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Good morning. You probably like my videos like seven times. Right.
This is oh i i make 50 of them in three months could you believe that christy. Im i have 50 and 51 and this is 52. Im going to do them every day now look up piss pee is over there lets go dick.
I want to fly home here with them again so much music. I have a i have a sale this week. Guys um yeah.
I always get that like that why were you gonna what do you get you okay. He spent or over here with all the animal figure. Eights menteur with all the animals i was burned thats what i think about when i come in here.
And hes like ah whole animals come out of the toilet bowl. And he hasnt seen you in three years lanzo two three going on three you havent been home since you got my car remember oh here landau all right do i said lets go i have all my stuff in the car. Oh boy hahaha alright.
That good blah. Oh daddy oh okay good boy good girl. Okay.
He access to it with me x ray with me daddy 00. Little car ride youre hopeful alrighty. See grandma ok will happen come on lets go music.
So. After what seemed to be like two days of driving. He finally made it come ultimate on for pulling into my moms place.
My grandmas place. We drove 17 and a half hours yesterday. Okay.
We drove this is supposed to be a three and a half percent of the four cuz its top of one time p.

how long does it take to drive to florida-0
how long does it take to drive to florida-0

And all the land out threw up all over said celeste you land on hes been sitting on my lap. Lets see what happens when he sees my grandma for the first time in one and my mom you see my mom was a moment idea maybe. I think bomb with him say when frankie had a third thats been over a year.
That my daughter. Lana lana is gonna have a connection. Mr.
Landau are you in florida send a look and a look look all in duluth. And then go get your mommy look. Oh ya.
Oh. Would adjust garden. Oh oh.
You mommy. He doesnt even notice it for me. A hug.
How are you oh. Its like easter in here. And he hasnt yet well were over that now hi mommy.
How you doing were going to do another tour. Oh. Yeah.
My explain explain the house to him. What has he got here. Oh lindo.
Youre robbing. You cant yell. My mom is being mom.

how long does it take to drive to florida-1
how long does it take to drive to florida-1

My mommys baby. Oh. Hey.
Miss you he hasnt seen you in a year over a year can you come over here you go hon welcome to both of my baby. Love. Just woke up.
Oh. He misses mommy mommy. He misses money.
Yeah oh it going man doll. There you want to see yourself are we looking for hey linda hello. Yeah come on your mommy yeah well i dont know we gotta clean it paul hes got vomit on his poor.
Oh god couch did you just get new couches. Now theyre always perfect okay. I gotta go music music down.
Lieutenant you are you just really don t. Care push your grandma ill open the car and it said we could throw it out yeah. I thinki think.
It is that it sounds agreeable. I think he did kevin dad and climb miley sounds good hey. So he wouldnt come to me take another trend keep coming.
I mean i know i know i know welcome all we had so we had to bring the dog you have no idea what they inhumane. Its been a very long bag first tribe here ends up getting stuck getting a haircut. Trimming my beard.
So mad i grew my hair out three months. I took on now to get dinners. Now my uncle everybodys coming tomorrow.
Itd be very short week or lonely girl not to shore. Im bride make sure you come le let me buy back music. .

how long does it take to drive to florida-2
how long does it take to drive to florida-2

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