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Whats going on guys welcome to a video dragonball xenoverse. I am super pumped pumped super hyped i cant believe that the lc3 is finally here and with comes. The coolest characters will ever hit the game.
The coolest say. The dlc is actually the coolest thing that ever happens in the game um. Weve got super santa rosa go through black and with them comes the super black command mayor rosie.
I cannot wait to show you this skill a little bit later on in this video. Im going to do a skill test comparison and comparing this skill to a couple other skills damage. Wise like cac is maxed out on keep last supers and im going to use super computer.
Its going to be this surprising high opening all right so to get to skilled youre going to want to do parallel quest. 109. A fateful fight with a dv and they made it super easy.
To complete the spirit lo quest. You dont have any time restraints. All you have to do is complete this with all of your allies.
Surviving alright 100 every time. You do this youre going to ultimate finish. It youre going to get double to finish.
Because i did it 14 times with three random people and honestly the rng isnt that bad i mean. I didnt have to do it three times to get the skill to drop. But i had fun doing it because i was using super.
Sandra rosen guilty black man. I had a lot of fun like i really enjoyed it you know and also from this very low quest you get some mobsters closing. Now if youre wondering if youre getting a black uniform from the other pair of lopez and you got this uniform.
But you dont have his boots well the boots actually drop here because theyre not go cool black boots and im using air quotes. They are the mach 2 boots. Theres a law suit clothes.
So thats how you get the boots. There all right so this parallel quest you start out you fight trunks. Hes like you know help me to get better to you know save my future whatnot like that got a basically fight trunk.
And then he joined your sides and in the lawsuit and go through black come out one at a time and then you fight them together and then they they go away. They come back and theyre stronger than you have goku that fights with these vegeta that fights with you and basically it just makes you feel like you are in the goku black arc. Now this is cool.
They have regular go coop live. It comes out and fight you and stuff like that that is really awesome. I dont know what im doing here.
Im just letting them take in the scenery and let them fight. Thats pretty cool. But anyways.
Ah. So once you get the ultimate finish. Basically.
Keep all your allies. Alive. Goku.
Black. And the matsui are going to come out. Hes going to be super sandros goku black.
Hes going to come out and youre in the fight. Their health is on od god mode. Okay they have oh my god health.

how to get super black kamehameha xenoverse 2-0
how to get super black kamehameha xenoverse 2-0

But theres the cool thing about it theres three of you if youre in here. With three people i suggest coming here with three people now. I feel like personally.
Tamotsu has way more health than super. Santa rosa. Goku.
Black. But thats mainly because every. Time.
That ive done this curly put it was pretty much me fighting demas ooh. I once tested out on this run to see if the skill of the super black kamehameha rose would drop and while i mean if i killed goku black first right because normally when i do in trailer quest for the ultimate attack to drop you have to just complete the parallel quest and rnjesus might say okay im going to bless you and you get the skill. But not so in this game at you just means omashu is still up and i beat up or we beat up super and rosie goes black and youre the super black a man may have dropped not like oh.
My god its doing skill that drops in this parallel cuesta when you see you got a skill you know that you had i love that divine lasso bro that skill. I cant wait for our my cac to get it i might actually start using my cac now the go to black clothes. I dont like the way they actually look on my male sand character im going to put them on my female sand kick to see how they look there but other than that ill probably stick using this character as my my main my new main all right all right so here.
It is theres a skill ultimate attacks super black kamehameha rosie all right so now when i told you a little bit earlier. I did a steel test comparison with this testing this against a couple of other kamehameha and im going to see the damage lets see the damage together. I should say lets go check it out alright.
So im going to be testing. My skills or technical up against andros go through black. Because hes actually just really cool look at them.
He needs like a brand new character right. Im so glad they made him a unique character okay so first off. Im going to go ahead and power up to super vegeta like i said earlier my character is maxed out and ki blast super.
So hes going to do the maximum damage now i testing a times twenty kaio ken command may at first to see how much damage it can do im going to compare the super stereo slam against that have got damn got right um. That is a lot of damage that that still now that it actually hit they fix it to where you get the kamehameha blaster hit god is just od dumb strong lets see it one more time look at the damage output on this thing. This is ridiculous look at that 11500 damage.
10. Super sandro are the super super black camaros. A do that much damage lets check it out theres the first hit and here comes being ten thousand fifty one it looks like a times.
Twenty kaio ken kamehameha does a little bit more damage than the super black kamehameha rose egg that is actually pretty surprising still though the damage on the super black kamehameha rose a is nothing to laugh at honestly i really feel like the super saiyan or the super black kamehameha does more damage than the super black kamehameha rose a. Im going to test those skills a little bit later to im in see. Which one actually does for the most damage.
Ill have to use the actual cascara because i dont have the super black kamehameha for my pa. Suggest. Yes.
I do believe that they will be released for our c ap for the next test. Though lets check this super black man mia rose. A against gokus signature super command man all right now i honestly was pretty surprised at the outcome not really not really.
I wasnt really surprised at all i kind of knew that it would happen like this okay. So i dont know why im doing this i decided to hit super saiyan black our super fun i keep calling it super saiyan black kamehameha. The super black kamehameha rosa.
You think i know how to say it by now i decided to do it while i was in regular form. But i had to transform the super potato to to get the most out of it okay. So im going to go ahead and hit it super picky tattoos damage on this 10050.
One. It should be and yup 2051. Now lets use gokus signature super kamehameha.
Because essentially thats all goku uses and the damage on this super are the super black kamehameha rose a does more damage than the super command maiya. Which is i dont know i really felt like they might do the more damage that leads me to believe that when i do the character test that super saiyan rose egg goes from black is going to be stronger than a a version of goku. Im going to test the super saiyan blue goku.

how to get super black kamehameha xenoverse 2-1
how to get super black kamehameha xenoverse 2-1

Though. But lets get to the super black kamehameha test right now okay so im going to be starting with goku black first because we know what goku black can do we know how powerful this super black man maiya is and how it bodies people just super black your ass. Twice and youre dead alright.
So definitely super saros go through black is not no survive well he might survive to those because hes got hella health and hella stamina alright. So lets do it again look at that damage. Though combo damage.
Its going to do eighty eight nine eight on the damage. Thats eight thousand eight hundred ninety eight on damage. Now this is a bunch of times because i kept getting different numbers sometimes depending on if you know like that right there seven thousand five hundred fifty six not sure exactly why i got that number im just gonna keep spamming.
It a couple of times to see you know where the damage is going to go like that one 4706 thats not really damage that you want to get you know its kind of strange too because youre seeing these varying damages in them you know does that happen online did you get varying damage like that online. I guess because if you do it a certain way every single time youre guaranteed to get the same damage every time because i stand with a breaker. Person first and then hit them with the super black man man.
I hit twice. Obviously actually all right so ive put the cpu recovery off and see if that made any difference. Okay.
So lets make it some difference. But hit one more time on today. Im going to break them first nope here it goes come our stamina break bum and now the super black man.
Thats literally how it would use it inside of an actual match against somebody. Eight thousand eight hundred and ninety eight. It looks like thats going to be the damage of the super black command.
Male lets see one more time and boom. Eight thousand eight hundred and ninety eight points of combo damage for the super black kamehameha alright. So lets switch it over now to super stay on rose.
A goku black and see how much damage the super black command mayor rosie can do and if it does more than the super black man man now you would actually think that because its a super saiyan rose version of the super black kamehameha that it would do more damage. Lets see. If thats actually the case.
Okay so lets run up on goku black stamina break medium or low stamina break and hit him. But the super black command may arose. A and eight thousand seventy three damage it actually looks like its going to be less.
But i have to hit him a couple times kids. Thats actually going to be the damage it stays with fifty hit it one more time eight thousand seventy three. I got to take the recovery off to see if that makes any difference.
So im going to go ahead. And see hidden with the stamina break bomb and then lets do the same thing. There and eight thousand seventy three.
Hes on the ground now maybe this will make a little bit more difference. When hes on the ground. Lets stamina break in and nope nuts them to rake them this time just going to hit him with it and even still just hitting him with it without seminary eight thousand seventy three points of damage.
Wow. It really looks like the regular super black mayor mayor is stronger than the super saiyan rose. A version of the same skill oh well thats going to be it for this video guys.
I hope you really enjoyed this i hope this was unique enough from other how to videos. It was give me a favor and let me know down in the comments below give me a thumbs up if you did find this video. And helpful or informative or just entertaining or just.
If you like the video. Just you know thumbs up let me know about it. And i guess i will see you on the next episode.
I hope you guys have fun with dlc pack. 3. Because i know im doing the out of it thanks guys peace out music you .

how to get super black kamehameha xenoverse 2-2
how to get super black kamehameha xenoverse 2-2

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