How Long Does It Take An RV Fridge to Get Cold?? Lets Find Out

how long does it take for a refrigerator to get cold This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How Long Does It Take An RV Fridge to Get Cold?? Lets Find Out. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Back friends this is corey from wandering weekends. And today. Were gonna find out out how long does it take for my rv fridge to cool down to operating.
So you get varying reports from 6 hours to 24 hours. I dont know lets find out ive got a dometic here it is the gas electric combo. Its not a residential fridge.
Its the rv specific fridge lets see how long it takes to get down to 40 degrees. Music. Okay.
So youve heard me mentioned 40. Degrees in that intro 40. Degrees.
Is the recommended temperature for food by the food and drug administration. So we want the fridge to be at least 40 degrees for it to do any good. So what were going to do is ive got my little little weather station.
Here with my remote outdoor temp cage. Here. Im going to throw that in there.
And were going to come back and check it on the hour right now were starting off at 78 degrees. Okay have not turned on the fridge. Im gonna drop that in there starting off at 78 degrees 83 humidity lets turn it on we are good to go now very important make sure your rig is level or ive made sure this rig is level because your rig is supposed to be level before you turn your fridge on or for it to perform at its best it does work if its unlevel slightly on level.
But i made sure to make sure i made sure to make sure that we are completely level before starting this test so starting out of 78 degrees. It is 2 15. Well come back in an hour.
Okay phrase one hour and about 10 minutes in and we are only down to 77 degrees. So yeah maybe it will take a while im not sure let me confirm. Its going.
Its rockin and rollin. Oh yeah. The freezer is actually the freezer is actually pretty darn cold already.
Id be interested in see what happens there. But the cold is gonna fall down into the bottom. Here.
Lets check back next hour. You guys mean to tell me you sitting here. Watching this old boys fridge get cold.
God mom. Whats this world coming to alright friends. Another hour has passed right on the hour.
This time and weve got some dropping another four degrees in temperature drop. And our humidity is starting to drop as well so 73 degrees. And you see that here we go 73 degrees 77 humidity got my alarm set for the next hour.
Okay friends three hours in and we are at 61 degrees. 67. Humidity you can see the little arrows.
Theyre trending down lets keep going three hours. So far what do you guess it right now throw in the comment section before we go any further how long is it gonna take gonna take six hours seven hours. Ill go seven hours just for fun okay friends four hours in and we are at 51 degrees.
So were only about 11 degrees from that magic 40. Yeah i mean we might get this in five hours. Im not sure well come back check it in another hour.
Okay folks five hours in and we are at 42 degrees. As you can see that there you go 42 degrees in five hours. I im pretty excited about that actually i was thinking that it was exponentially gonna slow down as it got colder it was gonna be harder to get it colder.
But it looks like hes just dropping it fairly quickly so im pretty impressed with that im will say in another probably 20 minutes. Its gonna be down to 40. Ill come back then to get an exact time.
Well see okay friends we are at the 5 00 hour and 25 minute mark and we are under 40 degrees. You can see there 39 degrees. I got to say a couple of things ambient temperature outside is about 82 degrees.
Im not sure that makes a huge difference. Im sure it would make some difference. But not a huge difference in here right now its about 97 degrees.
I have not run the air conditioner during this test. Okay so keep that in mind so 5. Hours about 5.
And a half hours. You should be good to go with this particular. Dometic or v.
Fridge. Now heres the next question. How long does it take for this fridge to go from running temp.
Which for this one is about 30 to 33 degrees back to 40 degrees okay we have done that test im gonna link that in the description below and ill link it at the end of this video. So if youre interested interested in seeing that weve already done that one for so i hope this was helpful. I hope you guys would share this we are so grateful for those of you that have subscribed everything that you do for the channel commenting liking sharing our videos.
Its really humbling for us and we sincerely appreciate it guys so if you are new wed love if you could subscribe take care. .

how long does it take for a refrigerator to get cold-0
how long does it take for a refrigerator to get cold-0

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