How to Make a Baby Car Seat Cover

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Guys welcome to sublist today. Im going to show you how to make this this really easy car seat covered the supplies that youre going to need are youre going to need a top fabric. And i have a yard and a quarter of that and then youre going to need a fabric to go underneath you can use the same fabric.
You could use something different. I used a minke. Which is the first time ive ever used the minke so to spend to work with and i used a yard of it and then youre also going to need some velcro to make the straps and then youre just going to need all of your basic sewing supplies.
So lets get started now. Our first step is going to be preparing the fabric. So here.
I have my backing fabric and my front fabric and i have cut a 36 by 42 inch long piece out of both of those so thats what those are and then i have these rectangles and they are going to be the straps and i cut those 7 by 12 inch. So now im ready to sew these bigger pieces together so im just going to put them right sides together. And im going to pin all the way around and if youre using minke youre going to want to pin.
A ton minke tends to slip a lot so the more you pin the better off youre going to be and the more exact itll be so im just going to put those right sides together and pin. All the way around i am going to leave about a 5 inch opening. So that we can turn it right sides out once were done sewing it together now before i sew the two big pieces together.
Im actually going to round the corners just because i like that look a little better and this way the corners wont touch the ground. So. What ive done is i just drew a curve on one of my corners.

infant car seat covers for boys-0
infant car seat covers for boys-0

And you can use a bowl or you could use cardboard or something like that if you want to get it really exact and really perfect. But i just free hand in mine and i just liked this long corner look you can do whatever you want so now im just going to cut that out and im going to fold my fabric over to the other corners and match it up and do the exact same curve. So that way they all match and they all look good and then i will just pin.
All the way around the cover now after youre done sewing you can turn it right sides out and now im going to iron mine and with minky you dont actually want to iron directly on top of it so what ive done is ive just gotten a wet rag and im going to put that on top and then lightly iron over that on a low setting. If youre not using minke make sure you know what your fabric can take. But were just going to iron this out so that way we can do the top stitching and that will look nice and im also going to make sure that my corners look nice and round now after youve ironed all the way around i actually pinned mine just to hold it into place.
But now im going to sew mine. And just do the top stitching. All the way around im going to do mine at a quarter of an inch.
And i am using a double needle. But if you want to use a single needle or do a zig zag stitch feel free to do that whatever you would like and i am closing that five inch gap that we left im just top stitching right over it and now were ready to use the two rectangle pieces for the straps. So what im going to do is im just going to fold mine so that the edges meet up im doing right sides together.
Im just going to fold. It in half hotdog style and im going to sew at a 1 2. Inch seam allowance all the way down this edge.
And im just going to be using a single needle. Not the double needle and once i have this piece zone. Im going to take this seam and im going to iron that open now im going to place it right in the middle.

infant car seat covers for boys-1
infant car seat covers for boys-1

So that way we have the same amount on this side as we do on this side. So once thats been ironed. Im going to turn it right sides out here.
I have a right side down. And im going to iron. It again this time.
Im going to make sure this seam is right in the middle next. Were going to clean up these raw edges so what im going to do is im going to fold my corners in just like that just so you wont be able to see any of this raw edge. When we fold it so next.
Im going to fold. It once and im doing about a 5 8 inch seam. But you can make it smaller.
So just fold it in smaller. If you would like mine are going to be a little bit bigger. So im going to do one fold.
And then one more fold and that way itll just seal all that raw edge inside. And we wont have any of the frame happening so im going to pin that and do the same thing on the other side now with both pinned and ready to go im going to flip it over to the right side and now im going to do a little bit of top stitching and you can do this. However.

infant car seat covers for boys-2
infant car seat covers for boys-2

You would like i just want to top stitch. These two pieces down so that way theyre not flapping open at all im just going to come in a little less than five eighths of an inch. And im going to sew a straight stitch all the way down and im just going to use a single needle and im going to do that on both sides.
You could also use a double needle or top stitch around the entire thing. But im just going to do those simple stitches. Now after youre done with the top stitching next.
Were going to add the velcro and i actually bought the adhesive kind that has sticky on the back. I wouldnt recommend that because it can gum up your machine and your needle. So just remember that when youre picking out velcro and if you have that its okay you can still use it just like i did what youre going to do is youre just going to place it so that way when it curls like this it can then velcro together and create a loop just like this for mine.
Im going to actually sew a line down the edge of either side on both pieces just to give it a little more security because i know that sticky stuff isnt always the best and it can come off over time. If your velcro doesnt have sticky on it then i would suggest just doing a box. All the way around the edge of it just coming in a little bit so that way.
Its really nice and secure on there the only reason im not doing that is because i dont want to get my needle. Too much i just want to make sure the velcro is on there nice and secure. So ill do that on both sides.
Once youre done with your straps. Then we can work on placing them on the actual car seat cover so youre going to want to make sure to check with your car seat because it can vary on how far apart. You want them or how far down.

infant car seat covers for boys-3
infant car seat covers for boys-3

So i would do that first thats what i did to get these measurements. Though the measurements i got were coming in from the edge on both sides. I got 12 inches from the edge.
And then i put a pin to mark that spot. And then coming down from the top of it i got 16 inches. And i put a pin.
So if i zoom in you can see theres a little cross point right there and that is where i want the middle of my strap to be so here we can look at the strap. Ive actually already sewn this one down. But those pins were right here.
The pin going up and down loads right here. So it was placed on that seam and then going left to right. I just placed that one right in the middle as well line that up and then pin it down and sew to square around it to keep it really nice and i did a two inch wide square and then just sewed it right next to the edge and that will keep it secure really nice.
So now i can do my other one so here i have it pinned and what i did on here is i folded it in half and found the middle and i just pinned that and then i went out an inch on each side and pinned it and then ill come over to my needles and match those up just like that and pin. It again on to this and you could even check between these two and make sure theyre lined up correctly. Thats all its going to matter and then i will sew my two inch square around that now once youre done sewing on these straps you are all done with the car seat cover.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and stay tuned for more sewing. Tutorials and ill see you guys next time bye. .

infant car seat covers for boys-4
infant car seat covers for boys-4

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