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Hey everyone in syria and today. Im gonna tell you a little bit about about how i became a dental assistant. And what i think about it so far if i think its worth it now.
If youre thinking about being a dental assistant. Just do your research first and foremost. Before you even go into a program or sign up for a job.
Do your research are you willing to be under a lot of pressure when it gets busy and can you multitask and can you look into somebodys mouth like the whole day and not get grossed out with certain procedures now thats everything that you have to ask yourself if you feel like you can do all those things then i would recommend you to go into a program. Some offices is rare. But some offices you can just go to the front desk and be like are you hiring.
I need a job and theyll hire you and train you from there to be an assistant. But most offices are not willing to do that they want you to have at least some type of experience with being a dental assistant. Even if its just schooling.
So thats the first thing that i did i researched programs and i went into a program for dental. Assisting.

how long does it take to become a dental assistant-0
how long does it take to become a dental assistant-0

And the program was pretty good actually they had an intern coordinator and i was able to find my own internship. But for people who couldnt find one she found an internship for them so thats a good thing because i know some schools. They dont even help out with that she also helped me get a job she actually helped me get this job and im really grateful about that because there were some interviews and there were some resumes that i put in i even did like a couple of working interviews and i didnt get the jobs because most of them did want me to already have experience with being a dental assistant.
But im so grateful that im able to work here. The office that i work at right now is not very busy actually today. The doctor isnt in so.
Its just me im taking phone calls and everything like that but on a normal typical day. Id be assisting with procedures and pretty much multitasking. Because ill come up here take phone calls and schedule for appointments.
So far. I like being a dental assistant of course. Its not something that i see myself doing forever.
You should never see yourself just doing one thing as things i dont want to say stuck. But you dont want to just say oh this is my goal thats my goal thats my end goal.

how long does it take to become a dental assistant-1
how long does it take to become a dental assistant-1

Thats it like no you should always want to complete your goals and then be like okay. Whats next just like any other thing. It has its pros and cons being a dental assisting.
Youre pretty much like the backbone of the company. You dont get paid as much as you could i guess you can say but some offices. They really do appreciate you and im so grateful because the office that i work at right now.
Its just a temporary job. But im learning as much as possible and the doctor hes a really nice guy. And hes patient and im thankful about that because this is actually my first dental assisting job and im so thankful that hes actually willing to work with me knowing that i have no other experience.
So im not gonna be sharp with everything at the office that i work at right now i definitely do feel appreciated here. Its a smaller office. So we dont get too many clients and thats like the best thing for me right now.
Im gonna be so confident when i get another job and im able to set up for certain procedures like okay were doing a root canal. I know how to set up for this because when i first started here i did not know how to set up for a room.

how long does it take to become a dental assistant-2
how long does it take to become a dental assistant-2

And it was a struggle and it was just like kind of frustrating cuz its like oh i wish i knew but but i dont so i know how to set up for crowns. I know how to set up for root canals and of course. Im still learning.
Ive been working here for not even a month. So i learned so much in just a short amount of time. Im actually a ef da.
And for those who dont know the difference between an expanded functions dental assistant and just a dental assistant. Pretty much expanded functions get to do a little bit more without the doctor being there so they get to be a little bit more independent. Its not as easy as some people think like its a lot to learn and you can probably talk to somebody whos been a whos been in dental assistant for 10 plus years.
And if theyre being honest. Theyll tell you that its still things that theyre learning you know so you learn as you go being a dental assistant. You cannot be afraid to make mistakes just make sure you learn from them and try not to make any mistakes that are like too costly.
But if push comes to shove if you have a question if youre not sure about certain things just ask. Its okay to ask im the only assistant here so the person.

how long does it take to become a dental assistant-3
how long does it take to become a dental assistant-3

I would go to is the dentist. But if you work out like a big corporation. Theres usually a lead assistant and you go to them for everything.
And you say oh can i put this utensil in the ultrasonic cleaner without it getting damaged and theyll let you know right now. I am working front desk as well front desk and being a dental assistant are two totally different things. But what being a dental assistant.
You can also be a front desk and that goes along with knowing how to multitask handling insurance and claims are different than being a dental assistant. But you can do both formerly i worked at a day care and i still do work at the day care. So im like juggling two jobs and im working in seven days out the week.
Im just really excited about were where im going honestly because im looking back on where i was a year ago and now and its its better than where i was job wise career wise everything you know you should always just work towards other goals. I cant do a video on the pros and cons of being a dental assistant let me know if you want that video. And it was so nice to talk with you and thats it for the video.
I hope you enjoyed it be sure to leave some feedback for me. And ill be sure to answer. If you comment and all that kind of stuff.
And ill talk to you in my next video bye. .

how long does it take to become a dental assistant-4
how long does it take to become a dental assistant-4

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