How to give money to other players in gta 5 online

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But today. Im gonna be telling you guys on how to transfer money from your account. Whether it be your main account or a second account to a never gt online player now obviously rockstar took out the feature where you can not transfer millions and billions of dollars because of mod is giving up millions and billions of dollars.
So they decided to put a cap on it as of right now. I do not know what the cap is if you do let me know in the comments.

how to give money in gta 5 online-0
how to give money in gta 5 online-0

So steiners off. I am obviously going to have to well that was not smooth for all so stands off and going to have to say that this will not work for any money you have in your account. Or your main account already this can only be obtained from new jobs new free roam events or any other way.
The money can not already exist in your account or someone elses account. So sanas off where are going to have to start a job itself to obviously get some money to then see if this works and then all you have to do is then complete this job and have a little bit fun doing it. And so soon as youre amazing youre obviously going to win the job and then all youre gonna have to do is load back in and yeah.
This was a hurdle. I came across when i spent way too long trying to figure out if this actually still worked or if i were just a massive and just left the option in the game. But no it does work rocks are just a master kana and they just made it so some jobs dont work one of them being races and i found that out what because i then spent a whole you know what im not gonna say how long i spend.
But i spent a considerable amount of time on races to see if it was just that one race. I did and lo and behold surprisingly no one knew it no it was just races that didnt work and any money you win from races apparently you cant transfer.

how to give money in gta 5 online-1
how to give money in gta 5 online-1

And if you can then please let me know what then races are cuz. I spent way too long on this so i did think and went to who sell my banker. You know the the thing that gives all the money to your bank.
Account. Immediately and the money has to be in cash. Yeah.
I felt stupid as well seeing as i have sold the bunker. A hundred and thirty five times. You would think i would know where the money went after that thats how id youd fit five more times.
Then i you know what im not going to say that im not looking to go in the video whoo that thats thats not worth it that nope thats not worth the joke moving on moving on so after spending all my time or most of my time trying to figure out what else to do the first option was to obviously ruin a familys life. Im rob there.

how to give money in gta 5 online-2
how to give money in gta 5 online-2

The shop. Obviously because thats the best way to make money in gt. Online.
And lo. And behold it if i can works. Say.
Here. It says allow you to share percentage from your cash from your last job and all free room event. Yeah go yourself rockstar thats but once you then actually unlock this option you can see at the top.
It says what job. It was obviously i held up a store and that is hold up then you can see ive done just below.

how to give money in gta 5 online-3
how to give money in gta 5 online-3

That you can see how much money you can actually share. Which is for me one thousand and twenty two dollars and then all you do is give it a percentage for some reason rock star just doesnt allow just type and unmount that you want to give them you have to give them 5 10. 15 20 etc.
All the way up to 100 percent. Obviously and you can split this between a bunch of other people. And then once you have selected the person that you want the money at the top to go to you can then simply just scroll all the way to the bottom.
And then click accept the money was taken out of your cash and then you can go on your merry way theyll also get a notification. Saying that you have given them some money so from my experience is doing this worth it i mean if it if you actually worked for you like if you actually do a job you get like 20 grand from that job and you can actually give it to your friend. Who may be starting off and need some money yeah.
Sure do it just check before you obviously can but just doing it randomly to random people not really because its not a lot of money at the end of the day. Unless you played a triple money event and you can give that money. But now we know where you guys think down the comments about this do you think.
This is good or do fingers complete remember look at my videos thats playing on the channel. And ill see you guys in the next video music. .

how to give money in gta 5 online-4
how to give money in gta 5 online-4

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