we have also the enemy is saying and so for me. When god showed me that the guy that i was involved with was my husband.
I truly believed it however we have to realize that what god is saying certain things we have to make sure were seeking him for the full thing so for me it happened we were young we were dating on and off. We did actually have we didnt cornica together. So that couldnt even be a thing to so even all of that i was saying that god told me that he wasnt he was my husband and i didnt tell him outright.
But i thought i was hinting towards the fact that like even though god was telling me that he wasnt really seeing me as that so im just like or ill confused. I was really going on and when i completely surrendered it to him so after hearing that couple times and i kept praying. Oh my god why am i here and hes not even interested.
I finally surrender so i thought so what was happening before is i took it and im trying to run with it i didnt submit when i was hearing to god i didnt submit it to him. I didnt try to ask him what it was about i just kind of took it and ran with it and allowed what i felt like he was telling me to kind of run so uh. The first thing.
I was saying is if you feel like god is telling you who your spouse is please just write it down. Dont be a person whos just going around saying. God said god said.
Gods sake. I say. And i say that as a person who used to do that like yeah just write it down like just write it down here turned out that god said to do this so.
Even if it is true or not true go back to it so for me. I think i taught my closest friends that i believe that you know he was my husband but after months. And i was at a point at that point.
I was something ive talked to many men period. So if they realize that god is telling you something youre not gonna be so caught up on the thing that you cant focus on god. And that was one of my first issues as well um.
Ill say that god was telling me something. But i started to worship the thing more than. I was actually worshiping god so when i got to a place where i really surrendered it to god and really nice like i like so whats up like its been almost almost a full year now as i talked to him and im still feeling him handing supposed to be my husband like whats really going on and and i thought i almost.
I was saying thank you for finally acknowledging me. You know the guy is or was or is whatever at the time. He was supposed to be your husband.
However. He has a choice to make so me myself i was making the adequate choice or the proper choice to follow god wholeheartedly. I see the proper just the necessary choice for my life to follow god who hardly discernible think to him and i was at a place where i knew i wanted to go or guided me to go.
And do what he needed me to do. However. The guy that i believed was my husband was not on the same flow and so that i was saying that listen if if hes not gonna choose me why do you think that hes gonna choose you so its not the same i truly believe that even to this day.
I do but just like how you can have an opportunity thats giving you like for me. Ive had most proper tools that god said. Thats what it is but i myself have gotten in the way.
And i even missed opportunity or this in this end. I forgot im saying another one just like like princess a children of israel aladeen was gods ever plan for them to walk around in the wilderness for forty years because of their you know because of their complaining. And because of their leaders.

my husband is not who i thought he was-0
my husband is not who i thought he was-0

Being hard headed because then worshipping stuff or whatever. They were they allowed a ten year. A ten day during turn to 40 year journey.
Because of just their disobedience. So thats where god was telling. As i listened you already had sex before marriage you were worshipping him more than youre worshiping me.
And then at the end of the day. And so. What i did with those first two things he was like at the end they even though youre doing your part.
He has to choose me. And if he doesnt choose me you cant make him choose me just in the same way that you cant make him choose me so with that all that being said if you believe that god is sonny. Who your spouse is not gonna be a force thing this in the same way that you had to choose god they have to choose god as well to be able to see you and as god is called as god has called you to be as well so when i finally started that and it probably was like maybe the last leg of me really surrendering that thing to him.
Its actually one of my brothers in christ came to me. And said hey i dont know whats been going on i just wanna let you know that like god god has your life your husband is not trapped to a geographical location. So that goes back to like i dont believe necessarily in the one.
I believe that god puts different things in front of you in different options. If you take it cool for you dont thats on you. But i want to feel really good for one so when he said that it was kind of like it was kind of helped to dispel some of my fears.
Oh my god if he is not gonna accept me. But im gonna be single for life and thats not what it looks like we got so much it is rid of this thing to me and even if he doesnt choose you i have someone ten times. Better for you that isnt it be you know equally yoked and equipped to take you on the journey that ive called you to so when my brother in christ.
Said that i was like then i saw good so. Hes even saying things like yo so right here. You like right here.
In georgia. God may have a husband for you in georgia. But say france if you moved to texas.
God is when i have a husband for you in texas. We move across the world gods inhabit so and i was just like well it just gave me such a hit even dog came into the situation. I just knew that was god speaking through him um.
That was able to kind of give me peace and literally after i finally surrendered it not not even probably uh many two weeks afterwards. I began to hang around and actually be around by now husband and in the same way that i felt like the guy before i felt like i was telling me that he was my husband. I felt the same way about my now husband.
But i before i ran with it before i even tried nothing of that i matter where i learned my lesson and i surrendered it to god so before i went around telling him or trying to act a certain way. I said god if you are telling me this you are going to allow this to happen and you are gonna give him the unction. I am not gonna have to tell him that i am his wife.
Im not gonna have to tell him or should. I could seduce him or coerce him or manipulate him and sometimes when we do it crazy boys hold of the traffic. Thats a whole nother topic when were talking about you know how sometimes isis will manipulate things to get out of men and then when we dont get it the way that we want to be get mad at the men when its actually our offering and being the first place thats a whole nother holi topic.
But i dont want to do this this time. I dont want to have to forest for her so nothing sometimes i got it youre telling me this. And hes gonna make the choice to marry me you show me and for me.
I i just surrendered. It and i think i had maybe about three dreams about my novel husband. But like i said kat played it cool did not was not trying to have no hand before i had my thats a thing to when god is telling you something you do not have to have your hands all up in it like you dont have to be the one moving it and making it like its a natural flow literally.
So if i surrendered it to god and i said god you know you got it you have your way my now husband went to church service church service and my nam. He didnt believe in it certainly getting married like he was saying that he wanted to get married in two years. How about okay god hes saying two years.

my husband is not who i thought he was-1
my husband is not who i thought he was-1

But if you this is what youre telling me he will get into a lot. According to your plan. So even after shortly.
We started dating. I already knew that he was called to my husband calling from my husband. But he didnt know yet he didnt you know discuss that with me.
He was doing it with an intention knowing here just like you know he wants to surrender this to see where god takes us and probably within a month of us dating. He came to me. And said.
How god told him that we were gonna get married and i was just like praise the lord. I mind you i have my hands all up in it i wasnt looking in the situation. So i god is telling you something i said the first thing is to do just write it down write.
It down number two pray about it and submit it to him because like i said guys let me give you something prematurely hes not gonna give something know that youre gonna worship the thing whether he worshipping him and then you know the final thing is just to be obedient. Theres so many times that no i wasnt putting my but god told me to do things strategically to make sure that i was in position so be obedient dont allow your emotions or sometimes my emotions wanted to swim you this because my father my husband was a little picking up. I wanted to try to start doing that god said.
No you ready try that its not gonna work so i had to hold my not for my emotional surrender. My emotions as well and its be obedient to what god was telling me to do and now. Im here so i dont doubt when people say oh you know god praise the look feel like god is telling you cool.
But please just make sure you take in the proper steps to really confirm that this is what god is telling you because like i said. I would not put you in situation to be compromised god. When im pushing the situation to fall so even though some of the red flags with my other relationship how i feel like i was telling me or i feel like i was tell me that was my husband.
But then i was trying to things pretty maturely. We werent operating in purpose most times when we were together it was not glorifying god whatsoever. So its just like i should have known and seen those red flags sometimes we know as women.
But then you know we just kind of overlook them so oh no things can change honey. It is what it is if what youre getting upfront like its not gonna change magically. Just because someone becomes your husband.
Thats not how things work just like i said write it down submit. It and just be obedient and youll be just fine because either you know were not were not when were not perfect. But we surrender things we have a pure heart and pure motive behind it god.
Oh. God is god theyre all direct that will be this so thank you so much for watching this video. I hope youre able to learn something if you ever have any questions when it comes to relationships marriage.
How to know hes the one how to know hes not the one who knows the counterfeit hard nosed god sent just drop it in the comment section below. And i just love would even love to hear your stories and have there ever been a time where youre dating. Somebody.
And you know you thought that god was saying that you know they were your husband. But things werent added up. But then if we wouldnt even love to hear some of yall.
Stories as well so. Thank. Y.
all. Once again so. Much i say subscribe.
Mm. Hmm and remember no matter comes your way youll flourish by yahweh. .

my husband is not who i thought he was-2
my husband is not who i thought he was-2

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