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Everyone youre watching parsec games today. Im going to show you how to to make your own five nights at freddys in scratch. It can be a one one remake.
So you can use the images from the original game or you can make your own. So you can make and the five nights. It and the your mascot or something so first of all were going to go to the scratch website of course.
So here we are in a new project. I dont think youll understand this tutorial. If youve never scratched or havent used scratch in a while because its not that easy to make a racket so im going to try to explain it as simply as possible.
But this is not a beginner tutorial okay so first of all lets call it so give your project to do something and now. Im going to use the original images from the original game. So if you already have a folder with your self made images then you can just skip to this time here.
And if not im going to show you how to get the get the images so to get the images and the sounds you need to go to this website. Im going to link it in the description and then what youre going to want to do is were going to recreate the first one to go here and sounds and pictures and it should download. Its a its kind of well not really big.
But a little big so you might need to wait a little bit. But after that they should be ready for us to use so. What i would recommend to you is to create your own folder just and you should extract the download folders those brings ipps.
So you should extract them so you can use them faster. Then i have them in the textures and the sound folders and then in there i sorted them a little bit. I mean i still have these outside of the other photos.
But other than that i have these in special folders. So now we have the folder. I hope you didnt spend too much time sorting the things so we can close this tap already and now the first thing.
Were going to do is just create a new sprite and then were gonna call. It freddie. A menu or something like that you can give it your name.
If you want to but im going to call it that and now were going to import where is it. But it depends on how well you sort this stuff so i have mine here and these are these four images and you can also look at the numbers actually if you havent sorted them you can just look at these numbers they should be the same i dont think i renamed them. So you should just be able to use this stuff.
So then you just import them. And it takes a little bit. But well not that but lets send them there here so now to reduce the file size.
Because were going to have a lot of problems later. Because naff has a lot of images and sounds so its not a very small game. Were going to remove the black stuff from here using the translation lucent color and the filler so this part of it actually gets cut off so.
The images are smaller and you can also do it here. Because it doesnt really matter anyways because the background which were going to do now is just black anyway so you see you dont really see you different. And im gonna make it english for you so you have a little bit of any easier time you know okay so now you should be able to use it a little better.
Yeah. Everything is name is not good. So.

how to make a fnaf game on scratch-0
how to make a fnaf game on scratch-0

Lets just call this one black with something like that you know and this one. The freddy sprite. Shouldnt be in the middle like this so first of all were going to give him a position right at the beginning of the whole game.
So. Lets try this and the way i like to try positions or to try out where i should place them is to put them in a loop and then i run this loop and now i can just enter whatever i want they will immediately change it so its a lot you know not yeah. So im just no choice.
All right yeah. I think so 50 x. 50.
And y 0. Should be all right. But when i think if one looks closely one is going to see that theres like this is just missing.
But i think its okay if not working out well. I think well spare no expense. So were going to make that look better too.
So the way were going to do that is to make a vector space first of greatest right. Then click your vector now ill just make like a black square. Where its not its basically and just like a rectangle thats right so just make one of those and then fill it with the you know tapping and now you can move the round.
So. That also changes the intensity of the of how fast it goes from black to completely translucent. So lets put that here and now we can move that around again.
So it wanted to be in the middle. So it has to be zero. And now you can already see theres a little bit of a shadow here.
But we dont want it that high so lets just move it around little until you dont see any difference between between the black here and the black there so lets put it yeah. Thats that looks good so now we have that it looks a lot better now. Im happy that i did it so yeah.
So now we have basically the basics of the main menu. You know so next is the actual main menu screen you know so the title of the game and stuff. The ui.
So now were just going to do that in i dont know i think youre going to have it like this to that its like were in grey. You just need to select a translucent thing and fill those grey parts out really nice tonight that selected so select now the normal one and just fill out the grey ones with translucency and then you should be a right to know so thats a little big because i dont know if i well so depending on how much you know about games and screens and computers in general youre going to know that this scratch preview screen or general scratch projects are in four by three meanwhile. Practically all other games are in sixteen sixteen by nine.
So the original file snap is actually much wider than we have here so we need to push around the spice. A little make them a little smaller so everything still fits into that little screen. So im going to test the size reading yeah so now im gonna put this a little higher into the corner.
You know good more there we go. Which is the left okay so now we have that yeah. So now we have the title of the game.
Freddie. So. Whats missing next is of course.

how to make a fnaf game on scratch-1
how to make a fnaf game on scratch-1

The new game option so here its four four right so yeah. So you can always look at the numbers. And actually just find those so you dont even really need to sort them.
But if you want to you can do it it helps me you dont really need it. But it really asked me soaps. So just do the same thing as with the title of the game.
Just remove the gray parts now once again. Im going to yeah. I like to like copy scripts and stuff.
So. Its a lot easier. So lets move it a little bit further down that falls not that far yeah.
But a little smaller. So that right now. The text is almost bigger than the title.
And thats i could okay so now lets move it just a little bit to the left good so that should be fine. It helps a lot to name the sprites in case. You know you you do something.
With them laters like with the sensing. And then blah blah blah. On and then you can really see the names of things.
And not just sprite ones by two and stuff so you should name them it helps me a lot i dont know about you but caps. Mila and weve got to add the continue button later we dont really need that right now. But one thing.
Thats missing so we start again. But of course nothing happens thats obvious because im donating it so thats what were going to add next. So now one major thing about everything in flash.
Pretty. Much is this static. So i need to find to have a folder.
Oh yes. I do okay so now just import. These now just import.
These not all of them you dont really need all of them. But you can import some of them so now we have two static and as you can see the static is also sixteen by nine or not four by three thats why this now its a little cropped. So were going to have to make it a little bigger now and we just want it to be in the middle of the screen.
Obviously hmm and then have it like that say to like not to we wanted to be just right. So. The resolution is still quite nice so i think 140 should be alright now just do next costume and now it will always change the costume.
You can add like a little waiting maybe like time. Yeah. Point oh.

how to make a fnaf game on scratch-2
how to make a fnaf game on scratch-2

Two five is pretty good so then of course now. We cant see anything anymore so were going to have to add a ghost effect. So lets like it 90.
No thats too much 70. Yeah. I also were going to have to do this.
Because of later. It has to go to the front. So 50 actually.
I think now that i think about i think. Only the freddy should be behind the thing. So lets go like to back so these two are exceptions.
Now the freddy is there so now we should breathe in no time honey so and that seems good thats its alright. Okay so now we have to static the text and everything the last thing that we need is for freddy to twitch a little so what were going to do. There is were going to make a little bit of scripting and when its not really a lot of scripting.
But lets call this one normal that one music open mouthed that one loking to this side. And that one having been in the sun. Too long okay so now first of all were going to want the normal one to be the first one that happens with the most awesome so now were going to have it wait like and this should be random.
So it really like its not like it doesnt become a. Rhythm. Or anything it should be really random so make that around.
05 and 08. Or something and then it should switch to a random between 2 and 3. So the second and third so either gonna have the mouth open or its going to look to the side and now of course it switches back to the normal one immediately so we need to put it a little bit of waiting there but not too long yeah a little shorter.
101. Is okay so now were not using the fourth one yet so what you what we should do is if the third. If the third costume is being used so that one then if it also happens to pick a random number from lets say one two three is the so chance of one and three its going to also switch to the fourth.
The one without skin and its not its just gonna do nothing okay. So lets put that in there. So that now it can its very unlikely.
But see sometimes it does it now we should do that time a little shorter. So that it doesnt become twice as long as you know yes. Im not very good at explaining.
Im sorry. But i these things has come natural to me so you know just follow my steps and youll be alright. So that looks all right.
I think we need a little bit more of a pause. This is not long enough exam stuff. Yeah.
I think thats good so dont forget to save. Always saying now were almost done with the main menu now we need to add some functionality. Oh it yeah.

how to make a fnaf game on scratch-3
how to make a fnaf game on scratch-3

So thats something we should add because of later. All sprites should show at the beginning. All the main menu.
Sprites at least okay perfect. So now we need to add some functionality. So i dont know if i didnt record for a second so i dont know if you saw me do this.
But its really simple its just so when you point at it and click on it it just sends up its broadcast. So nothing special so what id like to add. Is its variable called status.
So at the beginning this variable should be called menu already as this year. So basically this variable is going to tell every sprite. What the status of the game is right now and right now its in the main menu.
So then when it changes to the newspaper. The status should be changed to newspaper. You know logic so now what were going to want to do is to have every sprite stop what theyre doing at least.
The main menu sprites. But every spite stop what theyre doing when they notice that the status is no longer main menu so lets just do that when you and we should add a little bit of a waiter. There because if you if youre in the game.
And then restart it the status still has to be changed to menu so theyre already gone notice. Its not menu and theyre going to stop so. If we add this little like spit split second here and the stage is going to have time to change.
The status menu. So now lets just add this script to every part of the menu. And now we can try this click on new game.
And everything just stops and now what we need to add is the newspaper. Which comes in so for me. The number is 5 3.
9. So just look for that import that and at the beginning. It should be hidden of course and then when it receives show news paper.
It should show itself. But even before you see it it should be translucent. So then you get like a nice effect with like good you get like a nice tradition you know so now lets try that and also it should go to the front.
So that its going to be in front of all they are the speights now i click play oh and we also need to add that is in the middle. And it has to be a little bit bigger. Yeah.
Thats what maybe little thats big but oh no stupid im 535 okay yeah so we should keep it like that and the animation is original too short. So lets just make it a bit longer like this okay so that looks pretty good so now lets reset okay click on new game and voila so now we have the newspaper and everything and thats basically the main menu so in the next episode. Im going to show you how to make the game actually start and were going to make the office and then in the third episode.
Were going to probably make all the cameras and then after that im going to look. So the ai and stuff is probably going to be one episode. Because thats the biggest part of the actual game.
But yeah so i hope you enjoyed it if you want to see the next tutorial you should subscribe to my channel here because then youre going to get a notification of course and yeah so thank you for watching and until next time music .

how to make a fnaf game on scratch-4
how to make a fnaf game on scratch-4

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