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s a magical mystery from hatcher moles one egg. So many possible species inside. But but you wont know who until you hatch these hatchlings come from cloud cove them the fluffiest fliers and hatch topia shell come on lets crack.
This mystery boom. No clues as to whos inside on the box. Lets open it for speckles on the egg.
Remove the locks on the bottom of the egg by twisting. Them and your hatch. More come to life hatch moles.
Need your love before theyre ready to hatch. You can rub the egg. Hear its heartbeat and if you tap on the egg.
You can even hear it tap back chop the egg to fly your hatch mull around in your new flying sound make sure to hold the egg with to your hands. The color of its eyes will tell you how its feeling. Its a flashing orange.
That means. It has the hiccups tap on the egg to scare them away check. The cheat sheet for a full list of eye colors.
And what they mean and if you lost your cheat sheet. No problem download a new one on hatch. Most calm after punish your egg for 10 to 15 minutes.
Youll see rainbow eisen here this sam that means your hatch was ready to hatch every hat smells unique. So some may take longer to hatch than others.

how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-0
how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-0

Now. Lets find out whos inside rub the bottom of the egg to encourage it to hatch its pecking make sure to keep the egg away from your face. When its hatching hatching is hard work and sometimes your hatch will fall asleep.
If you feel it stop moving in here. Snoring put the egg down on a flat surface take your hands off the egg. Then continue rubbing.
I can see some fur. Its so close whoa ella fly. I love your pretty fur.
Pull the thread holding down its years now to get ella fly out of its egg. Hold the egg blue your hatch mallow. Dont be afraid to pull hard you can always ask an adult for help remove the plastic.
Then push their belly to make them sing fun we and pandora patch moans. Mr. Fromage topia making them the fluffiest fliers ever snuggle time.
Although there are different hatch moles to hatch. They could all learn the same things and play the same games. Now.
Lets raise them from baby to toddler to kit. The baby stage is all about taking care of your hatch wall. Theres a bunch of different ways to interact with imaginable you can pet their head squeeze their belly and tilt back their eyes till.
You have their feeling just like in the egg purple eyes. Means theyre hungry tilt forward to feed them full list of eye colors.

how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-1
how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-1

And what they mean check out the cheat sheet. But just have fun with your hatching and see what you can discover. Hatch moes mystery.
Can even learn your name squeeze their belly and touch their head at the same time theyll say cairo and have flashing blue eyes. Once the eyes are solid blue. Say your name while holding down their belly and head.
Yeah once youre done release their head and belly. Now turn them off and on again and theyll greet you and if you pat their head a few times. Theyll say i love you listen closely and youll hear a hatch mahseer name.
During different activities you can record a new name. Whenever you want by following these same steps after playing with your hatch mole for a while theyll sing hacci birthday. A second that means theyre growing up from baby to toddler.
The toddler stage is all about teaching a hat smell new things like learning to talk fly walk and dance. But they could still do everything from the baby stage. Lets teach hedgy hen.
How to talk press and hold their belly their eyes will change to teal and theyll say wow say something for up to 7 seconds. Then release their belly each of the new things to say as often as youd like these hatch moles come from cloud cove. Which means you can teach them to fly first lets give them extra flying power by pulling out their wings press.
Their belly. A couple times. Until you see flashing blue eyes wait until their eyes turn to solid blue tilt.
Them up and down. In a flying motion to teach them to fly if you go too fast their eyes will turn red to slow and theyll turn white if their eyes turn purple.

how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-2
how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-2

It means they see food hold them upside down to dive down for food. When you hear eating start whining. Oh you can also free fly.
Whatever you want go make cheap sound. Its time to walk panned or press. Their belly.
A couple times. Until you see flashing white eyes wait until their eyes turn to solid white clap. Once to make them move forward claps makes them spin ready to dance fun.
We press their belly. A couple times. A to see flashing purple eyes once the music starts dance around with them to have their head to hear us sing harmonizing notes turn it upside down.
Then right set up to pause and unpause the music fools drummer from toddler to kid havock eh. It is all about playing games there are three new flying games you can play with your hatch. Most mystery and of course they can still do everything from the toddler and baby stages to go through the games menu press your hatch moms belly until you see the eye color of the game you want then tap their head or wait three seconds first up catch the wind help them fly the top blue eyes means pat their head to fly up purple eyes.
Means dont pat google crash if you pad for green eyes. So flash faster keep them flying for one minute. Wait for lion repeat memorize.
The actions and repeat them back to your hatch ball each. Time you get it right another action will be added blue means after head purple means tilt upside down. Then right side up and yellow means press.
Their bellies get seven right to win and last up flight dance. When the music pitches up tilt them up when it pitches down tilt down.

how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-3
how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-3

If you hear then tap their head to avoid a crash keep them dancing one minute to win things to do with your hatchling mystery. Like cuddling teaching them your name teaching them how to talk and more. Whats your favorite.
Let us know in the comments below. When your hatch moles eyes flash red and orange that means. Its time to change their batteries check out the instruction guide for step by step details on how to change the batteries and ask a parent for help if you want to relive the fun and experience your hatch while growing up again you can reset your hatch mold back to baby.
Ask a parent to help all you need to do is turn your hatch bowl on then press the small reset button on the bottom of your hash mode with a pin for three seconds. If she giggles when you squeeze her belly. Then you know shes back in baby stage.
Once your hatch moles hatch. You can turn them on a quiet volume mode. First turn your hash will off then press and hold their belly.
While turning them on your hats multi in half volume mode. Until the next time you turn it off hatch mums mystery have extendable wings. But if they fall off ask a parent to help just line up the holes with the pegs and push down.
Easy fix weve cracked the hash modes mystery and hash the fuzziest hatch holes. Ive ever seen theres four to hatch or maybe. More.
The only question is who will you hatch thanks for watching to see more hatch. Holes mystery. Visit.
Hatch mels calm and subscribe to our channel catch you later. .

how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-4
how to get the hatchimal out of the egg-4

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