How long does it take to touch type?

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This is jean from type waves calm again. Were gonna talk about how long long does it take to learn how to touch type. So.
What is touch typing touch typing. Is the ability to type without looking down. At the keyboard.
A person who can touch type will know all. The letters locations on the keyboard through muscle memory. The term is often used to refer to specific form of touch typing.
That was placed into 8 fingers in a horizontal row. Along the keyboard a range of factors come into play in deciding how long it will take to learn how to search type factors to consider is the following concentration if a student has poor or weak concentration. Then it will take them a lot longer to learn how to touch type as touch.
Typing requires a lot of concentration and persistence engineering. Where the keys are on the keyboard motivation. If a student is not motivated to learn to type in then unfortunately.
They will never learn how to touch typing. If they dont see the benefits of touch typing already do that their own way that a student will never learn to touch type correctly and will revert to their own ways like the hunt and peck method age the younger. The student age the longer they will take to learn how to touch type.
We believe the best age start touch type is from the age of age upwards. We feel any younger then 8 years old a student is just not ready to learn to touch type successfully choose the decides their hands and lack of concentration. Learn difference.
The student has learning different difficulties such as dyslexia dyspraxia dcd or dysgraphia. Then a student will take longer to learn how to type compared to a student that doesnt have these learning differences. How long does it take to touch type.
An every student without learning differences would learn to touch type with a to ten hours. There might be touch typing at a very slow speed 8 to 15 words per minute brown. Standard.
15 words per minute.

how long does it take to learn to type-0
how long does it take to learn to type-0

A student who taines 15 words per minute or greater will be rewarded with our bronze badge on type with this was to take approximately 10 hours to achieve for the every student during that type his course silver standard. 25 words per minute. The next level on type.
Wheres our silver badge. Which is 25 words or greater. An average student would need to do around 30 hours and typist to get to this level gold standard.
40 words per minute. 40 words per minute. Is where a student can touch type faster than they can write.
Which is an amazing achievement. It is the gold standard on type with and for most students. Very difficult to achieve it requires a student to put in additional 40 hours of practice using type with if a student.
Achieves the gold badge and type ways. Then this is a great advantage to have for a student as they progress through secondary school third level and an to work typing faster than writing without ever having to look down at the keyboard in summary. A range of factors.
Affect your child learning. How to touch type. In the course.
So we mentioned previously in the video. There those would be concentration motivation age. And learn difference you also need to have the right technique the fingers and the home keys.
And using the correct finger position. We have would highly recommend the use of a typing teacher to encourage and motivate your child out to learn how to type on the course. We have developed our own program.
Called tie quiz. Type as benefits type is a fun and interactive. Way for your child to learn how to touch type.
The students are in different advertisers that progress up to each lesson as they do well on the course they can earn coins and the coins can be used in their games.

how long does it take to learn to type-1
how long does it take to learn to type-1

Arcade to play typing games they can earn different words per minute badges bronze silver and gold as previously explained and they can earn lesson badges the program itself has realistic hands with green fingers. That shows this child exactly how to use the touch typing technique. Theres a report and graph available at the end of each lesson that they have completed and can be looked at previous results come back time type ways can be accessed at home or school.
So its a very valuable option further more information about type ways is a available on our website. And on our previous youtube videos type ways is available online at wwe with comm. Thank you for watching the video.
I hope you got something out of it and if there are any questions or queries you can contact us at wwwextracareanimalhospitalvetsuitecom. enu as a collection of all possible blueprints that you can research as we mentioned before with scanning. There are three different tabs designated for each technology type that you can create blueprints for so youre going to find the milkyway tab.
The helius tab and the other alien race tab under each of those youll find an armor category. A weapons category and augmentations category. Once you find an item that you want to research.
The blueprint for you spend those research points. So research points arent going to accumulate and just keep getting higher youre going to get some research points. And then spend some its a currency system.
So that number is going to go up and down. Also if it wasnt already obvious spending research points in one category doesnt affect the other if i research. A blueprint in the milky way.
Its not going to back to my research points for the helius cluster. So were going to take a look at the step by step process of researching an item. So were going to the research side of things here and then were in the milky way technology tab.
Were just going to go ahead and click on weapons and then scroll down to the valkyrie assault rifle. So were going to select this project. And theres a few things we notice immediately first off this is an ultra rare blueprint blueprint excuse me and as far as i can tell this corresponds to the research requirements.
More than the materials that you need to craft it so for example. If i were to go down to the falcon assault rifle. This is a rare blueprint that costs 125 research points for the you know one version.
The first tier of this weapon back to the valkyrie.

how long does it take to learn to type-2
how long does it take to learn to type-2

I need 150 in order to research. The first tier of this weapon. So thats kind of the difference between the rarities there so you can see the stats of this weapon on the right.
But youll need to click the view details button. Which is you know you see the button on the bottom of the screen depending on your platform and that actually shows the requirements in terms of materials that you need to craft the item just to clarify these are the requirements to craft the item not to research. It all you need is these research points.
So as you can tell above the weapon to the left. I have 690 research points. I only need 150 in order to craft the first tier of this weapon.
I dont necessarily need those materials in order to craft the blueprint. I can still research for blueprints even though i cant craft the items so just as an example once again with the falcon assault rifle. If we look at the requirements.
Here. I dont have the copper in order to actually craft this weapon. But i can still grab this blueprint immediately if i want to another thing is if we go back to the valkyrie assault rifle.
If we want to craft. These other tiers as you can tell at the bottom. It says their requirements is valkyrie assault rifle.
One and so if i want to craft higher to your better versions of these weapons. I need to actually have you know research. The first here or the lower tiers in order to unlock the higher tiers and then you also run into level requirements.
I have to be level 10 in order to actually research and craft the valkyrie assault rifle. 3. So that those are kind of the requirements for the higher tiers of these crafted weapons.
So for the purposes of this video. Im just going to go ahead and craft. The blueprint for the valkyrie assault rifle right here and as you can tell it gives you a little bit of things.
Here. The blueprint will be added to the development branch. And then you can actually craft that once youve done that and it shows me .

how long does it take to learn to type-3
how long does it take to learn to type-3

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