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Guys welcome back to my channel. If you are new welcome my name is marta marta and im so happy to have you here for todays video. I going to show you how i created this super cute and easy eyeshadow.
Ill only use affordable products and share. Some tips and tricks on how to apply and blend out liquid eyeshadows. So i hope this video is helpful before we get started.
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If you like this look. And now. Lets get started.
So. Theres nothing new here this is a step. I always do i grab my concealer.
Im going to use the elf cosmetics 16 hour camo concealer and a flat brush to clean the bottom of my eyebrows. If you want to see an eyebrow tutorial. I will leave that video in the description box below.
Im going to apply a little bit more of the concealer on my eyelid and blend it out with the real techniques. Sponge. Now.
The concealer has to be nice and blended in order for the eyeshadows that you apply on top of that can also blend out really nice since the concealer is a shade lighter than the rest of my face. I do want to take some time to blend out the edges that way you wont see like a harsh line where it divides the foundation and this concealer. So you have to really blend that out so it can look nice.
Im going to set the concealer with my rimmel. Stay matte. Pressed powder and a fluffy brush from pro fusion.
Im going to do this in tapping motions that way the concealer doesnt move you can also use translucent powder.

how to apply liquid eyeshadow-0
how to apply liquid eyeshadow-0

Or a matte eyeshadow thats the same shade. As your skin tone. And this is going to help a lot to help blend out the eyeshadows.
A lot faster and easier so i highly recommend this step. Especially. If you you are going to apply dark eyeshadows.
The eyeshadow palette that ill be using is this cute one from covergirl and katy perry. Im gonna grab this shade with the es6 brush from profusion and im going to apply it on my crease going back and forth and its like a rainbow from corner to corner. And if you want your eye to look a little bit big you want this eyeshadow to be visible.
When you have your eyes open. So. What i like to do is start blending it out looking straight forward and im just gonna keep applying the same eyeshadow and when i apply the eyeshadow.
I always apply it on the crease and then when i dont have a lot of the product on the brush. Im gonna start blending it out towards the eyebrow and i just keep repeating those steps until i like how its looking and im going to apply the same eyeshadow on my lower lash line using the same little brush and just dont forget to connect it on the outer corner with the eyeshadow on the top now im gonna grab this liquid eyeshadow from elf cosmetics. Now this is a new product for me.
I love that it has a little bit of gold glitter. It just looks so nice first. Im going to apply it only on my eyelid.
Im going to try not to pass the crease at all and to blend that out im going to kind of clean the little brush on the back of my hand just to make sure i dont have a lot of the product and only using the very tip of this brush or like the applicator whatever. Its called thats what im going to use to blend out the edges. And its kind of tricky to blend it out because its a liquid eyeshadow.
So you dont just the important thing here is not to have a lot of product on the brush. But to me this is the easiest way to blend it out and one thing that helps me a lot is if i stretch my eyelid by lifting up my eyebrow you can just see exactly where you have to blend it out more. And it does blend out easier and faster and before i start blending it out even more with a different brush.
Im going to wait until it dries and now im going to grab this little brush this brush comes in the rimmel eyeshadow palette with just a little bit of the first eyeshadow that i applied the brown. One and im going to start blending out the edges. This part helps too if i blend it out stretching out my eyelid and you can see that the eyeshadow looks a little bit darker and thats just because it mixes in with the liquid eyeshadow.
But i did not apply any other eyeshadows.

how to apply liquid eyeshadow-1
how to apply liquid eyeshadow-1

I dont know if you guys can tell. But i can see a big difference. My left eye looks a little bit more shimmery a little bit brighter.
What i did was i grabbed this eyeshadow right here with my finger and applied it on the center of my eyelid. I just tap it on there just blend it out like that around it just stands out a lot better. And it looks so much cuter.
Now the eyelashes that ill be applying are from my brand isom looks in the style. A night out and we also offer these eyelashes with magnets magnetic night out if you want to shop any of our styles. I will put the link of isomex in the description box below and last step is to apply mascara to my lower lashes.
Im using the maybelline lash stiletto not too too much i just want these eyelashes to be visible. So now that im done let me know what you thought about this tutorial. I really hope it helped you and leave in the comments below.
What you give this look on a scale of 1 to 10. Id love to get your feedback. Thank you so so much for your love and your support.
I love you guys. And i will see you in my next video music bye music you match with the rest of the look. And that is it for the staff.
It was super easy to make now the next part of the diy is to create melissa. Since famous caller. So for this.
Im gonna cut an a4 piece of a felt fabric in half like so to create two triangles and then im just gonna take some tinfoil and kind of fold. It into a triangle as well and sandwich that between the two fabrics. Putting the tinfoil inside is going to make it a little bit more malleable and able to kind of like create some shape into it rather than just having a floppy piece of felt fabric.
So you actually want to make two of these. And then you can just hot glue those onto your long black robe and the last costume is a bambi costume. I absolutely love the disney movie bambi so for this costume.
What youre gonna need is a turtleneck and also some leggings both in brown color.

how to apply liquid eyeshadow-2
how to apply liquid eyeshadow-2

Youre then gonna need some white felt fabric that youre just gonna cut a bunch of circles into you can just kind of alternate between shapes between sizes just really make it your own because were gonna be creating the little spots that reindeers have on their back. So once you have cut out all your circles. You just want to go ahead and glue those all on to the back.
And that is it for the actual top now moving on to the tail. Im gonna be using this felt fabric in this creamy kind of color and in this. Im just gonna cut out the shape of the tail.
And then kind of do the same. But a little bit smaller and just kind of glue that smaller shape onto the cream fabric. Im then gonna take my leggings and just glue the very top of the tail and kind of like fold.
It over and then stick that onto the back of my leggings. So the actual reindeer is im gonna be taking at some brown felt fabric and im creating the ear shape. As you can see so im just folded over the fabric twice so you get the same kind of stencil once ive cut my stencils out im gonna trim each of the sides to make the lighter brown fabric a little bit smaller than the darker brown.
So that when we hot glue. The lights are brown onto the darker brown. You can still see the edging of the dark brown fabric.
Im then gonna take some hot glue and just pop a tiny dot at the very bottom of each of the ear and just kind of fold. It together a sense of freedom. Mention and megg the ears look a little less flat once thats done.
Im gonna take both of the ears. And just stick them on to my trusty. Brown headband.
And those are the finished reindeer ears. And this is the finished bambi costume. I think this is so cute i love how this turned out and it was so easy to make it was so super.
Inexpensive. So anyone could create this so those are all of my diy halloween costumes and i hope you guys enjoyed them if you did make sure you smash that thumbs up just down below and let me know which one of these costumes was your favorite you guys decide to recreate these diy costumes make sure you tag me on my social media on twitter or instagram at rock surahs. But that is all from me for today.
I hope you guys enjoy this video. And ill see you guys in my next one bye. .

how to apply liquid eyeshadow-3
how to apply liquid eyeshadow-3

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