How to Diagnose a Bad Compressor on your Air Conditioner

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Guys how you doing today in this video. Were gonna check out a rude rude packaged unit that we went on had a bad compressor so i wanted to you guys how to diagnose a bad compressor to any of the new guys out there so stay tuned music okay guys were gonna diagnose this rude package unit a six year old package unit manufactured in 2011 and first come to the unit. I want to make sure.
Theres voltage. So the easiest place for me to start checking for voltage is line in so check the line side of the contactor not getting to 40 not getting 120 not getting 120. Okay so ive taken the disconnect handle out of the box.
And i notice that theres no fuses in it so i go down. And ask has anybody been out here anybody else. But not here diagnosing the system and she said yeah.
Theres been a home warranty come out. And said that the system is blowing my fuses. So so that makes me think are there any shorts in the system is any motor.

how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-0
how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-0

Touching the chassis of the system as well so that makes me want to start checking usually first thing. I want to check is the compressor. So is the compressor shorted to ground so im going to switch my ammeter over to continuity and check the continuity.
So if my leads are touching that i have continuity and what i dont want is not new ax t between what i dont want is continuity between you know any of these terminals here at the contactor. So okay so there that lets me know that okay so thats letting me know that i have some contact between the actual voltage. The wiring and the frame of the body thats a direct short to the unit.
So something lets check the load side of the contactor and were actually going to check the the black wire running to the contactor a table and wire and well check the red wire go into the compressor as well thats the run wire all right so on the load side of the contactor both lugs are connected our touching ground. So thats usually indicative of something going on major with one of the motors. So whats whats connected here.
Weve got low voltage connected. We got im sorry weve got line wires connected so right now it could be line wire. Weve got fan motors connected and weve also got the compressor connected so just based off experience.

how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-1
how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-1

Im gonna go ahead and take the wires off of the contactor from the compressor. Okay. And im just gonna stash them over here.
So theyre not touching the frame of the system. And now lets do that test again lets check the load side the black common side of the contactor to ground and there you go nothings nothings coming up so no continuity. There now if i touch the if i put the wire back on ive got continuity.
If i take the wire off set it off to the side now. Theres no more problem with the contactor any of the line. Any of the lugs so my problem that tells me that my problem is at the compressor.
Okay lets do one more check at the compressor make sure that that problem is actually with the compressor and not the wiring. See that there hopefully you can what were gonna do is take off this take off this uh cap. Here.

how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-2
how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-2

This is where they common run and start wiring come in respect. This thats in good shape. Dont see any issues there lets check it to check these terminals to ground again using our continuity meter for ground this time well use a copper tubing so were just gonna im just gonna touch this copper tubing here there we go weve got a nice.
Im just gonna find a different piece of copper this has less oxidation on it make a couple little scratches right there right there that tells me that we have continuity between the motor and the frame. So motor the windings inside this compressor are bad. We just need to replace this compressor and the system will run again.
So part should be under warranty. Its a 2011 unit. So so they will just have to pay for refrigerant and labor all right so were just gonna button this unit back up.
Its saturday so none of the warehouses were hoping i cant do it i cant change this out if i wanted to today to wait until monday to get the heart organ. If she decides to go with this i know she has home warranty so she may just go with one more piece. Its fine okay so with the bad compressor like that you know its saturday today.

how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-3
how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-3

And theres i cant i cant theres no warehouse is open so theres no way to tell what the availability of the new compressor is so what were going to do is i was able to find out that the compressor is still under warranty still under parts warranty ruud units. That were made after 2009 have the 10 year warranties apparently so so so the park will be under warranty. But the customer will just have to pay for labor.
So it sounds like shes gonna talk to her sons about it she obviously needs air conditioning. So i told her what the cost would be for labor. Only on the job.
And she seems to think thats fair. So well probably get the job. And maybe well shoot the video on how to change out a compressor coming up soon.
So all right well thanks. So much for watching and see you on the next video music. .

how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-4
how to tell if home ac compressor is bad-4

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