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There beautiful today. Im going undercover on reddit. Im here to answer some some of reddits most burning steamy hot hair questions.
And yes. I have seen go undercover before on reddit and that is where i stole the idea from so thank you gq for this idea. So i have my matcha latte and im ready to answer.
Some questions so lets make a reddit account shall. We ive actually never really used reddit before so this should be interesting okay so were here im ready were gonna click the signup button. Im gonna put my email in here and youre not gonna know what it is and were gonna move to the next step all right username how about the real rad mondo and im gonna make a password.
I am not a robot and alright finished okay. So lets search hair that might be a good place to start actually actually female hair advice on reddit that sounds like a place that i should be we have this girl who says. Hello everyone.
This is my first time posting. So here it goes. Ive been debating on going a wee bit red for a while now but im scared to take the plunge.
Well probably do henna first to see how it suits. Me what do you all think and this is the photo of this lovely girl okay. So she used an app to figure out its the color will look good on her or not and basically what im thinking here mmm.
Oh. This is interesting yes you should definitely do that okay. That is such a good idea.
I feel like right now your hair. You could use the term mousy. Which means like its kind of like on the gray side.
Its kind of very ashy. Its not like a rich tone. What you have right now and with the red tone.
Youre getting a lot of richness youre getting a lot of depth. I think with your skin tone. Its going to look so poppin.
If you go a little bit more red. Ah yes. Ooh.
Even like really deep red like i think that would look amazing on you so lets comment back on this is how is this how this works okay hey sis tur hey girl. Um yes this is so good for you the rich red color will make your skin and lock and drop. Its a yes from me no but for real doctor.
Thought. Im a hair stylist and this tone will be perfect for you and will just enhance your natural beauty that was so fun perfect lets send that off and lets keep moving. Oh.
My god how fun oh heres a good one okay would i be able to pull off this kind of pixie cut not dyeing hair. Too brown sorry if i did something wrong. This is my first time posting same okay so here is the before picture.
This is what she has right now and this is what her kind of goal is lets see here listen. Im gonna be honest. I would say this isnt my favorite idea ever um.
I dont believe this will be the best haircut for your face shape. I like the haircut. I just mmm.
I dont know i feel like its gonna look a little bit too mature and mommy ish. If it isnt done perfectly correctly by a very skilled hairstylist. So i just worry about that a little bit.
I honestly really like your hair. Long lets write out to her hi. Okay.
So look you have going on right.

how to get rid of dandruff reddit-0
how to get rid of dandruff reddit-0

Now is honestly so cute. The other bull cut style kind of haircut. I think will be too mommy ish does that mean thats fine the truth sucks if it isnt done perfectly right.
I would prefer to see you stick with the long hair and maybe bring your bangs a bit shorter. I think she would look so cute like a little baby bang or like something just a little bit shorter than what she has more like blunt and more serious like a very structural bang. I think what book is so stunning on her also play with the color do blue thatd be fun.
Okay. Lets post that cool okay next. Question hi guys.
So i just got a spiral perm and was asked to let it be for 48 hours. So they said dont wash it for 48 hours when that time is up what shampoo conditioner. Do you suggest along with any other products.
I already am going to use the lanza trauma treatment leave in but thats all i could grab at the moment. So yeah. Wow.
That is quite apartment that actually looks very natural on her and im very impressed. I think. Its cute so theres just so many products out there that you could use and honestly.
Im probably gonna end up. Recommending something that is professional and very expensive so i might hold back on that right now. But diva curl products are awesome for curly hair.
I would mainly recommend products that are made for curly hair such as products that are highly moisturizing and have a bit of hold wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. And then stay with a leave in conditioner and a product with holds such as glitterati. My ex mondo by x.
Mommyhood calm. Diffuse your hair or let. It air dry for the best results.
Its like an infomercial here hope that helps xoxo brad mondo and comment. Okay next question what the color on the right look good with a rudy look with a color like the left as the root color. I currently have the left color okay wow.
This is a lot for me she currently has left color on 2 3. Of her hair and the ends. Lightened and has previously been pink.
But has since faded. Too peachy blonde with the color on the right foot good whatever you look what got it i understand now so basically. Shes saying that she has the color on the left.
And she wants to dye the ends. The color on the right so im gonna say it wouldnt be the worst thing ever. But i also dont think its really gonna look right if youre trying to leave the natural hair at the top and then youre dyeing the ends such a vibrant pink.
Purpley lavender color. Its just not going to look right. Because youre gonna have kind of a dull root color and a very vibrant in color and usually.
Its kind of the opposite and the weight and hair. Naturally. Is also the lavender is a cool tone color and this warm blonde is obviously very warm kind of gotta look like they dont quite go together not that thats like totally wrong.
I just dont think. Its gonna give you the effect. Youre kind of looking for its also hard to tell because i dont the picture of you here.
So i dont really exactly know lets get back to this girl hiyee. So because your natural color is so warm and and well thought about natural. I dont think having that as your root color and the ends.
A vibrant lavender pink purple will look right lavender is a cool tone and your natural hair is very warm. Maybe do something like a vibrant red on the ends or color your entire head that dope as lavender color lavender ends in a deep purple root kind of sickening not gonna lie hank so xoxoxo my motto perfect lets get that off to her and this is so fun our next question says hello. Everyone i never dyed my hair.
And i really like this color.

how to get rid of dandruff reddit-1
how to get rid of dandruff reddit-1

Do you think would suit me i tried googling but i have no idea what would suit my skin color. My face is quite reddish without makeup. Oh.
Im gonna have to say no i hate this color. Honestly it reminds me of beauty school. When everybody chose like the violet red color to like do mannequins hair with and it always turned out this kind of like dark cherry purple deep color with like no depth to it.
Does that mean. I mean youre such a fair toned skin girl you do have a lot of pink in your skin. What i can see from this photo.
I mean your eyebrows are so light your hair is naturally so light and so beautiful. I wouldnt recommend you going dark. Im sure you want a big change or so it seems with this photo you sent.
But i dont know man i could not imagine you in that purple color. I just dont think its gonna sue you i really like your hair light. I think its so flattering to your skin tone.
And i just think you look so like majestic and beautiful with that is a lighter toned haircut. Hiyee. So you could go one or two ways either go a cheaper.
A burn. Read serve color or keep your natural hair color as the base and add a ton of highlights. I love to see you blonde.
Dont come for me even a copper blonde would shoot you incredibly nicely. So that makes sense is that proper creamer. Not important get it girl xoxo.
Brat mondo comment. Okay. I want to do something like this my hair in terms of color.
But im not exactly sure what to ask for i love this question because clients come in everyday to salon. And dont know what the hell. Theyre asking for id like to take this moment to tell you exactly what to ask for and honestly.
This is a pretty difficult thing to ask for even looking at this im like oh. How would i ask for this not sure what your starting off as as your base. But im guessing you have dark hair and youre trying to do with something a little lighter.
Somebody said just show this picture to your stylist. And that is a great comment. I really like that but if you want to kind of further explain what you want youre gonna want to ask your hair to be heavily balayage painted so its almost like a solid color basically what they did to achieve this look was probably paint the hair starting at the root and going down to the ends and painting nearly every piece of hair and they probably toned it with a level 7.
Possibly level. 8. Ash tone.
So you can ask for that. And just mention that you want an all over ash tone blonde with the roots darker. So let me write that out to you honey.
Ie def. Show your stylist. This photo.
Then if you wanna further cant spell further explain what youre looking for maybe. Say something along the lines of im looking for a deep ash blonde. All over with the route a darker brown to give me that natural grown out colorlook.
I hope. I explained that well thats kind of a hard one to explain honestly all right looks good to me lets post that perfect okay. Im the girl in the middle.
And i want to dye my hair blonde with a hint of pink and im scared. That itll look weird. With my dark features ah first of all youre literally.
The cutest.

how to get rid of dandruff reddit-2
how to get rid of dandruff reddit-2

Also you have such gorgeous hair. Like excuse me like who are you what when how yeah. Its really good for you what im gonna say is that hell.
Yeah. You should do that 100. Yes.
That is such a good idea for you. And that is whats going to happen you should definitely get your hair. Painted balayage style or highlighted in the correct way so then it doesnt look like its coming from your route.
Like you dont want i dont want to see you with any route color okay i like this darker color on you with the sort of natural highlight effect you have going on but just enhance it a ton add a lot more color add some really nice face trimming highlights that are really bright on your face. And itll give you that kind of all around lawn look without being all over blonds also 100. Do the pink so cool thats such an easy thing to do and it washes out if you do a really light pink.
So let me write back to her hiyee. So its gonna be a 100 post scent yas from me. This is so good for you youre already so pretty and the pink air will just make you look so edgy and cool.
Do a balayage style. Highlight with some bright face framing highlights in the front. Then do a light pink toner over everything.
Maybe. Use overtone pastel pink to maintain the look a love overtone. Its deposit.
Only and its only gonna make your hair feel healthier. So i use a my hair to make it nice and pastel silvery white. So great product anything that doesnt involve lightening your hair.
You can probably use overtone for it and lets post that color. Ill be honest is this bob suit me or do i look like a mom. Im sixteen of have long hair my whole life until now no you dont look like a mom are you kidding me you look stunning.
Everybody always thinks for some reason. If you have bob you look like a mom. Its just not true stop with the whole mom thing and the bob thing.
Its just they dont always have to go together okay. I love bobs i love short hair on young girls. I think it looks so fierce and so like mature.
But not too mature for their age. I just think i just think bobs are good for everybody. And i think long hair is not good for everybody so putting that out there so what you dont people have finer hair.
Like this girl doesnt have it doesnt look like she does the most effect here ever. And i think it really works for her and especially with the makeup. I think it makes you look young youthful and vibrant.
So lets comment back to her hi. You do not look like a mom you look hot. This is so great for you keep it short and dont ya know its honestly the look for you xoxo.
Brad mondo comment. These are all such good questions i dont know what to pick okay um. This will be the last and final question.
We answered i went to a salon do my hair lightened and i hate the result. I dont know what products used to tone my hair since i have different levels of blondes. Any suggestions i could try to get a nicer shade of blonde.
I show my hair to look good while i save up for a nicer salon visit damn girl. I am so sorry that happened to you this does not look good im going to be honest with you its not good they really kind of you over on that one and im kind of disappointed in whoever did this a little bit disappointed thats okay brad mondo is here to save your hair. Theres no really easy way of fixing this yourself.
Im gonna be totally honest. I wish youd gave me a few more angles to look at cuz all i can see is really the back and were just gonna go based off that so i see a lot of level 10 highlights level 7 level. 8.
So we got ash.

how to get rid of dandruff reddit-3
how to get rid of dandruff reddit-3

We got warm. We got all things going on here we got all things going on and what im gonna say is stick to something kind of in the middle of all those tones. Something like a level 8.
Would probably best for you to even out the entire thing. And yeah. Its going to tone down those literally bright highlights and if you have a problem with that i wouldnt recommend doing this but i think if you want an all over evenly toned blonde.
That isnt so in your face in the back and stripy and gross. Okay then i would recommend a level eight. Like a neutral level eight or even like a natural ash level eight.
I dont exactly know how what your knowledge is about hair. But like an eight na and eight and anything in that range would be good for you and a demi permanent color will be best. I would not do anything permanent you dont need it you dont need to lift your hair.
Anymore youre just you just want to deposit tone. So that next time you can get a better result. And the great thing about toner is the color will adjust the more you wash it so oh no so sorry this happened to you so not cool.
I would recommend a level eight toner either in a ten which stands for natural or a ten a if you want it more ash tones. Honestly hard to recommend a person whos not a stylist. What to do with their color.
Because color is very technical and normally i wouldnt just do an 8 na. Or an 8 and by itself. I would mix at least three colors together two colors together to make the exact tone that i want but im trying to simplify for this girl because you know what she did try to go to a stylist.
And she did get messed up by them so and i think it is possible to fix this at home. So thats what im gonna say in a 10 or an 8 na. If you want to get more ash toned.
This will even out the color and bring it all to a medium blonde or a 7 n. 7. Ma.
If you want it a bit darker. Hope. This helps xoxo batman.
Oh lets make sure we say use a demi permanent color. I cant spell post perfect okay and that is all the time i have today for hair questions. I put this away.
I honestly had so much fun with that i wasnt expecting there to be such great questions on reddit. There are so many to go through. I just picked a few of the great ones that i could find and honestly.
It was just like a row of amazing questions so you guys want to see this again give this people like make it known that you want to see it again. I will totally be down to do this a million more times and i hope some of those girls on reddit figure out their hair situations and i hope it all goes well make sure you guys follow me on my social medias. Twitter.
And instagram. A prime my feet and follow my hair care brand x. Mondo hair on instagram also you guys i released the first episode of brad and eric last week.
So please go check that out and heres a little sneak peek of what happened in last weeks episode. And then i said to her oh hey like this is our office. Like whats going on in here.
She goes. This is our office. She literally was like this is our office.
Were going to sign the lease tomorrow. I am. So pissed is my forehead vein popping out no botox.
Thank god for that boat oh really once the rest of that episode you can totally go see it please do itll be linked below for you and itll be on my channel brad and eric please subscribe. We are working really hard on really awesome behind the scenes content of my life and erics life and honestly. Its really good so please go check it out i would greatly appreciate it if you want to check out my new live your extra life march.
Itll be linked below also and that is all for today. Im done talking thank you so much for watching dont forget to live your extra life and i will see you next time music. .

how to get rid of dandruff reddit-4
how to get rid of dandruff reddit-4

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