How to Make a Four Season Room from a Porch

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Forty years ago. When my house was built screened in porches were a great idea. Idea.
But that was back in the days before central air conditioning was as common. It is today. But maybe all that air conditioning has made me a bit soft or spoiled.
Because as comfortable as this room is today for a lot of the year. I find it too cold or too warm out here. So what i want to do is make this into a four seasons room.
I want to preserve the cross ventilation and the great views. But i want to be able to use it year round. I start my project by prying off the wood stops that are holding the screen panels in place once the inside stops are removed a few taps with a mallet from the outside nudges.
The panels free then i can just lift them out music since the porch construction is pretty straightforward. Eight columns supporting roof about the only other demolition. I have to do is to remove some trim from the posts music while im finished with the destruction now i want to start the construction and i want to begin by putting a short wall between the posts about three feet high because everything from there up is going to be windows.
I grabbed a few two by fours out of my truck for the sill and bottom plates. Then cut them to length. So theyll fit between the posts.
The bottom board is pressure treated on top of that i lay a standard 2×4. Then attach the two boards together this carbide tip maestri had also bores through wood. Now.
The idea here is to put the boards in place and drill through just far enough to make a locator mark on the stone below. Then i switch over to a hammer drill also equipped with the masonry.

how to build a four season room on a deck-0
how to build a four season room on a deck-0

Bit and finish pouring the holes. A piece of tape on the drill. Shank acts as a depth guide music next.
I drive expansion anchor bolts into the holes. Ive just drill to make an airtight seal. I lay down a strip of foam insulation then slip the screwed together two by fours over the bolts.
I install washers and nuts and tighten everything with a socket wrench. As the nuts are tightened the bolts expand inside the holes jamming themselves in place and securing the boards to the floor finally i trim away the excess foam then i repeat the process for the other wall sections well my double baseplate is in securely fastened to the deck. Now what im going to do is build a short wall here complete with a top plate and studs about every 16 inches.
The anti studs are nailed to the posts. Then the top plate or sill is set in place. I check for level music next.
I install studs every 16 inches or so making sure theyre plumb or vertical. Then end nail at the top and toenail at the bottom well that finishes this side of the porch. Thats the porch for now.
I guess soon to be a room now. Im gonna do the same thing on this wall. And that went over there this wall is going to have a glass sliding door.
All i have to do here is add a couple of two by fours to reduce the rough opening to the proper size now next. I want to begin to actually enclose this by applying plywood sheeting on the outside. I tilt the sheathing up slide it into position then attach it with a clamp now this leaves my hands free to work a couple of nails along the top or multiply with in place this simple t square that ive made up from some scrap one by twos allows me to quickly draw locator lines for the studs even on a short wall like this its easy to drift sideways.
And miss the framing. The lines be sure every nail finds its mark well.

how to build a four season room on a deck-1
how to build a four season room on a deck-1

Ive got the beginnings of a wall. Now its time to make sure my handiwork can resist mother natures attempts to shorten its useful life now. This is a water and air barrier.
Why am. I putting it up well. I want to keep water rain and air cold winds from penetrating to the inside of the house well at the same time i want to allow a water vapor to pass through the walls to the outside and not get trapped inside the wall work and do some damage now.
Ive already applied it over here. I just got one section left right here. This material can be attached either with a conventional staple gun.
Or a hammer tacker. The hammer attacker. Though is a good bit faster.
And less tiring on the grip upper pieces are lapped over lower ones. So that flowing water will always be diverted to the front of the strip below and never directed behind the wrap or i could be trapped and cause. Rowdy music finally.
I tape. All the scenes with a material design just for that purpose well. I guess.
This is why they call it home rack. Well the walls are in good shape. Now.
Im going to do the same for the window and door openings. This aluminum tape will create a watertight and weather tight seal.

how to build a four season room on a deck-2
how to build a four season room on a deck-2

I apply it to the sills and run it up the sides about 8 inches. I cut it so that it can be wrapped around the corners and finally folded over the edges. I apply a second stripper tape to the rear of the sill in the same way music my new windows come with a metal flange that must be bent outward.
So its perpendicular to the window frame. The weather tight seal comes from a bead of caulk thats applied to the inside of the flange now installing these windows at least the larger ones is definitely a two person job so i recruit my neighbor peter to come over and lend me a hand after setting the bottom of the window on the finished opening. We just tilt it up into position wow.
It looks great you know im very lucky to have a neighbor like you thanks. Ive got work at my house next. Yeah well turnabouts fair play i owe you one thanks.
Appreciate it at the top and make sure the house raft laps over the flange then nail the window in place. Well. I cant let peter go yet the sliding glass door is even larger than the window.
But the installation is pretty much the same drill with the windows and doors in its time to begin. Adding some exterior trim starting with the sills notice the drip groove in the bottom itll prevent water from clean to the underside and running down behind the shingles. I first clamp.
The wood in place then secure it with screws music adjoining sections are overlap using a mitered scarf joint screw holes are countersunk so the screw heads can later be concealed with exterior spackle above the windows. Im installing some flat trim. The galvanized finished angles.
Im using are being driven just below the surface. So they too can be concealed with spackle before painting a piece of cornice molding. Its a nice bit of detail for the eaves meet the wall.
And finally i set a piece of 1 by 6 in place to fill in the space between the windows music now its on to shingling. I tack a strip of 1×2 in place as a sort of ledge then simply set each shingle on the board and tack.

how to build a four season room on a deck-3
how to build a four season room on a deck-3

It temporarily in place this speeds things up and allows me to make sure the bottom edge of each course is perfectly straight music. Once an entire row is set. I strike.
The chalk line as an ailing guide and permanently attach each shingle with two galvanized nails. These windows are state of the art as good as they get when it comes to sealing around the edges and insulation two pieces of glass with a space in between filled with argon gas and inert gas. Now that helps keep warm heated air from passing through in the winter and keeps the hot air outside in the summer.
So ive done about as good as i can do in terms of insulation up here. Now its time to take care of the wall down here. Ill use batts of insulation cut to fit each bay music after stapling these in place all i need to do is to cut out the openings for the electrical receptacles.
The power of course is turned off this paper on the back of the insulation is a vapor barrier. Its intended to prevent water vapor from passing into the wall cavity now when youre putting insulation like this up make sure the vapor barrier is facing the interior living space as it is here next its time for the drywall now when it comes to driving screws for wall board. Youll never get faster than this this driver holds a strip of fifty screws.
Its a one handed operation that goes about as fast as i can pull the trigger music to finish the wallboard. I first cover the recessed screw heads with joint compound music then apply a coat of compound to the joints themselves now i like to wet my paper tape before applying it for me it sticks better. And i seem to be able to avoid air bubbles music.
I lay the tape along the joint then press it into the compound keeping the knife in a shallow angle taping usually requires two or three coats of compound each one being applied with a wider knife i tape the corners the same way first applying a betting coat of compound here though i fold the tape before dipping in the water and lay the crease into the corner of the wall. Then press each flap of the tape into the compound. Using the putty knife music.
The last step for me is to trim out the windows on the inside the cordless nailer. Im using requires no compressor no fuel cells and will drive up to 1000. Nails on a single battery charge well that finishes up this room when the weathers good.
I can open all these windows pull down the screens and still have the breezes and fresh air of the porch. I started with you know i like this as a porch. But its 20 degrees out.
There today and its warm and cozy in here. So i like it a whole lot more as a four seasons room. .

how to build a four season room on a deck-4
how to build a four season room on a deck-4

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