How to Get Cosmog in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon trainers welcome back to another pokemon video on ai star lee tv today we we are going to show you how to get cosmic in pokemon sun and moon can get this pokemon regardless of the game. However the method is going to be a little bit different depending on which game you are playing so before obtaining cosmic. You must meet a few criteria first you must defeat.
The pokemon league. You must become the champion of lola you must beat the game after that you must well before that of course you must obtain the soul galileo lutein allah depending on which game you are playing you must capture this one and you must have it in your party with you in order to get cosmo. Now.
This is important it cannot be traded it must come from this original game. And it must be via the very pokemon that you captured throughout the story. So galileo or loon allah.
You cant trade one from wonder trade or from a friend and hope that that will work for you unfortunately. That will not it has to be the exact one also you need to appear here at the opposite time of day.

how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-0
how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-0

So im playing sun version. Which means. Im appearing at the altar of the sun at night.
If youre playing moon version. You you must appear here in the daytime and so to get here. Its pretty simple youre just going to fly to the pony island this is the ancient pony path and youll notice on the bottom screen here there are two different flat feathers.
That you can fly to youre going to fly to the one at the top youre going to fly there thatll fly you to the cave. Where you fought the komo for the dragon trial at the before you got to the pokemon league. Youre going to go up from there and its going to take you outside.
And that youre basically already going to be there so just fly there go up leave the cave upward. And youll be here youll have to run up a humungous flight of steps.

how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-1
how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-1

But once here youre going to find an ultra wormhole now once again you must have the sole goal ao or luna in your party. And youre going to approach. It and press a beyond the distortion you can see what looks to be another world will you go there yes all right so its going to open up its gonna suck you in and youre going to be transported to another dimension.
Another reality. I suppose and this is now the alter of the moon. So once here.
What you are going to do this is kind of like like i said kind of an alternate existence of the world now. What you were going to do is youre going to travel to route 16. And youll notice that there are two little feathers.
Here that you can fly to again. Youre going to fly to the one on the top again thats going to take you to the ulah ulah meadow again route 16 is in rulla rulla islands so youre gonna fly there route 16 once there youre just going to go upward.

how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-2
how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-2

Its really straightforward youre just going to run up this way and here you are at the lake of the sun and youre going to walk inside just keep going. This is another one of those areas. Where its a long kind of long kind of walk so its a long long hallway.
Once you get through surprisingly. Theres still some more steps you know some more places to go youre gonna youre gonna get to the top. And its gonna initiate a little bit of a cutscene.
So golay. Oh suddenly roared towards the sky. Oh look at that hello brother.
You have summoned me from a great distance. He didnt really say i just made that up plus its cosmogony im gonna save it and im gonna like soft reset for like a good one huh.

how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-3
how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-3

But this is how you obtain cosmic would you like to take cosmic with you of course. I would look at him. Hes cute peep you so you received kozma very nice so there it is thats how you obtain cosmic cosmic will evolve into cosmo um at level 43 regardless of the game and then.
Cosmo. Um will evolve into either soul delay. Oh.
If you are playing pokemon. Sun. Or loon allah.
If you are playing pokemon moon. Version. So if you have a friend who hasnt another copy of the game you can trade them youre kozma they can evil cause mog.
I keep saying kozma they can evolve it for you. And then they can maybe trade it back to you if you have a really nice friend otherwise you have a cute little cosmo you can raise it to be a stronger soul golay oh than your other one theyre best friends theyre brothers whatever its body is gaseous and frail it slowly grows as it collects dust from the atmosphere give it a nickname sure im gonna name it nabi too and there it is so if this video helped you out please leave a like and please subscribe for more pokemon sun and moon content and tips and tricks and guides and anything else along those lines. I hope you enjoyed and ill see you very soon .

how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-4
how to get cosmog in pokemon sun-4

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