How to Become a Neurologist

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Whats up everyone. This is dr. Webb here.
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I have a very special guest. Dr. Alderson.
Shes got to tell us all about the field of neurology is this as well as why she went to a neurologist and some tips for you guys. Dr. Robinson welcome thank you for joining me today thanks for having me antonio tell us who you are kind of what you do so.
I am. A chief resident at beth israel deaconess in boston and i am in the specialty of neurology so i deal with brain and spinal cord disorders. And we went to med school together for people who dont know that georgetown med school.
And if i remember correctly you always loved the brain and the brain. The spinal cord and how those two interact. But what was it about neurology.
Theyre actually interested in hmm. So i think neurology is a great field because its sort of weds internal medicine with a little bit of a subspecialty field so you get to you get to specialize and then focus on certain diseases. But you still get to take care of the whole person because the brain spinal cord and all the peripheral nerves.
Sort of affect the whole body so youre really dealing with all sorts of issues and and no matter what type of patient you take care of they usually will have a neurologic disorder associated with their underlying illness. And what is the typical day for you it kind of starts at what time and ends at what time how do your knees neurologist. So its variable and residency as as you can imagine its long hours and depending on if youre in patient versus outpatient.
Thats also variable for the most part residency hours are getting in around six thirty six 6 30. In the morning and then moving usually around the same time at night around six oclock at night. And then if you have clinic.
Some days then those days are a little bit shorter so a lot of neurology is outpatient. And so you can have a pretty good lifestyle at the end of it. If you choose to do an outpatient subspecialty.
Usually working like 9 00 to 5 00 or so okay and it takes to become a neurologist. It takes four years of college four years of medical school and then four years of residency is that correct thats correct yes so you do a year of internal medicine in three years of neurology and most people who want to stay in academic neurology. So work at one of the big university hospitals will do a subspecialty or fellowship training and thats variable amounts of time so that can be anywhere from one to three years depending on if you want to do research.
As well okay.

how long does it take to become a neurologist-0
how long does it take to become a neurologist-0

Thank you talk about some of those fellowship opportunities. So you can specialize after youre done with your neurology residency. You can sub specialize into what fellowships.
Sure. So. Theres actually a lot of different fellowships for neurology and some of the more popular ones you can think about are our stroke or vascular neurology.
Narrow icu is becoming increasingly popular for people that want to stay inpatient and take care of critically ill. Critically ill patients. If you want to go out.
Patient. You can general muscular medicine. Which is what im doing and those those types of patients who take care of it in neuromuscular medicine are the my aesthetic patients patients with jamborees syndrome for phones are off with these als things like that so im a little partial to those and movement disorders.
Is another type that people will will go into and thats very popular so parkinsons disease huntingtons disease epilepsy cognitive neurology and theres sleep neurology. Theres theres a ton of different subspecialties. So a lot of different options that you can go into and and the field of neurology are there any procedures that you do is that are mostly clinically clinic basis.
Yes. So id say our most common procedure is doing a lumbar puncture. Were able to get cerebrospinal fluid from people and get a good idea about if they have inflammatory or infectious processes occurring in the brain or the spinal cord and and not something that you pick up fairly quickly.
Otherwise. If you do movement disorders or neuromuscular medicine. You may learn how to do botox for certain people with dystonia or issues with excess elevation because of weakness of their bullbar muscles you can also do something called emg nerve conduction studies.
Which is basically looking at how well the nerves and muscles work to lots of different procedures. You can do okay. And you spoke about some of the patients that you see can you describe like a typical day like youre saying this sort of patients in neurology.
What kind of patients are you normally treated. Sure so. If you just have a general neurology clinic.
Youre typically seeing things you would see and generally in the community. So a lot of patients with migraine or different headache syndromes. People with back pain or certain types of cervical or lumbar spondylosis from arthritis you can see peripheral neuropathy you can see parkinsons patients patients who have various new onset seizures.
Any sort of new type of tics and drum things like that and you said youre chief resident this year congratulations i would have to say the hours its not its not for the faint of heart. I think medicine in general is a very rewarding field. But it is something that you really really want to have to be able to say at the end of the day that you would not do anything else.
Because its a lot of work and you have to justify missing.

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how long does it take to become a neurologist-1

A lot of things in life in order to continue doing what youre doing okay and once someone completes their college to medical school or residency and i know that varies by location. But how much going to neurologist suspect to make like outside of your training. So it depends and if you stay in academics is different than if you go into private practice.
But for the most part. I would say the range is anywhere from a hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand okay all right any other advice you have for someone whos interested in a film of medicine or fill in the ology. What kind of advice would you give so i think it depends on what stage.
Theyre at so. If you are thinking about medical school in general. Its always good to get some sort of experience and either a clinic or in a research lab in order to get your feet wet and really start thinking about the various neurologic processes that occur getting something on your cv.
A getting some first author publications. Getting used to taking care of neurologic patients. These are patients with chronic diseases and they contrary to what people will say we can make a lot of difference in these patients lives and and its a very rewarding field.
So i would highly recommend neurology for anybody. Thats interested alright. I guess three last questions you can give a one a two word answer.
What is your favorite food. I would have to say right now i am really into tacos. Great choice.
What is your favorite thing to do outside of the medicine. Id have to say playing with my dog. My dog atticus and an orthopedic surgery my favorite thing is spine surgery you have a favorite neurological disorder or did you like patients like saying in a patient or what is your favorite thing in neurology.
I mean its hard to say favorite. But i would say the most fascinating thing to me. I think is probably something like huntingtons disease or lysine.
You gravis and im going to be taking care of patients. With my see nia. So i really like that thank.
You well. Dr. Anderson.
Thank. You so much for coming on today and congrats on all your success. Thank you guys for watching this video make sure you subscribe as ill be posting new videos every monday wednesday and friday at 5 pm.
Central standard time well see you later thanks for having me. .

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how long does it take to become a neurologist-2

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