How To (Fix) | File Transfer From Mac to External Hard Drive

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Guys hows it going my name is raquel and we are back for another another video. This is gonna be the first ever tips and tricks tuesdays that will come on send it since theyre not but hopefully. It does so that the name makes sense.
But yeah. So i had a pc and a secure time mac for those of you guys who watched my previous videos in their hair right here. Youll know thats the case.
So what happened was while i did the little switch. Ive been learning little tips and tricks as i go along and im sharing them with you on this youtube channel disclaimer this channel is not a tech youtube channel. But whenever i come across a tip or trick that might be useful for you guys i put it up and i have a little playlist with tips and tricks.
So the first tips and tricks video that i did did really really well and now i have just one tip for you guys today and im working on a longer tips and tricks video. Im compiling that as we speak so hard drive. We all have one of these and i was using it with this bad boy for the longest time this one is number lebron seagate.
So this is a seagate hard drive and it works well with this. But what i found is when i got this macbook. It wasnt transferring my documents.
I wasnt able to save anything from my macbook on to the seagate hard drive. So i troubleshoot to this for the longest time and watched about like 10 youtube videos to figure out how to get it to work. And if i had to watch some youtube videos.
Chances are youre probably gonna have to watch. A couple youtube videos to figure it out too. So why not just watch me.
And ill show you how to do it in a couple easy steps. I already bought this to work so im not gonna fidget with it anymore. But i also have a flash drive thats having the same problem so ill show you that one i plug this in i cant get i can read all the documents on it cuz aqua was able to see everything thats on the drive again its a problem.

how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-0
how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-0

But if i want to add new stuff to this flash drive it doesnt work and thats exactly what was happening with this hard drive fix the problem here im gonna show you guys how to fix the problem. But im gonna use this it works the same way so you can do follow the steps and you can do it for your hard drive. So the first thing i want to say is that its really really important to backup your hard drive because whatevers on your hard drive when you reform when you format your hard drive.
Were gonna lose all of that stuff because its gonna involve erasing it so you want to make sure that youre backing off your hard drive before you do it so for this bad boy. I only had about 40 gigs of stuff saved from this computer. That i wanted to keep so i back that up before i formatted it if you have more than a hundred gigs or something like that of storage.
Its gonna be a longer process to backup and i dont know if its worth. Its or if you just want to spend the 80 bucks and gets in your hard drive. But for me.
It was only about 40 40 40 gigs of stuff. So i just kind of put it all on my desktop to save. It and then backed up the hard drive.
And then changed the format of the hard drive so thats what im gonna show you how to do in this video. It was a really long intro lets get into it so it just occurred to me how load. It is with the ac going so that just checked out and were gonna see if we can get this entire tutorial done before it kicks back in i apologize if it does chip back in im not the only one in the house and it is hot guys alright.
So heres what we do so i plug the flash drive in and you see it a pair on my desktop like so so im going to open. It up. And you can see i have three files on this three folders on this desktop.
I can open all them and see whats in it no problem if i try to drag this over from my desktop. I cant add anything to the file see it just gives me that great circle with a line through it so i cant stress how important. This is guys you need to backup your harddrive so im creating a new folder on my desktop and im just gonna name it backup 2020 and im going to drag all the documents that were on my flash drive over to this backup folder just to make sure that everythings saved.
So. Now. That i have everything saved.

how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-1
how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-1

Its gonna take a little bit of time. And if you have a longer a larger folder or more stuff on your hard drive its gonna take even longer. But yeah everything saved right now as you can see i opened up back up just to check that everythings in there everything looks good so now.
Im gonna go over to disk utility. And i get to disk utility by clicking on the little magnifying glass. And just typing it in to spotlight search.
So disk utility and it pops up right here. On my screen. Double click on that and it opens up this utility.
Now. Its really important guys. This is your macintosh hard drive you dont want to touch that go down to external and look for your external hard drive.
This is mine. Its called airtel and as you can see i have this is a small flash drive it only has a little bits of stuff on it. But what i want to point out to you is that it says windows nt file system so thats ntfs and thats thats a windows file.
And whats happening here is that my macbook can read it so it can see everything thats on the on the flash drive. But it cant add anything else to it just because its not compatible so what were gonna do is were gonna format this drive were just gonna erase this drive so that it can it can be read by both so were gonna go over to erase and then were gonna just rename this drive its not necessary to rename it but im just gonna rename it anyway so raquel 2020. Ill call it raquel hd actually propel hd.
There we go so now were gonna format and were gonna you want to make sure its on exfat exfat is a file that that mac can read and thats a pc can read and all the operating systems can read its like one of the most popular file like formats. I suppose is what i learned about it so if you change it to exfat and now click erase everything on your hard drive is going to go. This is why backing off is so important so now.
Its creating this as an extract file. So now it says raquel hd. And highlighted exfat boom.

how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-2
how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-2

Click the x and now when i go back to my hard drive. I can restore everything that was on it so ill just drag all this stuff back over and again. If you have a lot of stuff.
Its gonna take a little bit of time. I dont really have that much stuff because im just using a flash drive for this example. But if you have a lot of files.
It will take some time so now im able to actually put things on this flash drive and well try this picture again voila. So yeah. There you have it guys.
The flash drive is now read and writable so my macbook is able to add things to it and i can also take things off it and see everything thats on it no problem if i try to get on my pc. It will still work no problem. So thats how you do it and just because somebody asked in the last video.
Ill just show you quickly how to eject your flash drive so all you have to do is right click on your flash drive go down to eject and youre free to plug your flash drive out of your computer. No problem so yeah. Thats it cant stress enough how important it is to make sure that you backup your hard drive.
If you want to do this process. Because anything that was on it will be lost um. If you have more than 100 gigs.
Id uh. I personally wouldnt put all of that on this what i did was this computer has a lot of storage. So i did the same process on the desktop.
But i just did it on my on my pc instead so i plugged the hard drive. This hard drive into my pc. And i created a folder called backup and then i dragged everything on to it.

how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-3
how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-3

Because. This computer has a way more storage than this so 40 gigs of stuff was saved. There and then i brought it back over to this computer turn it into the exacta exfat file the way i just showed you how to do it.
And then i was able to transfer everything from this computer onto the hard drive and still have this hard drive work with this computer. Hopefully that makes sense to you and hopefully. This was helpful.
I will be back with another tips and tricks. Compilation. Video.
Next. Week. Tuesday.
Have a good. One. Take.
Care. Bye. E.
Oh. And dont forget to like. And subscribe.
Because. Your girls putting. In real work to make these videos.
Hey alright see ya. .

how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-4
how to transfer files from mac to external hard drive-4

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