How to get a crown on musically!!! (FOR FREE)

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Guys um today. Im going to be showing you how to get a crown crown on musically so yes first thing youre going to want to do is photoshop and mix so i go to the play store app store it works on android and iphone. And then just place audio photoshop mix and the thing and then youll see days then just download.
It theres just it or whatever. It says you just press it so its going to open to dis and you have to sign up so ill be back okay. So i have im in and then go to the plus sign right here tap.
It and go to device right. But before you do that go down and go to your musically. Okay and take a bite go to your town and take a picture of your town.
We then go to the search button and go to a famous person on the wit a crown gotta be where crown. Im gonna choose baby ariel because shes like my favorite music im not following her on this account. But im following on several other musical accounts.
So just so you know so yeah okay so now im going to take a picture of her town take a picture of the same as versus an account. Okay and now well go to photoshop make sorry about the other pictures and go to gallery and then so then pick your picture from the thing so go to what i said. And its just a new way.
Okay. Ima show. You jackie ready just for city.

how to get a crown on musically without downloading anything-0
how to get a crown on musically without downloading anything-0

Device. Gallery. Screenshots first press your profile picture take a screen shot.
Thing and then go to this press button go back to the device. And then press. The baby area to and then go to like im show you wait to go to right.
Where is hold on now go on the famous proceed. Profile. And then press cut out lingo.
And to add. Name zooming. Oh.
Shoot hold on hold on before you do that zoom in on to the crown. And then press cut out and then cut out this just a shoot. Wait come on doing wrong.
And just cut out this there we go. And then press check then now go to your profile. Then bam.
Heres the crown and then you got to make it believable so blend it in i dont even know where the crowns is are musically put out up out of order and now you have your crown sorry im clicking a lot but im trying to get this crime its like right here dont mind if you just mess up just how to do it again it.

how to get a crown on musically without downloading anything-1
how to get a crown on musically without downloading anything-1

See i messed up a little. But just dont mind it you know dont nobody and just put your crown on and ill take a few times. Okay and once you got it on or you want it go to so good yes.
I think go to the these three buttons right here. And lets just save the gallery and then the result was safe and hold on let me shake. And im off is different on yours.
But on mine. I didnt see at first as you go two days and i had to scroll down and it was there but i dont know if it different you guys is and then from there what you would want to do is press. The three dot rocks it go to musically go back to musically and no and then go to edit profile and then go to from library.
And then go to here. I think thats the one no yo harder harder you got to crop. It i forgot to say you got a crop crop.
It to where they can see your profile pic and the crown. Go done wait save it go back to musically go. Here go from library and go to that one the one that you just edited.
Yeah way i dont want it fat. Now. If it dont look good that time edit it back again.
Oh no no no no no no no just keep it how it is and press done and there at the same time you still have your crown and if no if you dont like how your crown. Looked anything just go oh okay there you go bye guys. .

how to get a crown on musically without downloading anything-2
how to get a crown on musically without downloading anything-2

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