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In this story. Ill show you how to add their twitch tv modes into into your channel. So lets begin first thing.
All you have to do is into better twitch tv type in like that and there are two tops that you want to mess around life will be bad. Which to be google from and also i mean duplicate every quickly go back in and go into home. So as you can see those are two hour blocks.
Basically the fantasy you can have done a different video. This is what youre looking for better twitch tv. This amount right here.
If you dont have that you have to add it to from like so add extensions chrome. Like so. If youve done that restart you from just close.

how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-0
how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-0

It and open it again its first thing you have to do just keep that in mind next. We have to do is just connect the twitch through the other one better twitch tv. Come and go on to my channel thing in this my modes.
Sorry my channel is why was that going to my most basically well you have your you can optimax five modes for cha cha channel emotes and a thing. Im pretty sure you can get up to 10 as long as your channels kind of bigger. But the beginning you get out of 5 so empty my slot right here does those are main modes per tv.
Most are enabled from better twitch tv and we can do here is all you have to do is just kinda and add note in here. So you can search for it for example. If i search for mom can we just common one monica.
Yes. Monke ass. Right here you can either in pretty stunning.

how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-1
how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-1

More 107 thousand people are using it using my channel. All you have to do and demo will be available shortly. What that means is it will be available in five minutes.
It wont be instantly. Available youll be available five to six maybe even seven months the pants to be added into your channel. So now we do is go onto your channel.
And you can all test some modes just to prove that they work so what you do type in zoo. So simply more monka down to you there are two different types of moncada boosters. One from frankerz emotes and birth which to be frank ozzy is much more bigger than the ptp tv.
Thats why its better so im gonna consider moving a catchy bass catch your bus a pajama miss collect it as well so the monk is shouldnt work maybe well cuz. Its its kind of national. Yeah.

how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-2
how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-2

Its kind of nationalism. Oh. Its a global effort to achieve ego boom.
You know its not not like those ones. Those ones are not going. Most the manga is cleverly not about to be so obviously always work i get there why me so if i try to remove it and go to my channel.
Monks and try to people happy no money trans are using it and it is not a global emote by just i was cold again go back to my lab. And ill go back to my channel people happy people people happy wont work. See that exactly the same thing right that time same thing.
So work is five seven minutes. It would depend. It would be a bachelor attitude channel.

how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-3
how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-3

And thats pretty much how you do it. If you cant really see those emotes. All you have to do is go to beneficiary settings and enable birth.
Which tv. Modes and birth. Which tv gif emotes.
What people also do is they usually enable frankerfacez emotes as well. But it should be that doesnt matter i saw those in most people before i even knew that an option so enable those pre settings. Better to be better to severe modes.
Better and better to the tv. Gif. Modes and youre pretty much set.
And done for it and one more things as soon as you log into here you will have to connect your and beverage tv to your twitch. Signing and do all those stuff touch be simple for you so thats about it for this video thank you for watching. .

how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-4
how to enable bttv emotes on twitch-4

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