How To Make A Lot Of VC FAST! (2,500+ VC in 6 Mins) NBA 2k16

how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How To Make A Lot Of VC FAST! (2,500+ VC in 6 Mins) NBA 2k16. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Mother my pears. Im the man yo. What is up guys mikey having marks marks here and this is the fastest way in the most efficient way of making.
This is also the more legit way so um pay attention to the amount of dc. I have i have nine thousand right now by the time. I finish this my career game.
Um. I have around 11 k. Um.
It depends. How well youre doing is my career game. So you guys know that the pride like the most best way to give dc now on to play is to play by career and you know i dont want to play the entire game that thats going to take like maybe like 20.

how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-0
how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-0

Theres a half hour to finish the entire game. So what im gonna go ahead. And do is just skip through the game.
Only play like half of the game basically. So. What i can do go to settings player difficulty on the hall of fame and put it on six minutes.
And what youre gonna do here also make sure before i say anything make sure youre on a good team. So that way you have a you have good teammates guys like here. I have quieted and lamarcus aldridge that can help me out so were gonna go ahead and do in this first quarter.
Youre gonna try your best to go ahead and get an a alright see right here. Im not gonna pet. Im not going to shoot the ball.

how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-1
how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-1

Im gonna go ahead and be a good teammate imma pass the ball around play defense get rebounds get stills give blocks get assists now im just gonna do my best to go ahead and help the team win um. If you guys are wondering how the hell. Im getting a lot of steel.
Its because i had pickpocket. Its really efficient to use it especially against hall of fame cpu. So not only youre gonna get a lot of vc youre gonna become a better player its playing as halloween your cpu is hard as hell all right.
But you nonetheless lets go back to the video. We gotta. See here i already have a b only and its only been like three minutes left.
Im trying my best to go ahead and get that eighth grade all right um during the first quarter try your best to get a b or higher um. I recommend getting an a plus cuz that way youre going to go ahead. And make so much of ec that way alright so after that now im in the second quarter.

how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-2
how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-2

I want the eight plus. Im gonna go ahead and play a little bit until i get that a plus. But by the time i get to eight plus time.
I just go ahead and attention. Me foul until it gets subbed out now see here. Im still playing like a good teammate.
Great is just going up every time getting steals. Right there right there look at that and eight plus and ready go ahead get one more. Its just really quick and by the time.
I might try my grade is pretty good now right now. Im go ahead and file out not fall out to potentially foul. So that way youre going to skip to the halftime show all right by the time it reaches halftime.

how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-3
how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-3

If youre winning by over ten points. There to be given the option to ass out and send the game. If youre not win by ten points after halftime.
You can just go ahead just file out the game right now see now im basically finished with the game. And my cpu took over for me you see how i zero points. Now.
I have 12 points. Now so yeah right there bam 11 k. So it really does work a lot.
So i do recommend make sure that you guys are starters. That way you can go ahead and take advantage of making a lot of bc well you know this is just the best way on making vc in my opinion. But anyways guys hope you guys.
Enjoy the video dont forget to like to subscribe leave. Me any comments or questions that you have and ill get to all of you guys. This is not you have more signing out happy holidays peace .

how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-4
how to get vc in nba 2k16 fast-4

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