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Im freaking out because i was trying to cut layers into my hair and and i really screwed up so i ended up cutting my hair okay. Im kidding obviously if you guys fell for that i know im really bad liar. But i tried um that was my debut at my acting career you know the one.
Im really really good at obviously. This is a wig for those of you guys that dont know. But it looks pretty natural ever since i did the blonde wig.
I saw so many requests on how the hell i fit all of my hair under a wig so i wanted to show you guys my technique. Its really simple and easy. And i tried so many techniques that i found here on youtube.
And it just didnt work from my hair. Personally how where does it see me with short hair because this is like my actual hair color. But come up here.
Oh my god then come on up come here come here if youre gonna yell at me come here if youre gonna yell at me comparing to me fools so if you guys want to see how i fit 33. Inches of hair under this thing then please keep watching so my hair looking real good right now. I have been cleaning and organizing all day.
So this is literally what my hairs looked like i was like put some makeup on so i could film in this video. But i just wanted to show you guys like how much hair. I really do have um.
Ill stand up for this mm hmm. Always look typical hi. Everyone so this is all my own hair it goes past my.
But dont mind this i like to eat up a ton right now so its really really long really sick course um. This is how it air dries just for everyone always thinks of extensions. Here look.
There are no extensions. Here so i love the idea of changing your hair and trying new things. And i just really never do it so i started ordering wigs probably like two years ago.
And i have so many and i really struggled with trying to figure out a way to fit all of my hair under it i have made an appointment to go into the city to have it like professionally put on so i thought maybe i could learn a new technique and then if it works better than mine. I would film this video finally. But i feel like the technique that i found just works a lot better for my hair.
Because i do have so much of it so what they did was they wrapped my hair.

how to wear a wig with long hair-0
how to wear a wig with long hair-0

All the way around and i found that it was just way too bulky like here that the wig wouldnt lie flat. Enough so first what i do is i want to smooth all of my hair back so i have this brush. Which is like ancient.
I have had this for so long and im just gonna start like smoothing my hair back this is gonna really bother me my shirt. Doing this the entire time so what i do is i smooth it into a low ponytail. You want to get it obviously as flat as humanly possible and once you have it like smooth i colored them as first but normally ill do it in front of a sink.
So i have some water. But i use the got to be glue food gel and ill just apply a decent amount. Its weird.
I thought it was clear thats coming out light apply this just all along the front to really make sure all my hair is back like all the little flyaways and everything so again nice decent amount so you could straighten your hair. Even that would be definitely more helpful the last time i did i didnt straighten my hair. So im not gonna do it this time.
And you want to put this ponytail. Like as a low to your neck as possible last time. I did do it a little bit higher.
And i noticed you know like that was one thing. I would change for this time around so now im going to secure it with a hair tie and you want it like super. Tight.
So im gonna do it as many times my shirt is gonna choke me so again smooth smooth so next you want to take your wig cap. I like using the beige ones because you see your hair through it so you want like your part to look like its skin color. So first so first you apply the one and then all you do to the side.
Just tuck your own hair into the wakeup dont worry about it looking bulky. Were gonna fix that like so so yes its a little bulky now but you gotta like mush your hair around into it so. The key is putting the ponytail low enough that its down here and then the rest of this hair.
Were gonna take another wig cap this time from the back and were gonna put it again to the front you just want to make sure like all your hair is covered and what i like to do is like you can see its pretty flat right now and again. We would rather or i would rather the bulk down here. Where the hair is gonna cover it then all here.
Where i want it like super flat. So i just like mush around my hair. And again.
If you want to use a straightener.

how to wear a wig with long hair-1
how to wear a wig with long hair-1

Itll be a little bit flatter to begin with you can see its pretty pretty flat. So just keep mushing just keep pushing and i always like to pull this further down before i apply the wig so this was the blond. One was so since its already cut.
Well try this one on there are a couple other ones. I just want to try on all im doing this video. Because why not so this wig is from i cant handle myself right now.
This is vegas from freedom couture. They have amazing wigs. I love them the only issue.
Ive had is like ive bought medium and large and i feel like im kind of in between size so some of the ones that are large are just too big. But i think i can bring them to somebody have them fixed. But they have amazing quality and the best out of all the wigs that i do have and they are very very pricey.
But they are fully so you could part them wherever you want its real hair. And whats cool about them is they come with a strap in them. So.
I heard just probably like i dont even know probably like six or seven of them from her so with the band you want to put your head like face first into it and then pull the band around and whats good about this band is its gonna sit like right i like to put it like right where this hair is so it kind of flattens. I even more which is nice so lets get some hair. So i put my head in first i flip the fan and like i just it on the flip like the fattest part pull it back and just cant so obviously we need to adjust it so its in the right spot.
We could pick it up and get all the baby hairs out i love the baby hairs. I think theyre so cute now thats i have the wig on im gonna like slowly push back to get to my hairline. And that is how you do it so since this one is a medium and doesnt really like fit my head perfectly it looks better on my head because its like a smaller size the way so what i then would do is piece by piece glue this onto my scalp and i use i dont use real wig glue.
I didnt do that one time with the daenerys way and that was a nightmare trying to get that off i ripped out my hair. So. What i did with this one since again.
It is a little bit small is i would do one side at a time and then once i did the one side. I took this like you could see my wig cap still showing you just take it and you like slightly pull it you would slightly pull it like this and glue it on so i dont know if im gonna glue it on because i want to try on a couple these ones you may say are like glueless. You dont even need to but obviously with a glue done it looks more natural you also can get weight tapes.
Ive never tried that but you can see from the front. It looks nice and then from the side. It also looks really nice if you find that its still a little too bulky you could try another wig cap.
So you can see from the side.

how to wear a wig with long hair-2
how to wear a wig with long hair-2

As well. It is not bulky at all so i have this one. Ive been really wanting to try its like a short dark because i will never cut my hair.
It still has the lace on it so let me cut the lace. Dont be nervous. When doing this you cant really screw it up just dont get too close to the hairline.
Especially if it has a hairline on it so i just like cut it down the center and then right up against the baby hairs. All right so lets try this one i havent tried it on with makeup. Yet so same thing you just put it in the front bandon.
Please pull. It over good bear kidding me. So this one.
I can already tell is like a medium. Which i think look better on me the other one i actually styled them and like use the straightener on this ones like a little bit poofy like right here. But i think its just because like i said.
I need to use a little bit of a straightener so weird this short hair. Maybe i will glue this one on to chaya you just want to pull and then glue right over your natural hairline. You can do whatever you want you could style.
It however you want up i want to try one more on and then the side between this or the other one so weird having short hair. This one was a kind of favorite of mine. I actually took a picture in this and everybody thought it was real yeah.
This ones a large so it definitely fits like it feels like it fits better like i was really considering like dyeing my hair like this obviously. Remember the lace is still on this one so weird right blonde. I wanted to do this.
But like keep my hair like super dark and just do like two front pieces. So obviously if i applied it correctly and took the lace off it would look better. But i dont know i think its too late for me im just used to dark hair.
I think im gonna do it short bob just cuz im gonna scare you guys at the beginning of this intro so yeah these are all from freedom couture. I have other brands as well these are just the best ones in my opinion all right so now let me show you how to glue one of these bad boys on your head. So before we glue it down you want to make sure its in the right spot the band you want to make sure like your ear is not being attacked.
I always like to clip up the hair away from your face.

how to wear a wig with long hair-3
how to wear a wig with long hair-3

So im going to use the got to be glued. And im not gonna do a crazy amount cuz. Im gonna take this off afterwards use if you want this to last longer.
Theres like the ultra glued. Which ive used before so im just gonna fold. It back and apply it right on my scalp as well as the lace and then holding it back.
Im gonna go on like blow air music once you feel. Its getting sticky and tacky just gonna take it and just push. So ive seen other videos that are way better than mine on how to actually physically glue it down and make it look amazing so dont just take my technique.
Im still new at this. But my biggest problem was just figuring out how to get my natural hair under it so lets do this side first same thing. Im going to hold it back and just put this got to be glued right along my hairline since my hair is the same color as the wig.
I dont need to go crazy obviously with the blond. One i mean sure like every little piece was tucked music so were going to take this pull and press while im cutting it down. And i have it on the pool actually not on i have it on cooling on heat.
I dont know if you guys just take this end the pointy end and just should have secured hold it down youre gonna repeat the same thing on this side so once it gets tacky youre gonna want to take it so make sure all the baby hairs push down the same thing with this so now. I just want to go over with a strainer like right around here. It is regular hair.
So you can use heat on these wigs. This is what i did with the blonde wig as well this is one us will see so weird. Its my first time with like real short hair and again.
I know i have to take this off tonight. So i didnt do the best job at securing it again. Theres so many amazing videos here on youtube on how i even learn how to secure it but as far as like fitting all of my hair under wigs.
This is the only way that really works for me my mom would be so happy she wants me to cut my hair so bad i just cannot imagine doing it i just posted on snapchat and instagram and see what everybody thinks i said snip snip. See if anyone believes me so he were like thats a wig you would never never ever wait wait wait it looks a real nono. So this is the final result.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hopefully you learned something new and hopefully my techniques will work for you guys out there with long thick hair. But i hope you guys enjoyed this video.
Thank you so much for watching. And its the next time. Ill see you guys later .

how to wear a wig with long hair-4
how to wear a wig with long hair-4

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