How to change a tire off the rim without tire machine

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How to change your tires basically without using a tire machine or any amount of of real tools. Fact you can even do this on the side of the road. Youre really unfortunate.
Ive actually done it before so first thing you want to do is remove your valve core. If you dont have a valve core moving till. You might need one so take the valve core out.
While thats happening. Im gonna go ahead and do this one and whats wrong with these tires actually what happened is ive got at least sidewalk cracks. Here and the back ones having tread separation issues that you know i knew the tires were pretty badly cracked.
So i was going to change them so i went ahead and i was just going to a little meet up and i noticed before i got out of the yard. That had a pretty good sized lump and desire so sometimes just because your tread looks good your sidewalls can be cracked. And you can have family issues.
Going on if you didnt even know about lets go to the next phase of this first thing you got to do is you got to break the bead and something heavy usually helps ive done this with a car. But with the truck. It sure does a whole lot easier if you have a people are trying to pick up or a heavy duty truck or something to do this next phase.
Ill show you these you can do this with a car. Too the next thing. Im going to do is im inside the truck right now and three quarter time pickup a lot easier with more weight is im going to just drive right over the bead on the tire.
The tire. There you can see it better than i can medical kind of slow because youre laying there oh there it goes you just went right now. Sometimes you got to do this.

how to change a tire on a rim-0
how to change a tire on a rim-0

Five or six times to get to be broken. But driving over its actually easier than just lowering it down on it how you done that before was a jab. But if you drive over it.
The reason. Im doing this myself is because how i go take the fires down wait for the guy and all that stuff. Im into it an hour and a half this usually takes me about 10 minutes change the tires off the rim.
So i look at the other side real quick. Almost real time applause. Careful point close to my player.
Oh this i broke you really broke broke the beat. Sometimes youll have to drive around the tire like turn your truck in or your car drive around the tire. A few times put in a few different positions sometimes it takes about 20 times for the bead breaks on a little tire so anyway.
Thats how that works out sometimes it takes a few runs. But this one actually went real easy so lets show you the next phase here in a second all right all you need to basically is a. Im using a pry bar and a screwdriver.
I mean two bars works. The best because you can you can almost get a good one. So then which is step on one side so its like that you guys see that let me just double check here yeah you step on it to hold then ill show you what youre doing in a second if you want to hold it down to the lower part of the rim.
And then you just go ahead start prying it off like you did a bicycle tire when youre a kid if youve never did a bicycle tire when your kid. I dont know but i think this is actually easier this is going to field a little bit and we nearly need one bar. So ive done this with just a screwdriver on the side of the road on my trailer.

how to change a tire on a rim-1
how to change a tire on a rim-1

I didnt have this i didnt even have the right tools for the right size rim. The rim was right with the lug nuts werent right the only thing is i peeled off the wrong side. I should have done the backside first because i could possibly scratch my wheel by doing this now i wasnt thinking it im not going to scratch.
It ill do it so i use them ballast for this part because its a little bit easier on the other side can make me a little bit a little bit harder. So. What youre doing here.
Is you have to hold one side of the bead into this lower part of the rim. While you peel off the bead on the other side. Thats why.
The rim has this low spot here. So you can do this sure if im going to get this one one patch on your end. Thats what thats what im at right now i need to do this before i paint the wheels.
I just know happened to a planet tire so when the tires went bad. I thought they last a little while. But what is going to happen otherwise.
Id be done already with this if i start doing this sorry. Im suspected whats gonna happen about me dont worry that tattoo there you go so tires off so yeah. I got a little scratch amulet.
So you pull it off the other way then you eliminate that scratching problem. I just did see. But you want to put it on this direction.

how to change a tire on a rim-2
how to change a tire on a rim-2

Yeah so when you put the new side of the room. Usually always throw it like this get it started well actually okay i know youre gonna scratch your hook cat lips like this you can feel it look at what im doing see how this part is in the low part of the rim. Here and then the other parts working its way into this low part of the rim.
This little low part thats how you do it. And i use a hammer for putting them on you can see them on with you can use this to to put them on put your screwdriver and just peel. It like a bicycle.
But it takes about you know it takes about ten minutes a little bit of work primarily to save money for me to save time. I dont want to sit there and wait the wage area. But they didnt have a balancer for these type of rooms put it on like that holding again youre holding this side into the low part of the wheel.
And youre lifting it over the edge. Oh yeah you can do it with a hammer. Or you can do it.
Like that like im doing right here. These are the second part of you like the head all right through small chucks to particular truck will get your problem will tear. It just kind of push it into this screw as you go you know now once you get the tire on the rim.
The hard parts usually airing it so getting the air in it can be a little tricky. But im going to show you how to do that so stay tuned for this part. Sometimes.
This is how you do this okay. Heres how you want to get it to hear so okay your valve core is on this side right so you flip it over this way upside down click shake it down get it all the way around on the beat on this side try and make sure. Its tight with the bead.

how to change a tire on a rim-3
how to change a tire on a rim-3

So were going to use gravity to work force now put it over on this end. Now. What you want to do is hold it up so.
The gravity is pushing against the other side of the bead and put your ear in hang on let me get my hair set up and ill show you okay so this one seems like its going to air right up. If you have a problem with that pull the tire on to one side of the bead on this on the side with the valcour on it pull the tire up onto the bead. All the way around so its kind of stuck on it okay and then if you put the tire up on something towards lift it up like this while youre airing.
It gravity will hold this side of the bead against so that you can air it up. But i think this ones going to be fine without anything lets just give it a shot. See yeah.
There we go sometimes a little help sometimes it fights against you so you can take a little bit of soapy water and put it around your bead to make it slide on sometimes that helps sometimes what happens is it wants to slide right back off. While youre trying to air it and youre doing it by hand. So this is how they did tires you know you ever seen those old cars you know in model.
As and model ts and whatever they had a spare tire on the back. They didnt have a spare rim that has a spare tire and thats how they used to do them back in the old days. So were pretty much aired up.
I mean it needs a little more here i got to get my gauge on there. But thats pretty much all there it is and of course. I did scratch the wheel moving you touch it up im worried about it so thats but thats pretty much how you can do it yourself.
But if you start with the rim upside down okay. Ill talk to you the next video. .

how to change a tire on a rim-4
how to change a tire on a rim-4

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