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s up everybody dazed here back with another dragonball xenoverse to video and today. I im gonna be showing you some easy and fast ways to collect the dragon. Now you can use these for all kinds of things you can wish for tp medals.
I believe you get 200 you wish for characters you can wish for clothes you can wish for an accessory. Which is a stupid radish a bunch of different things you can wish to level up and get the moves from the characters that you wished for so a lot of little uses for this sometimes. Its a lot easier to level up this way unless you want to go collect tp medals.
So you got a lot of options with these dragon balls and the first thing. Im gonna do is i wanted to remind you that when you first create a character you know right after you do the first mission you can get a dragon ball. So head on over to the school and youre gonna find a time for charlie here with a little blue icon overhead that you can fight and after you do this fight you get a free dragon ball you essentially you get a free dragon ball just for making a new character so why not and check any of the other characters youve already made maybe you forgot to do this on them so were gonna go in and were gonna knock out this fight real quick theres nothing to it she barely even attacks.
You ive gotta like that finish right there she barely even attacks you and once you get back out and youre done talking to her you have a dragon ball free dragon ball offer just creating a character so now thats not the only way to get one of those free dragon balls and the next one im going to show you on this character right here her name is asteria and i dont exactly know when this one unlocks and this guy appears. I am just after the frieza saga with her and the story so not really sure you dont have to beat the whole story mode to unlock this guy. But if you come right over here.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-0
dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-0

Im gonna show you on the map right now exactly where this is so right there. And this is the same exact deal as the girl you fight him. Youre gonna get a dragonball at the end so were going to speed right on through that music alright.
Guys so were done with that and now we have another free dragon ball. So dont forget go back and check them characters and maybe you have some dragons just free dragon ball sitting there waiting for you to get its not gonna hurt to look some now. Its time to get onto the ways to really go out there and form those dragon balls.
And thats gonna be through parallel quests now if youre new to the game. All you have to do for this first parallel quest. I believe is just finish the raddest parts just do the very first part of the story and get to where you can play parallel quests and then you can come right down here and do this mission and get a chance of some dragon balls alright so let me show you what that is right now your go in and its gonna be parallel quest number.
4 prepare for the attack of saiyans clear in under five minutes doesnt really matter the speed through this im gonna pick my preset and youre gonna have a few people to fight right in the beginning. Theyre very weak. Its ten krillin and yamcha as soon as you beat them and this happens come right over this area right in front of tommys lookout and youre gonna get three people to appear go through fight them.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-1
dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-1

If you dont get a dragonball restart. And it shouldnt take you long to collect those dragon balls on this mission. You know restarting is not that bad if you see here i got a dragonball when it says key item that means youve got a dragonball.
So now like i do is finish the quest will go through the portal. Were gonna speed on right through this as you can see its just killing gohan piccolo. Goku and then killing goku and piccolo again for the ultimate finish.
And we have a dragonball. Weve also collected more clothing and sommerfeld badges too. But we have a dragonball now this next method.
Im gonna show you this next parallel quest is in my opinion a little bit better its number 34 return of the ginyu force on this quest. As soon as you get in there you can power up you can transform and start fighting those guys right away. There is nobody to fight before them.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-2
dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-2

So you just go straight to them. And youll find out you beat all three of them. And if you dont have a dragon ball retry.
It shouldnt take you at most maybe an hour to farm the dragon balls if its if its being pretty stubborn. Usually you can get them pretty quick as you see i go through right here. And im gonna get a key item another dragon ball just because i got that were gonna go ahead and were gonna finish out the mission this ones a pretty easy one you dont get a lot of you dont get a lot of xp on this or anything.
But to me this is the fastest way just because i dont have to fight anybody before i fight these time patrollers. So thats a good option. And now we have one last option for you oh.
Its not the very last option. Theres a theres another frieza mission that all you do is fight frieza. Thats pretty weak and then the time patrollers come is the ultimate finish.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-3
dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-3

But great ape festival. Now if youre really really trying to go for them dragon balls. This is probably your mission.
The first thing youre going to want to do is come in youre gonna go straight for the pod landing and as soon as you get through there youre gonna have three time controllers to face. Theres no gray tape on this part of the map. Its just the three time patrollers so go through if you dont get dragonballs retry.
If you get on though if you do get a dragonball youre gonna go ahead youre gonna finish the mission and youre gonna get that ultimate finish because thats gonna bring you an opportunity to get three more dragon balls in this mission. And i believe this is the only one you have six opportunities to get the dragon balls heres your first one now. Were gonna go to the sky.
And this is gonna be your last opportunity for the ultimate finish. Youre gonna have three of them come out three more chances. If youve already gotten a dragonball maybe you get another maybe like three or four.
I dont know ive never seen it happen like that but it could guys thats gonna wrap this video up if you like the content. Im putting out dont forget to like comment. Subscribe and ill see you in the next video music.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-4
dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to get dragon balls-4

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