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Guys is ot here and welcome to my channel. So thats in todayss video. Im gonna show you how to get free stuff from ebay like anything you want from me baby without having to pay for anything either for the shipment.
You dont even have to spend a single penny. All you have to do is just watch the whole video to the very end so that you can properly understand on how to do this on your own. But if you face some challenges make some problems and let me know in the comment section or you can like send them to my twitter.
My instagram or my snapchat literally anything and now be sure to respond and help you guys out cause. Its literally the aim of the shuttle is to help people out thats all i want to do so if you guys hit facing any challenges let me know and ill help you and also that i like to let you know that i have a second channel. Where i post like pranks and skits and all of that if you guys want to check it out the link will be in the description.
And i also been doing a giveaway there so like if you guys want to get a chance to win all you have to do is just go and subscribe and like comment on my recent video comments why you wanna win the get one and now im gonna you got to enter yourself in the giveaway and yeah so i am back and you and i expect more bangers coming your way so we should have notifications and also you wont miss out on a single upload and yeah guys i wanna thank you guys for the support that youve been showing for all the more subscribers out of state being with me lets try and get to the cake. I believe you can do this the aim of this is to help people out so make sure you share my videos. So i can reach to as many people as possible and help them cuz thats going to be the goal of the channel.

how to get free stuff on ebay-0
how to get free stuff on ebay-0

Honest you guys have you want to help you guys out so yeah. Many others video well im gonna open this one music try it out and let me know in the comment section im gonna hop in my phone real quick and im gonna show you guys how to proceed from their own so enough for the talking necessary in todays video. Lets go all right guys now as you can see i have safari open up and once youve opened up safari or your browser whatever it is you want to search up ebay.
So you wanna like be careful why picking some items my especially the like latest items might be a little bit tricky on name so it might not work. So you wanna like go to like older items and stuff like that so im just gonna go through some random stuff and i get back to you guys once i find the items that i wanna get or i guess so as you can see i have finally found the item that i want to get and it is the iphone nexus max 512 gigabytes and yeah and as you guys can see this one is very expensive and like look at the storage. If i were personally to get this i will not go for this one first is so expensive second.
Oh. I dont need all my storage. So like yeah.
But thats beside the point. What im trying to say is like this is the item that i chose. I didnt want to go to like the latest version as i say earlier that if you try on like latest items might not work for some reason.

how to get free stuff on ebay-1
how to get free stuff on ebay-1

So yeah. Thats why i picked this one so now once you get here. What im going to do is im going to add cart then you wanna here to view in cart alright now heres where all the magic happens so you wanna pull all your eyes and ears here.
But you need to pay attention otherwise youre gonna miss out on some stuff. And its not gonna work for you so yeah alright so now once you get here. What you wanna do is you wanna.
You wanna click. The bar on top here. So you wanna click.
This little bar. And you wanna erase everything thats there and you wanna hit. Im gonna put what you have to write in the description.

how to get free stuff on ebay-2
how to get free stuff on ebay-2

So like if you you know catch up you can like co create a description so you wanna hit em dot ebaycom. Slash complete question mark card id once you get here theres a number that im gonna put in the description. You dont have to memorize it so you have to enter this number here.
So you can go to the description of this video and copy the number and paste it right here. So yeah. If you if you like put.
The wrong number. It will not work so make sure you use the correct number that im about to show you guys why not so yeah all right so here is this is an especial number. This is gonna help you get the item for free so yeah.
Now what im going to do next is im gonna put and the end sign a tty and equal sign one dont let go tell you nothing as you can see thank you all that has been placed easy as that matter being better move. Now you said i have to wait just be patient and you get the email. The time you get the email will vary from its person.

how to get free stuff on ebay-3
how to get free stuff on ebay-3

So its not the same so it might take a day you might take hours you might take even a week. Its gonna take a while depending on light when youre doing it at the time its gonna depend on so many factors also where youre youre from is just be patient and wait for your item like dont lose hope be patient. It would definitely work and yeah so our basic theme is gonna have to wait for my iphone ss max and once he gets here ill film the unboxing.
I will not post this video until i actually get the item that i ordered several months later alright guys so here is the phone as you guys can see it finally arrived it didnt take that much time. I mean it just as you guys you can see man let me show you guys the phone is sealed this is the iphone x max 152 gigabytes as you guys can see right here. Email is built so.
What i further adieu let me just open that up as you guys can see like that music heres the phone let me power that up. Oh. My god oh that basically guys.
Thats basically it for this video hope you guys did enjoy if you did be sure to drop a like subscribe. If youre new turn on or post notification to not miss out an upload and we i really hope you enjoy this video. I will see you guys you music thanks for watching my youtube video now its your turn to thank me click subscribe and at the end of the next video.
Ill thank you again .

how to get free stuff on ebay-4
how to get free stuff on ebay-4

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