How To Get Laid In Highschool (100% WORKS)

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s good you too man i am back with another video tell you guys how how to lose your virginity man knew in high school. This is how you lose virginity okay. Im gonna show you out of the way that what ima say is i didnt lose my man junior in high school you know i didnt lose my virginity at school.
I lost it actually a couple of days after high school but this was my first step in to lose your virginity all right i know what it is you probably was just like me on high school. You feel me you you wanted to wait you know put it for that perfect girl or whatever the girl that you like you know sensor you can collect some cheese and it aint gonna work like that if you really want to lose your virginity you go on you wont have to do it with a with a hug the girl you gonna saying but ugly girls got the best heat and im saying they got the best cat you really in a good position already you feel me when that girl she waiting on hurt hurt hurt just might betray hey. It just might be you know sam so.
The first step. Its the you know saying open up your variety of females. If you wanna saying just dont focus on one girl you feel me any girl that like you right now she can be hurt she could be big whatever case may be dumb.
Im gonna need you to clap her cheese. So just stop stop being picky. My guys stop being picky music.
So number two thats chris. I stress this a lot man. And im gonna tell you why stress of a lot.
Number two is you gotta have a car now stress this because i dont understand us something we dont got a car understand something i dont got cars. I didnt have a car high school. But you know im saying i see why you needed the car in high school.
Because i helped and the dudes that did they was clapping cheese. I mean think about it though right let us say you got a girl right now she want to do it 95 percent. Its nine percent chance youre not gonna have nowhere else to do it and thats what you got a car cuz you your first time probably gonna be inside a car if not a car is that a hotel you know like after promised some shit like that but youre gonna be clapping cheeks in a car.

how to get laid in high school-0
how to get laid in high school-0

Unless your parents you know theyll have her over she listen parents cool that her parents clue what you coming over its just this nuts not gonna work out thats why you need a car you need a car to get from point a to point b get to her house and thanks girl house. You know say unless you go off like yeah. Im a beater and a good tool with you used to her you still used to energy cool.
I bellamy wait wait on me. Ive been to the coup. Two hours by the time you get that brushed.
She not even want to do it no mo. Youre gonna be so tired my hold on him about 30 more minutes by the time that half our parents on look look at i think a good way to lose your virginia high school is to wait to a prom now the reason i say that is because a lot of girls are down. And do it on prom day any other days because its like promise like thats like a special time and girls want bigger.
They want they wanted to feel special when they lose their virginity. So i know i know i think prom. Just passed.
I some of yall. Probably still going on right now. Oh.
No but probably your chance to cut some cheese then i got sick you got you got the hotel you got the car pulling the bone do your thing shit you know you gotta start going to parties. My guy. Theres been plenty of times where i went to a party and you know i dont tell my parties.
This that are through the high school like you know people in high schooler or everybody there you can we know everybody there parties like that because its gonna be girls there you know saying you spit up game or after that you already know tasty blacks. Theres just parties about good way to socialize. Im saying and get your mat game on now.

how to get laid in high school-1
how to get laid in high school-1

If you dont work. Maybe. The next party you can work if you dont worry i mean the next party but at the same time.
How you dont get to that party. So im saying gotta have a car if you dont have a car somebody other got a car in a neck in that case you can still use the car to clap the cheek your girlfriend got a car thats probably fine and let a bro and i can i borrow your keys real quick you know said i got them got a ham song music again. I say this all the time my other videos you got to talk to these girls.
I know you might be scared that youre gonna get rejected. But rejection is just a part of the game. Ive been rejected before hed been rejected then niggas back there being rejected before and yes rejection hurts for like a good two seconds.
But after that you good lets just say you meet a girl you know im saying you feelin her you know saying you make her you make her your girlfriend. Then all of a sudden. Im saying girls that you talk to they didnt want you they dont want you now cuz thats a high school work.
You finally saying girls get jealous over stuff like that so if you you know you after this girl dem girls wont get jealous so you make this girl your girlfriend. I mean girls dont get jealous now youve got these girls on you and you got hurt and there you go. Its like a whole pile of females after you right now.
I told you i i told you you dont need a reason to talk to girls you really dont you dont need to have a reason like you dont need to make up something you can do as welcome to them and say hi like an eggless speak because im saying you dont need to have a reason like i need to come over some clip. No you know no you dont now might sound weird. But a good way to get laid in high school is to pray i mean elect it on the freshmen and the sophomores how can i tell you what theres because the freshmen and sophomores they see in something new you know im saying everything right.
Now high school is new to them the people and the environment thing is new so they cant all theyre like all day like thats crazy. But let us say you was senior right now and the girl you trying to clip is a senior they see him once when she was a freshman shell want you now see what im saying if she dont want you to see him once you use a freshman. She dont want to know any nothing change okay so if we dead desperate to class my cheeks.

how to get laid in high school-2
how to get laid in high school-2

I see talk to a freshman or a sophomore. Im just trying to get some options because now what did i do to lose my virginity in high school. Im gonna tell you if i let yall.
Know now when i was a high school those plenty of girls you know that i could have clapped hes gonna saying. But like i said i was living in a fantasy. Where i was looking just like you were i wanted it to be perfect.
Im saying i was watching all these movies that made it seem like you know it was cool like it was you know american pie and all these other movies. Im like okay. Im just like them i have a car in high school.
You know it was girls that i really want to track the two who were home me i was like hold on im done you look like you like something. But i dont want to look at like oh. My god that eventually like after high school like a couple day unturned.
It was like a couple days. Where at the high school right now after i graduated or whatever finally clapping chicks man. I finally cut the cheese and it was a cooler moment so im saying.
It was cool them on cool them i feel good it felt like i joined my friends and i talked i can finally stop lying first hey. I hope this is enough information you know saying to get you out late in high school. Yeah.
I need more help my instagram will be right down here right down here somewhere somewhere. I want to scream alright. See you guys next time a whole lot of you go deuces music.

how to get laid in high school-3
how to get laid in high school-3

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