How to DISABLE Discord Overlay+Text Overlay.

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Ladies outside to welcome to literally any other game. Where youre affected by this this discord thing in the top left corner. Here.
Now you may want this part. Ill get to that later. But however.
The text chats are extremely annoying. Lets wait and see if one will come in just on you know discord right you know how youre in a server. And there happens to be people.
Talking in that server will now with a new discord overlay. It shows up in your game.

how to disable discord overlay in game-0
how to disable discord overlay in game-0

I dont know if its gonna appear now of course thats my luck the second i fixed my recording software it wont show up however a lot of people you will probably understand what im talking about especially. If youre coming. Here.
Big text box right up here there we go there it is anywho. Im here to show you how to turn that off so lets head over to this cord. Now here we go go to user settings.
Just follow these steps go all the way up to overlay now you can just straight up in a or turn off enable indian overlay. If you dont want any of it at all that includes the little avatar showing up when you speak and if your friends are in a call with you or if youre in a big discord call all those will go away to which you may actually want for a stream. So if you want those.
But you dont want the text chats you can just turn off show text chat notifications and keep enable in game overlay on now if we go back to fortnight itll say ahead now has text chat however it is not going to show the text chat and again if you want your little avatar up here to go away maybe you want your privacy you dont want people talking to you on discord. Just completely turn off an able in game overlay as i just showed you over there.

how to disable discord overlay in game-1
how to disable discord overlay in game-1

And that will get rid of all of these problems. Its extremely annoying when youre in a game trying to peek at someone and a giant window of text shows up over them it probably affects other games too its probably going to literally everyone if its not maybe you want to talk to someone you do you. However.
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Ive gotten probably 40 in the last 28 days. Its wonderful and im very glad for all of this i want to keep this streak going anyway. Ill see you guys later thanks for watching.

how to disable discord overlay in game-2
how to disable discord overlay in game-2

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