How to color sand and buff by hand Part 1: Sanding

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Hello. There as promised the how to color sand and buff video. Is finally here.
Here. You might recall i post up a video of this door with tons of filler and me pretty much cheating to get it straight. But whatever demonstrational purposes.
I dont care. This is off of a 2004 rx. 8.
Which is my buddy johns car. He was gracious enough to give me this door and let me have at it with this thing to keep with the theme of the last spray can if you will video series. I did on the 2001 lincoln towncar.
I sprayed this car with all cans and of course you probably remember this one you pull clear coat urethane product. All right. I also previously uploaded a tip on how to get your clear to flow out a lot better if youre using a spray can which i will post a link to that down below check down.
There. Yeah okay. So this says fully cured for about a day or two.
I think lets go over the materials that youre going to need to color santa bugs are the products. I like to use lets start with sandpaper since im only doing a demo door. I didnt feel the need to bug go out and buy three or four different sleeves of paper.
But you can get an assorted group of paper from 3m lets go look lighting. There a sheet of thousand grit sheet of 1500 to 2000 grits and one 2500. I wanted to get 3000.
But they didnt have it there i do use other brands of sandpaper. I dont particularly like this stuff for the final cut. I prefer the 3m or mcguires.

how to buff clear coat by hand-0
how to buff clear coat by hand-0

If you can find it here is mcguires 105 ultra cut compound basically. Its a rubbing compound. Then youve got your ultra finishing polish to five which is pretty much just.
A polishing compound. So you can think of that as a and b. I havent tried the 3m stuff yet.
Ive kind of been on maguires kick. And i want to burn up these bottles until i go out and buy some more youll need a rubber squeegee. A sanding block for the thousand grit.
I recommend a hard block. I didnt have mine around where ever. It is so this is just a soft block.
So im just going to use that today people will give you different answers on this the water question do you want soap in it or just use plain water ive been using soap ive tried plain water i really dont see the difference except i noticed the soap kind of stays a little more clean youll need a couple coarse rags couple. Terry cloths and a wipe off towel. Which is around here somewhere alternatively to the squirt bottle.
I like to use a squirt bottle. Because i like dry feet alternatively to that you can just use a clean bucket of water and a sponge all right lets get started one thing id like to point out right quick to those that dont know the higher grade of sandpaper. Okay.
This is a thousand this is 1500 the higher grade of sandpaper the finer it gets now you wouldnt want to start trying to color sand your car with 80 grit thats just way too coarse as for those that dont know just wanted to point that out right quick another quick tip before we get started is uh. I like to take my sandpaper and leave it in some water just so it softens up a little bit. I find that if you just take the paper out of the package let it really quick and then start sanding.
Its it the corners are a little rough so take your bucket of water soak. The paper in it they can just be straight plain water and put the soap in your squirt bottle now before i start sanding away and hacking at this thing. I wanted to point something out this is the only angle.
I can really find where you can see what im talking about this is my tripod stand right there you can see the reflection. You can see how its kind of grainy as im moving the camera. That is orange peel.

how to buff clear coat by hand-1
how to buff clear coat by hand-1

Now factory cars always have that most of them i think some of the higher end stuff like cadillac or some of the higher end dollar. Nissans they might color sand it too to where its at a very minimal. But that is uh whats going to stop reflections from happening at a distance now not to say.
It isnt reflective. Because this has a really nice shine to it once were done color sanding and buffing. Its just going to be that much more glassy and wet looking okay.
What were going to do first lets take our water and soap mixture and were just going to clean off the surface first we dont want any contaminants on our piece that were going to sand because if theres a piece of trash in it or like a dirt speck and youre pushing that sandpaper across it that dirt is just going to end up scratching underneath. The clear. Im sorry underneath.
The the sandpaper and scratch the clear and then when you go to buff. It youre going to see all these scratches and think what the hell did i do wrong next. What were going to do is take our thousand grit and just lightly start to break down to clear.
Im going to use our soft rubber block just going to fold. It like so now youll notice. This paper doesnt fit the block let me show you something some of the bigger paper that comes in a sleeve like this will fit the block.
But because again this is a demo piece. I didnt want to buy a bunch of sleeves of paper. Just yet.
I just went ahead and bought these little ones so if this stuff doesnt fit. The particular block you have dont worry about it sokar area. Just want to start sanding.
Lightly and youll see that the clear is starting to turn to this milky white substance in my squeegee go okay lets just wipe a section really quick see how were doing now. Theres something i would like to point out to you see these shiny spots. Here and how its dull here these shiny spots is orange peel.
Okay. What you want to do is block it until its all one flat uniform color. So now what were going to do is just keep on sanding and i want you to notice to how im holding the block.

how to buff clear coat by hand-2
how to buff clear coat by hand-2

Im not pushing it up at an angle. Im not doing circles or im not doing anything funny. I got the block and im moving it in one direction holding the block flat.
And ive also got my two fingers here as a guide. So i dont run into this ridge right here. See if i just let the block go into the ridge.
Look. Whats going to happen youve got a sharp point meeting. Some type of like a you area here.
Okay. What that sharp points going to do thats going to dig into it and its going to burn. It we want to avoid that another thing you want to notice and there goes my bottle another thing you want to notice is that im staying in this one little square.
Here. Youll actually go a lot faster. If you work one area at a time rather than trying to tackle and do the whole door all right lets check that out now youll notice right here.
Its all solid and then as we kind of come out a little farther now. Weve got some of that shiny speckle again theres our orange peel. All that will eventually come out so im going to put your back up on the stand.
And im going to get to it now even though using my left hand now. Im using my thumb as a guide. So i dont get into that little youth canyon.
Thing right here now you can see our area is almost flat. Thats what we want theres still some dark speckles here. Were going to continue sanding until we get rid of those now since ive been sanding in a vertical.
Now were going to switch it and go horizontal and the reason. Why were doing that is now were going to try and sand out the scratches that were going in the opposite direction alright. Thats looking pretty good now.

how to buff clear coat by hand-3
how to buff clear coat by hand-3

Im going to sand the rest of the door in the thousand grit and then were going to come back with the 1500. Okay so heres the door all sand. It out with 1000 grit for the most part its pretty flat.
Theres still some shiny spots here. I didnt want to get too crazy with the thousand grit because my 1500 will now take off the thousand grit scratches and itll get any remaining little shiny speckles here okay now that were finished with our initial breakdown with a thousand grit now were going to concentrate on this with our 1500 trust. Me that thats a one i promise wrap it around our block take this now this were going to have to take a little more precautionary measures here instead of just running the block recklessly.
You want to make sure that you pay attention you stay away from these edges right here. Because thats the first place that where the clear is a little bit weaker at so. What i like to do is kind of sand.
It x a little bit and that might be jiggling the camera. Because its actually resting on the table. If that is i apologize lets try that now were going to sand in the opposite direction.
Because we came across this way now were going to come across this way. Hence our x pattern also take note. Ive got my thumb making.
Sure i dont ride this edge. And ive got my ring finger here making sure i dont come too far off and dig into that into this edge right here. All right lets check progress.
Okay that actually flattened out quite well. But you notice. Theres still some shiny spots here.
Im going to come back and get that right now now. When youre working in an area like this you just want to let the weight of the block. Do the work dont sit there and bar into it because what will happen is youll start digging a ridge and then that ridge will show up once you try to buff it out same thing with our x pattern.
Now were coming the opposite direction. And well check progress looks like i just about have it theres still a little spot here that im going to leave alone and worry about that when we come to 2000. Now to address this area right here.
Im actually not going to sand that ive noticed a couple of guys tend to not sand. These areas and unless youre doing a show car or if you have a rotary buffer. Its kind of hard to really get in there and even if you do have a rotary buffer thats a really dangerous place to be trying to buff.
So this im going to leave that alone you .

how to buff clear coat by hand-4
how to buff clear coat by hand-4

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