Going Through Drive Thru’s Dressed as Celebrities Challenge

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Guys im nikki and im gabby and today. Were coming back with with another drive thru video. These small amina grande cloud macchiato.
Please taste. Where your there could be a hundred chicken nuggets in an order and 99 dont believe in you hear what yeah we need this color that would be awesome. I dont know if we could do that though.
What do you say drive music lets just say my lips arent like this just for the intro. The last drive thru video. We did has what 14 million views.
Now yeah our drive through prank video. This video is kind of like another prank video. But its also like a celebrity video mixed in one so instead of doing a twin swamp prank like we did in last video this video.
We are going to dress like celebrities and go through drive thrus and act like them too our goal is to make them think that the actual celebrity is going through their drive. Its not just gabby and i in this video drum roll. So this is our older sister.
Alex. Shes on our reality. Show with awesomest tv by the way shameless plug the links in the bio to all the episodes in this video.
We are gonna be alternating different celebrities. Im gonna be ariana grande and kylie jenner. Im gonna be billie eilish and kendall jenner and im lady gaga and i was supposed to be kim kardashian.
But then i changed to kris jenner last minute. I had like an acting moment or she had a role so i went with it these are really bad in a good way like cringe. Ill just let you guys watch.
It. Before were you say anything about it music. Hi.

name a famous person who is often imitated-0
name a famous person who is often imitated-0

Can i have a small amina grande cloud macchiato. Please grande like me um thats it im gonna hire you its gonna be 525 thank you for choosing starbucks my name is gavin up thank you for choosing me i cant believe you guys like put. All that together like my dream.
Thats awesome yeah. No thank you i hope. I hope you guys are enjoying my drink huh.
I hope youre enjoying my drink while youre enjoying it thank you peter see no its my drink. I dont need orange. I thought you were just like really right look lets become friends with these people look billy eilish in the seat now music.
Okay can i please have a black iced coffee black like my soul black like my soul. And then where are your avocados. Yeah.
Where are they that thats it im chillin while im driving i love justin bieber. Hes my inspiration im 16. Yeah.
She does yes swag. Oh god god im so nervous okay here we go here we go here we go here. We go we this guys cute help im nervous.
Im nervous. Im not good at this daddy has much better sended ability than me so i go back to go on stage like just like sitting here and bleeding like on a roller coaster. I just go oh no itsits its game time.
Oh god straight face making straight as good. Its for 24 would you like a receipt. Im good i have a question.
Though when we fall asleep. Where do we go okay my last name is pronounced eilish not eyelash yes guys i was distraught. I hope we dont crash hello.
Thank you order hi.

name a famous person who is often imitated-1
name a famous person who is often imitated-1

I would love some 10 piece nuggets would you like an you thought with that do you have any drinks that have blood orange. Its not actual blood and that blood orange orange. I guess well have to go with that right small medium large oh lets make it large just like my ego thatll be all thank you youre such a good human.
Thank you for it today. I think it says for morning. Yes.
Thank god so many people judged me in my life. And didnt believe in me look at me now did you get the nugget yes. There could be a hundred chicken nuggets in an order and 99 dont believe in you but you only need that one to believe in you and it can change your life.
You know oh stinks wheres wheres the king. The burger king bradley cooper. Hes around hes around oh.
Im around for him. Thank. You and dont forget.
The blood orange. Oh yeah. Thank you kind sir music taste blood all right gabi.
If youre gonna order three protein style bunless burgers is that it sounds la its an ally sit okay guys. Its kendall put a pony knight low pony. You just look like a kardashian.
No one will know which one hi um. I was wondering if you guys do protein style burgers you know like a lettuce wrap but like a burger with no bun um. We plate i dont know if wed be able to like actually okay um could we do three of these burgers three burgers on please oh im here hi is it possible to do the three burgers on plates for three girls three patties on a plate a patty per plate.
I think im having trouble hearing you can you put onto the hurt thunder mama. Taught you girls will kim does not like that im kris oh shes your music everything. Except the buns three please oh i have another question do you have anything that matches this like to eat.
Its for a photo shoot.

name a famous person who is often imitated-2
name a famous person who is often imitated-2

Im so proud of my daughters kylies yes please please i have achieved colored lip kits called squash kylie. Nobody cares about your lib kids the whole. Were.
Giving these islanders kids youre giving me anxiety. One. That doesnt you better about being even mom collabed.
With me. On a lip kit line. Oh.
Yeah. Im wearing a momager powder. And you shes ready for your order.
Kylie pay attention. But im mommys favorite. Oh yeah i mean she gobble.
Im taken seriously. Im a supermodel. Im mommys favorite because im the most actual line.
I riley kylie no no were the oh we wont eat fries. Oh my god oh car way from me i know it might look like im their sister. But next to their mother.
Please oh personal service. Thank you and its because were the card. Were used to this put my hazards on no you cant work here up there coming coming theyre coming theyre coming.
Theyre coming. She gave the plates. The burger go go go okay.

name a famous person who is often imitated-3
name a famous person who is often imitated-3

She comes hi. Im so sorry about that okay were accommodating. Our diet.
You guys are very nice. No problem next time maybe we can get food this color. Here.
What get food this color. Kylie. Stop kylie youre dead stop.
Thank you its really proud of her prada. Thank you okay. Wait.
Im really curious to see whats in here. Oh oh. No im not eating this no.
Its all good. Im just cutting mine to look at least. Its not that bad.
This is so funny they charge us three dollars for this total that was our drive through video let us know in the comments down below. Which scenario. You thought was the best apparently people that dont live in la.
Dont know what protein style is because i didnt know what protein style is i guess. Im not in la and i released that protein. So every is like what im like the pennsylvania version is in rack and you lay it up where cant believe we did that i care alright guys make sure to check out our sister.
All her stuff is gonna be like down below like instagram and twitter. I do have a youtube channel. Yeah thats it for this video.
Well see you guys in our next. One music. Ill hear paulas you know do what .

name a famous person who is often imitated-4
name a famous person who is often imitated-4

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