How To Make A Crew On GTA 5 Online!!!

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And thats one guys come back alright guys welcome back to another video today. I am going to show you how to make a crew on gta online. So today and york to make you crew you need to have a social club account.
If you already have one sign in or sign up or sign in with playstation or xbox. Im not signing with my playstation account and now all you need to do when social club loads. All the way all the way up you need to go to cruise.
Then my cruise and then this is pretty simple.

how to make a crew in gta 5-0
how to make a crew in gta 5-0

Im going to delete this crew for now so i can do this tutorial and then im going to click on create a crew. We then should pop up with this screen. So im going to call it boss gaming fan fan club.
And what these question marks are for is one second. I need to do it perfectly because when you do it it wont let you change your name afterwards. So on these question marks are for is when you do your crew.
It has to have like hey write your name to it so im going to open this your crew tag. Its a shorthand design for the kuduro display both in games and here on social club website tag must be four characters on length so its like a tag what shows what shows what your and crew stands for so its b g f c. And you cant change this evil afterwards you could ignore so im going to put to be a offs be a boss to be above be a boss.
So thats the motto well i was going to do crew type oh i can do all stealth soldiers rebels thrill seekers or chatterboxes and logic all stars or you could do soldiers unnoticed.

how to make a crew in gta 5-1
how to make a crew in gta 5-1

Im going to do not soldiers not young on what. I do rebels and crew titles. You dont have to change your rank titles if you dont want to and im gonna keep my rank titles the same you can keep your own time to change your write titles.
Now crew actions brolof. The bird or jerk or up yours. Its accruing milts.
Im going to up yours. Its like from your pitched up in the air jerk is just saying your jerk bird is the middle finger and brolo is just you hitting your chest and respecting yeah so save this crew and then when you save the crew say if youre already in a a gta game. You need to leave it so.
It says confirm settings your produces settings maybe prevent your crew.

how to make a crew in gta 5-2
how to make a crew in gta 5-2

Members from seeing your messages and game activity. Would you like to see things with all the friends and crew or everyone no thanks. I dont want to do my privacy settings right now so heres the crew and if you wondering how do you change my emblem if you dont like your emblem because emblems on your cruise go to a crate emblem and then what you do is you create your own emblem or choose from the templates well since i already have an emblem.
Im gonna put publish it publish close and gotta go back. And yeah. Im going to go to make crew and bloom and then confirm so if you want to join my career.
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Im out music music. .

how to make a crew in gta 5-3
how to make a crew in gta 5-3

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