Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD – Hogwarts Castle – Preparing For the Yule Ball

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On christmas eve night. We and our guests gather in the great hall for a a night of well mannered frivolity this year. Theres the issue of the girls dancing in the new hall.
Everyone was registered in front of us had a clue. What we were doing i knew i was gonna have to dance in front of everyone else all the kids were able to let loose. Ill run up to the yule ball is its fraud for the actors with those emotions that run high in people of their age.
The first time they are interacting with the opposite sex. They are enjoying it very difficult i start to get on the road to ask who i like my hair is he pathetic at the whole romance thing. Hes rubbish.
Theres a really good scene with all the last flu shot with harry im shown here he asked her to fall. He doesnt incredibly without any kind of tactical shout to ever. I just wonder if she wants to go to broadway.
Sorry. I didnt catch that so really people can relate to this terrible issue of them of asking people out. I know how it feels that because im there going yeah.
Im having nothing to say to you i just saw supplies in the core act in real life is pretty scary so on it was a lot easier to do thank you the you ball is first and foremost. A dance. So the kids are all quite scared of having to dance formally right put your head on me your right hand on my waist well on my waist.
I had to try to teach bring it down sale you know that was pretty strange. It was this we had to waltz around in front of everyone was a bit embarrassing. But it was quite funny sir.

how does myrtle react to toms arrival-0
how does myrtle react to toms arrival-0

So theyre essentially they look at this face is just marvelous. Its just really great when we came off the set roof. It was he just looked.
I said dont say anything just just dont say anything can we so of course. We had to say something to him never let me forget this are you weve had wayne. But wonderful way in the choreographer that they would they teach these kids to turn on some food cooking.
Some of whom by god could not its so funny. The girls are so eager and the guy is just not theyre not wanting to do it after all i think that comes across well. I saw some of the rushes of that scene and they does show the sort of awkwardness that the men have the silly dancing them all the guys are looking it you know each other saying hell.
I dont wanna do this id like to be able to dance. But i just dont want to learn if you know i mean if everyones gonna do it its okay son of you then. But everyones got their its a its just about doing my since ive been working my feet you see my people the kids were quite excited about wearing something special all the girls get to dress up and the guys were in tuxedos.
Once youre in that costume and in the tux and with your cloak on and everything you do feel a lot more elegant mom sent me a dress mine is just horribly sawed pink lace all over it doesnt like flowers those my dress ropes that all right no lace pool boy every time he was wearing it they really had to laugh. Yeah. Im already looking forward to wearing that then on the other hand.
There is emma who looked so lovely. The baldwin emma that was like the most important dressed was like cinderella. The dress was really a working process we kept on changing.
It kept on changing and kept on changing and and em. I was getting nervous because she thought what were going to wear and at the end yes we got it you absolutely gorgeous. I was absolutely terrified i was gonna rip it or spill something on it or anything so literally i would not sit in it i would not walk in it i would not do anything in it apart from what i had to do in it because i was throwing.

how does myrtle react to toms arrival-1
how does myrtle react to toms arrival-1

I was going to rack it before she comes down and says she just keeps her on the side of a pillar and looks down you know that at that point she changed it to something im always never ugly so you know shes always been kind beautiful so i mean. I was kind of like the way youre just even more beautiful obviously is a huge amount in the film. And its a big transformation.
But but for me im kind of like well ive seen your premieres. I was so nervous about the whole thing because its meant to be such a big moment. And its going to be an anticipated moment and we had so many pointers from mike about how i want to look.
I got down about three steps in front of the whole set. Which was incredibly embarrassing. But um.
No it should be good in the film. You aint see nothing no it was good walking into the set of the yule ball was absolutely amazing everyone had to pretend they were in awe when they came in but i think is really genuine actually its the best that ive seen so far anything the description in the novel is that its a kind of ice palace. Really where are icicles hanging from the magic ceiling.
So weve taken that maybe a step further when i went in i was absolutely gobsmacked. I cannot tell you how beautiful everything looked you recognize it as exactly the same space. But the transformation is nonetheless pretty complete the whole thing of course looked like swarovski crystal and was stunning.
This is my big dance day about three weeks four days to learn because i was turning another scene and so im point. Im quite proud of what i managed to do. But it was it was very hard and ive done it i got to about halfway through and then i would found just lose it completely you can see them on the screen you can see barrel bam who works absolutely everything happened at the minute of any rate things may change at the minute.
God did not necessarily mean him to be a ballroom dancer. Its just very funny because of course. Its thats the characters dilemma.

how does myrtle react to toms arrival-2
how does myrtle react to toms arrival-2

And there. He is hes he is absolutely his character at that point. But because harry is not very good.
I felt i should play. I would just would have liked to be very impressed in my mind. I could see myself everyone going off dance.
Wow. And it didnt happen i need to be much wilder to be like you know a bit tame yeah. Much wilder yeah.
Its part formal and part informal. So yeah. Thatll be the first time youve seen a mosh pit at hogwarts you had to get these kids who would be completely abandoned to the music.
They were marvelous about they completely lost themselves. Its crap so now my hand. Im going to the dark side a lot of boys like girls popping more in a more loose environment than weve ever had and boyd.
They hope last. We all didnt have to say was i think. What mike is really trying to capture is the really awkward teenage stage.
Where girls and boys are interested in each other and neither of the sex is quite there how to be boy girl data. Think and who exaggerates it slightly. But just enough so its still believable and its very funny it was enormous fun .

how does myrtle react to toms arrival-3
how does myrtle react to toms arrival-3

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