How To Create A Club In League Of Legends

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Then hello everybody and well welcome. My name is el random and today. Imm going to be showing you how to do clubs in league of legends.
So. If you have like a load of friends or anything like that or you you you just wouldnt like you just want to be like you to do doing streaming or something. And you just want a club on lead to sort of basically have a load of guys in so you can immediately.
See whos online and who you can join up with and talk to them as well with then making a clubs probably for you so to actually make a club. The first thing you would do is you want to go on profile here and then you want to go on to clubs. Now.
Because i have already made a club. Its already going to basically show my club here. But what it should actually show you with it should give you a sort of a kind of like a section.
Where you should say you itll tell you what club is for basically. Whyd you start one and here and how to start one but and so you click start club and the first thing. It will basically tell you to do or give you to do is to make a name for that specific club.
What you trying to do so as you can see i have named my club. But the lot club because obviously we have i have a streamer with somebody else and we have our own little log like sort of channel and disc. Ordinary thing so we just want you to name it under lock.
So if you want to join that can but thats that is what ive decided to name it i got a lot club. And you can also have a little tag here. That is that you can assign for that club so.
When you go back onto your onto your overview here. You can see that you could see that little emblem. There so when you go into games.
People will know that youre part of that club or in that pacific club.

how to make a club in league of legends-0
how to make a club in league of legends-0

Right. Just a little side note here guys. I just want to say that when you that when youve got the banner for the first time around your club will actually you only made your club ins.
There uuuugh you can see your club on the right hand side here right so your little club tag. I dont think it will appear on your little profile by nothing at first okay so just just be aware of they wont appear first. But all you can do to change that as you can see is at the moment.
You can see it says here show this club now. Ive already put mine on so you can see your minds on there. But all you have to do in yours it just puts show this club tag on your on the club that you want it to show and then when you green you and then when you go back on to your profile.
You should have obviously this like this little clap check here mines obviously one hour. One and thats thats the kind of club type that you should have if for any reason. It does not show the only thing.
I would recommend is probably to like restart the application of league shut. It all down and just and run it back up again. If that doesnt work maybe leave me a comment in the section.
And i may help you with that but thats how you actually create clubs and really all clubs are really for is theyre just designed to basically. I said well okay. So you know theyre just basically designed to talk to people people within that club said so if i actually go onto my clubs.
Here you can see that i have all the members here that ive invited so far viously not very many members as of yet. But these are just a few people from my firm from my streams here and you can see that you know that there are my stream. Got my little streamer thing.
There. Oh yes. I almost forgot a little quick little side note for this video.
As well.

how to make a club in league of legends-1
how to make a club in league of legends-1

If you see loads of people league. And theyve got this little it looks like a little what those things called its like a speakerphone or something like that and its got its got like a little thing. There where you can put some writing there if you dont know how to do that we have to do its go up into the where your little logo is so you see its your name and your little logo here and just click on underneath here and youll see a box will drop down and itll basically give you the option to write or not and then after youve finished whatever youre writing in there so whatever you want to write it if you want to put my twitch in there.
Ill be much appreciated on my youtube in there be much appreciated. But yeah. All you got to do is type whatever you want in there and then just press enter and it should as you can see here and then it will save it and then youve it will show whenever youre online.
It will just show what youre trying to say a few of the guys on my twitter stream as you can see youve already ive done that for me. And i appreciate that enough but you know bae. I just thought i should show you that as well guys just in case.
You wanted to change that as well. Oh yeah. And obviously you can see if you could i look at my my little guy straight with street lamps.
Here hes got the one our one tag you can see there so hes hes join my club when hes put the club tag on so he now appears as a member. I was one of the members of my club. But anyway guys i hope this video helped you on how to make your club and basically how to get members to actually join it obviously.
Oh yeah and one more thing. If you want to invite them just literally go over the name who you want to invite us so we want to go into this guy and if theyre online. It will give you an option and it will say look seriously theyre inviting up and then thats how you invite and obviously theyll either accept or not so thats how you do that but anyway.
I hope this video helps you guys if it did obviously please leave a like on this video just to show me that it did help you and obviously you like this type of content. And yes. If you want anything else explained or you know or you just want to leave me a comment at all you can leave that in the comment section below.
And i thank you guys for watching this video. If youd like to see more of me or anything else i do on this channel. Please hit the subscribe button and turn over notifications on because otherwise you wont see all my stuff and yeah.
I think you guys for watching this video on lake and i will see you guys in the next one thank thank you very much and bye. .

how to make a club in league of legends-2
how to make a club in league of legends-2

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