How to Install Spinz TV Wizard for Kodi

how to install spinz tv on kodi This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Install Spinz TV Wizard for Kodi. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Whats going on today guys. I just wanted to bring you another awesome wizard wizard that i just came across for cody. Its called the spins tv wizard.
ve got pretty much all the latest add ons configured built right into the the wizard. So once you install at one time youll be good to go so following me along. Here just installed a fresh copy of cody isnt garvers and 151.
So were looking at right now get this off my screen here all right so. Yeah is a fresh copy of cody and were going to go ahead and install that spins tv wizard now you will need to download the actual zip file. And you can download that by going to shadows dot repo info forward slash shadows.
Ill leave that link below once you get in there youll just click on the actual repository. See if i can pull that page up for you now. So once you come here to shadows.
Repo dot info. For slash shadows. You want to click on this right.
Here. Rh repository zip.

how to install spinz tv on kodi-0
how to install spinz tv on kodi-0

Youre going to want to download that up you know downloads folder or put it right on your desktop dont open a zip file leave it compressed as a zip file. So youll need youll need it in that format. When you go to install it alright.
So once you have that downloaded you can comment to system add. Ons and youre going to want to navigate to where you can first youre going to click install from zip file. And then you have to find.
Wherever you downloaded that file to go to where mine is here and that was and here it is right here you click that its going to install you want to enable that repository youll see it down here. And once thats done so you click on program add ons and then you want to click on shadow builds. Install that and we got that installed and enabled go home here and go into programs click on shadow builds shadow builds again you can scroll down to where you see suspense tv.
Okay let me take a couple minutes to actually download. And lets give that a few after it downloads. A little extract you just got to give that a few more minutes.
Let that complete all right so thats finishing up there once. This is done youre going to have to force quit cody to get the add on to work properly once your reboot. Once you reboot your kodi.
So youll see that message pop up in one second here. And here is the message.

how to install spinz tv on kodi-1
how to install spinz tv on kodi-1

The download is complete and sure all changes are saved you must now close cody you have to force close it so dont try to go back to the power button and close it the regular way it wont work also if youre installing this on an amazon fire. Stick you may get an error message at the end of the install. And you wont be able to actually force close in that in the event that that happens see youre going to have to use some third party application to force reboot to amazon fire stick.
I use adb fire great utility for getting files over to the fire stick. If you need it too you can theres an option under the file menu to reboot the amazon fire stick. So in order to install one of these scripts on the stick more than likely youre going to have to reboot the actual stick just an fyi for you to look out for if youre actually installing this on your fire stick.
Im doing this on a windows pc. Right now so im not going to have that error about the close. Cody would you like to continue.
Yes. So once you reboot cody. After youve installed the wizard.
What youll get looks like this awesome graphics in here tv section music section programs. I mean hes broken down really really nicely. I love the setup on this thing tv.
Its going here and take a look at some of this stuff all right c clown. Little nutty tv channels working alright go in here to entertainment take a look at genesis click on one of these movies here and well work in gray.

how to install spinz tv on kodi-2
how to install spinz tv on kodi-2

Here. Vendors 1080 hd quality cant beat this cant beat. It alright.
So like i said. Go. Ahead.
Over to that url shadows. Dot. Repo.
Dot info. Forward slash. Shadows.
And once youre in there click on that repository and download it and just follow. These instructions. If you have any questions leave me a comment below dont forget to hit the like button.
If you actually like this video. And ill see you on the next one talk to you .

how to install spinz tv on kodi-3
how to install spinz tv on kodi-3

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