HOW TO GET ANY CAPES FREE (Minecon,Optifine,Mojang,Special Capes) For 1.8.9

how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you HOW TO GET ANY CAPES FREE (Minecon,Optifine,Mojang,Special Capes) For 1.8.9. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Whats going on guys were back with another video. Im gonna be be showing you how to get any cake you want in 18. 09.
I did little. I did a video on this a little while ago for. 1710.
It was for i think only minecon and mochan cakes. I cant really remember im trying to think okay no no it was actually for like it most of them. Im just gonna find out who has the cape and stuff anyways.
This is like how you can get any cape like any cape. Im not even joking there so many capes anyways. If you if this worked for you make sure you leave a like and ill see you guys on the next video.
One more thing guys um. If you dont get it. The first time.

how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-0
how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-0

I do it again just cuz like i think i went a little too fast please let me know if i did cuz. You know i want to get good at this i want to be able to do anything teach people make sure they understand so i just want it to be perfect for you guys anyways. Now you guys can watch the video alright guys so first thing you want to do you want to go head over to this website.
Its kind of probably gonna be the first link in the description. Once youre here. Youre gonna need to log into your accounts.
Therell be a little thing or like right here. That says login. All you want to do is enter your minecraft username and your password.
Then once youre done that you can head it over to gal well first actually lets go a little bit slow here you want to click download and ill take you here most of these i know dont work. So were just gonna be doing one point eight point nine. Which is like usually what people play on if theyre playing hypixel so all you want to do is click that itll come up right down youre using google chrome or i dont know were also ago.
I think this little thing for like firefox button yeah. Who uses that im kidding people still do anyways once you have that just drag it to your desktop or you know how to install mods you can just go quickly go like this you know well okay hold on im gonna still be a bit slow okay so its install you just want to type in app data oh my god app data it all been about folder click dot minecraft mods drag them on in here lets just delete that really quick and once its in there you can go ahead and close out of that now that you have them all installed. Were gonna go up to gallery and this is where we get to choose the cable that pretty much was just for like the cape to be enabled and now were just gonna choose the picture that shows up so we can choose like any random cave lets just check all right thats kind of weird so were gonna find something a bit better when you go to mind.

how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-1
how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-1

Con capes. Were gonna go with a 2012 cape. Once you got that its and then giving you this little png here dry look to your desktop.
You can now close out of that if you want but ill keep it open and actually what am i thinking im so im really tired you actually have to do everything on this website cook so click upload a cape choose file. And we have to find it on your desktop there it is right there and click apply cape sorry this is a little complicated just keep like re watching the video its not that that tough like its really not itll take it said that itll take around 30 minutes to update. Hopefully it wont but anyway.
So we got that cave now for one point eight point nine other people with this mod can see it so thats actually really cool. And yeah. Lets actually go launch mc and see if it worked all right guys.
We now have mc open and were just gonna go quickly. Join hi pics to see if it worked to me a little bit slow because my computer probably cannulation know. Oh my god its very lucky and there.
Oh my god its super laggy and loud so im very sorry about that im not even running headphones. Im sorry. Theres an echo yeah.

how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-2
how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-2

Its actually like killing my pc. Because i have like mine good render seven things recording some settings all right now and were gonna were gonna try this out with another cape just in case you guys didnt get the first ones. I think i went a little bit too fast as this is my first time recording this video right now.
I havent done any like reduce oh. And thats actually looking pretty smooth and that honest it looks really nice once were up here. Were just things like a delete scape and boom.
Its gone so we can go up to gallery. And i think were no filius should be god i forgot my rent random cape that actually it okay ill try my cringe. Honestly um.
This might take a little bit of time so i might bring you guys back in a second and you got to go to upload choose file and select that file that we just saved click apply and we are good you guys now once we go back into game. We should have a purple optifine cape. Which is gonna look so nice alright guys we are joining hypixel and see if it worked can be very leggy once again im very sorry cuz.
Im not oh my god its actually extremely laggy okay. I mean it did say it would take like 30 minutes to update. So maybe.

how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-3
how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-3

Thats why you know what im saying. Oh we might just i just quickly restart the game. But i have no idea all right this is attempt number two were gonna get stormed with leg and were gonna quickly see if it works okay thats a really awkward.
But you know you guys got the idea you guys know how to do it now i mean. I guess you cant like it quickly switch back from cape to cape. Because i mean that makes sense you know.
Its gonna take a. Little. Bit tunned.
Update. Anyways i. Guarantee.
Oh no i. Am. 999.
Sure. This will work for you if it did please leave a like and subscribe for more videos. And ill see you all in the next video.

how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-4
how to get a cape in minecraft 1.8.8-4

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