how to #1 || How to open chests in for honor

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Everybody welcome our new video snow gaming. Im joshing im alone today and and this is a tip video. I dont know how you call it in but i change this tip video.
And all tip videos will be in english. So i hope you will enjoy this video today. I will learn you how to open this chest in foreigner.
Its really simple. But first you need to learn is to do it first you choose a character from which you want to open chest. Im choosing rate then go to scape scavenge gear.
You see here a lot of text. And you see this one cost one of the chests. So you just press.
You just press of it hes going to open. And as you see all the things im opened are there im at helmet. I found very cool really and yeah and here you can just find your new stuff.
So im going to here okay this one looks or whoa. Theyre really cool. Im tink.
Im going for yeah. I do know this one yeah and then i will sell this so just like that and this one saw so um. I had it already oh wow.

how to open chests in for honor-0
how to open chests in for honor-0

This is really bad this really bad. I dont want this really. Yeah.
Confirm. Lets put this one okay nice. All yes ok reeve.
I speak really fast and stamina regen. Okay. Ill to this one.
But this is that with that sheep thing now i like that much i found it very cool. But this was level four oh wow. And hes oh i bet over a long time.
With that jess okay. Nice and here at my new helmet. I find it very cool lets look how it seems without that thing on my head.
Thats curtain. Just like that okay lets look at that new helmet okay. Wow.
Thats just amazing. I think im going to hold this one cuz. It looks just sick not well.

how to open chests in for honor-1
how to open chests in for honor-1

I like this one really i like this one. And i think im going to move this one it looks pretty nice. Oh right now okay.
I have treat okay lets open that other ones. But you now know how to open it and the rest. What you will see are just only pack openings.
So you know that okay nice. Oh whoa. This are a lot of helmets.
Lets open them just the last three. I have i hope you enjoyed this video just leave a like and subscribe in our channel. And i will do jesus these are boots just mate and off okay wait we will customize our character first okay okay whoa this ones look cool.
Im going to equip this and this mentor this one and yall. Want to so you see. Its very nice.
Opening. Chest your character will be in no time ten times better or something i dont know how good your characters are now okay. Stamina regen.
And i dont think im going for this one. Oh. Wait now im rolling this one.

how to open chests in for honor-2
how to open chests in for honor-2

Cross just looks. So cool. Hey.
Wait ohia five helmets ahaha. This one bye bye. This one.
Bye bye oh wow. I see i won with a skeleton. Oh geez then im just a skeleton man boy okay well this one is even better so im going to take that one in this mango.
This one okay not on in this one thats the best. I can get i think well not form everything. But yeah so lets look okay.
Im really hauling that sheep on my shoulder and that to our ones. Im going to hold that and that the chests. We are opening one for the sugoku.
I love it really is just unbelievable. Powerful. Only is block is not fair booth oh.
Well thats just not oh. You could to tell. Manuka.

how to open chests in for honor-3
how to open chests in for honor-3

Gentelmen. Dead. Last one dead left on oh.
Lets see how groovy is yeah. Im going to take that one okay well um. Im pretty happy with this pretty well much whoa.
Okay. Now im looking easy. Oh wow.
Im so tick. Yes okay whoa this one is with just a lot of iron and pink. Im equipping this one dismantle this and lost okay and i lost chests.
We are going to do that fold orochi because he does not read my favorites character. But hes nice to play with oh wow we have nice omelets and other things. And yeah.
Nope. But were just okay im not clipping this one equiping this one according. This one equipment this one and equipping.
This one and oh wow. Hes looking very good while a little bit scary. This.
One is just a beast of now and this one is just a scared man or something. While at all i dont well everybody i hope you enjoyed this video subscribe for more of these videos and bye. .

how to open chests in for honor-4
how to open chests in for honor-4

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